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08Mar, 22

What are the Benefits of Letter of Credit in Business in UAE?

Letter of credit is essentially a financial contract between a bank, a customer of the bank, and a beneficiary. The letter of credit, which is typical...

08Mar, 22

Process of Opening a Business Bank Account in Dubai for New Entrepreneurs

With its stable governance and simple trade policies, the UAE provides an excellent business environment. Furthermore, its geographic location facilit...

08Mar, 22

Key Details of Opening a Business Bank Account in UAE ?

Following the company formation and resident visa applications, the next step is to create a business bank account in the UAE. After all, a business w...

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07Mar, 22

Home Loan and Mortgage in Dubai

When looking for apartments or villas in Dubai, potential homeowners frequently search for 'home loans in Dubai.' Similarly, another popular search te...

04Mar, 22

Things to Know About Bank Guarantee In UAE

It is a comfort offered by the issuing bank to the beneficiary in whose favour the guarantee is issued to cover damages if the principal debtor fails ...

01Mar, 22

Overview of Fixed Deposit Account in UAE

Several banks in the UAE provide custom-made fixed deposits with partial or early withdrawal options. These banks enhance fixed deposits for the advan...

25Feb, 22

Everything to know about National Bonds in Dubai

National Bonds is a company that is led by the Dubai Bonds Company. The Government of Dubai, which owns a 50% stake in the organization, issued Nation...

24Feb, 22

Let’s know about Fleet Vehicle Finance in UAE

Using Element's fleet car finance, you can increase your cash flow while decreasing your costs. When it comes time to buy or lease work vehicles, you ...

24Feb, 22

Everything you want to know about Car Insurance in Dubai

Car insurance provides reassurance from insurance providers that your investment in the vehicle is secure if you are involved in an accident or the ve...

24Feb, 22

Cheque Book Request from Bank in UAE

A cheque is a valuable financial tool that helps to eliminate the use of physical cash. At the time of account establishment, every bank account holde...