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23Feb, 22

Basic Requirements to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

An offshore bank account is necessary for many international expats working in the UAE and the Middle East. This post will teach you everything you ne...

21Feb, 22

What are the Ways to Earn More from Your Fixed Deposits in UAE?

Fixed deposits (also known as term deposits) are one of the most secure investment options in the UAE. In a fixed deposit scheme, the bank locks your ...

21Feb, 22

Issues Relating to the Bank Guarantee in the UAE

Due to its commercial nature, the bank guarantee in the UAE is governed by Civil Transaction Law No 5 of 1985, regardless of the capacity of the party...

20Feb, 22

Types of Sukuk in Dubai

There are many different laws all over the world, but Sharia law (Islamic law) has always been highly versatile due to its interesting notions. Sukuk ...

19Feb, 22

Scared of Hefty Minimum Salary Requirements for Bank Accounts in UAE! Read More

Banks in the UAE provide a variety of accounts for their clients, including savings, current, salary, etc. Certain banks have special restrictions for...

18Feb, 22

How to Open Trading and Demat Account Online in UAE?

Investing in the financial markets is a smart way to grow your wealth. To start your investment journey in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you need tw...

17Feb, 22

Why should we invest in Sukuk in Dubai?

Sukuk, or Sharia-compliant fixed-income capital markets instruments, have progressively increased their share of global markets over the last decade. ...

15Feb, 22

Best Offshore Account for Expats in the UAE

Managing your funds in the UAE is a primary priority for expats. The UAE banking sector accommodates individuals with a big financial gain. The UAE is...

14Feb, 22

Cheapest Offshore Bank Account UAE

In recent years, the banking industry has become increasingly convoluted. Nowadays, opening an offshore bank account is fairly complicated. Banks all ...

13Feb, 22

Offshore Banking in the UAE comes with a Host of Benefits. Read Now and start Yours ASAP!

Offshore Banking has recently risen up in the past few years in the United Arab Emirates. With a wide variety of Banks providing exclusive Offshore Ba...