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Best Guide to open Branch Business Accounts in UAE!

Best Guide to open Branch Business Accounts in UAE! | Dhanguard

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become one of the world's most well-known and developed regions. UAE is a terrific area to do business because of its superb facilities, infrastructure, and work-friendly climate. Millions of business minds from around the world have been drawn to the open economic system to take their companies to the next level. Having a branch specific Business Bank Account is also very crucial in order to save yourselves from the hassles of handling your finances of the branch of your company. Thus, in this blog we will discuss about the branch specific Business Accounts. So without any further ado, let’s learn!

Why should you choose the UAE as a location for your next branch office?

When it comes to beginning a business, the Middle East's local market provides a lot of promise and possibility for success. Many foreign firms have genuine paying clients in the UAE, and they use their parent company to commence business before deciding to grow their influence in the UAE market by building a branch, according to our experience. Having a branch in the same location as your new and existing clients will offer value to your products/services, help your company earn market trust, and make your operations faster and more efficient.

The UAE's strategic position is another crucial reason why businesses see it as a key to success. It's a fantastic route connecting the major Eastern and Western countries. It serves as a hub for both import and export operations, making it a worthwhile investment of time and money. The advantageous time zone combines Eastern and Western business hours, giving customers access to 2.2 billion people.

Everything You Should Know About UAE-Based Branch Companies

When planning to open a branch office in the UAE, there are a few things to keep in mind. Grasp how business is conducted in this area will help you have a better understanding of the local market. Here are a few pointers to get you started:


There is no business tax. The rule does not apply to the branches of foreign banks or energy firms.


There is no requirement for share capital. Both paid up and permitted capital are subject to the rule.


In terms of ownership, you are not needed to have a UAE partner for your mainland branch.


Depending on your preferences, you can have complete ownership on the mainland or in any of the Free Zones.


You can expand your business operations to the MENA region and gain additional business from your neighbors.


A branch firm must operate in the same manner as its parent company.


Your branch company, based in any of the UAE free zones, will need the services of an onshore distributor/agent with the proper license to engage with onshore UAE clients.


A branch firm can act as a conduit between its parent company's commercial dealings. Its primary goal could be to market and promote the services of its parent corporation.


In addition to the parent company's AFS, a branch firm must produce audited financial statements (AFS) for the branch office. Alternatively, you can send a copy of a parent company's consolidated financials, which includes the contribution of a branch.

How can you open a Branch Business Bank Account?

  • To conduct any type of business, a firm, whether onshore or offshore, will need a bank account. For UAE Mainland companies, opening a corporate bank account in the UAE is a pretty simple operation. Customer identification needs, on the other hand, may vary based on the size and activity of the company.
  • The financial institution will ask for details on the entity's legal status. Companies that are held by corporations must present a complete set of corporate documents in order to determine the structure's administration and ultimate beneficial ownership. In the vast majority of circumstances, these documents will need to be notarized/legalized in both their home country and the UAE.
  • In the last decade, global efforts to combat tax evasion, money laundering, and terrorist funding have compelled the Central Bank to impose stricter client due diligence procedures on financial institutions that create accounts for offshore companies. As a result, banks have been forced to adopt a risk-based account opening strategy. The financial institution must also know the customer's major business areas, the expected volume of currency and total deposits, the level of revenues, and the customer's main clients and suppliers.

To open a Branch Business bank account in the UAE, you'll need the following documents:

  • Trade License for a Corporation
  • Registration Certificate
  • Certificate(s) of Share
  • Articles of Association & Memorandum of Association
  • a Board Resolution authorizing the account to be opened by a Company Officer
  • Shareholders and permitted signatories will receive copies of their passports.


We hope this blog provided you with inciteful information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to check out our website as well.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a foreign entity can open business account in the UAE. The registration of any organisation in the UAE is generally an easier and cost-effective way.

The requirement for opening any bank account in the UAE vary from one bank to another. Although, the existence of a major director or shareholder is generally required.

A limited company should have a dedicated bank account because they have a separate legal entity.

The benefits of having business account includes tracking of the expenses, easy calculation of the tax liabilities as well as management of cash flow.

Yes you can open a business account in various major currencies of the world other than the UAE dirhams.

To start a business in the UAE, you must first decide on a business activity, select a corporate structure, locate a local sponsor or partner, register the company with the appropriate authorities, secure the required permissions and licences, and create a bank account.

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