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Comprehensive Guide to International Money Transfers in the UAE


The UAE's population is becoming more expatriate. Expats make up over 90% of the population of the UAE. Residents of the UAE are also migrating abroad to expand their businesses or seek employment with prestigious multinational corporations. While migrants from South Asian countries are migrating to the UAE in search of opportunities, residents of the UAE are also migrating abroad to seek employment with prestigious multinational corporations. This demands a significant amount of money transfer via bank account transfers. This may be done using a range of professional services offered by banks and other financial organizations. Because there are various illegal or fraudulent businesses operating in this area, as a consumer, you should make sure that these transactions are made through legal channels alone. By writing this blog Dhanguard will guide you about the International Money Transfer in UAE.

Popular Solutions for International Money Transfers on the Market

Lulu Exchange 

The Lulu Money app was first released in 2007 and has since grown to over 6 lakh users. In order to accompany the app, a website is also being built. Lulu Money allows you to send money across international borders immediately. Lulu limits the amount of money that may be sent to about AED 75,000 in total and AED 5000 each day.

Western Union

This is a feature of the app, which is available in 40 countries. Customers may use a variety of interconnected services on the Western Union website, app, and even at Western Union locations. For example, if a transaction is started on the internet, it may be finished by an agent or a Western Union centre if the case warrants it. Digital services are becoming a larger part of Western Union's international facility's market share. AED 34890 is the limit that has been established on the app or website. Bank account and pick up cash.

Mashreq Bank 

The Mashreq Bank offers a helpful app that allows users to transfer money to local and foreign banks. Quick Remit is a highly handy function that allows users to send money to 37 countries instantly. The Quick Remit feature is especially handy if the amount being sent is a modest one-time payment rather than a larger one-time payment. In this instance, the money will be sent immediately to any of the 34 nations on the list. For each transaction, the price may range from AED 25 to AED 50.

Al Fardan Exchange 

Because it has a near-universal presence across 200 nations, the AL Fardan Exchange is a suitable alternative. The charges for using this service begin at AED 15. According to the Central Bank of the UAE's rules, all transactions are subject to a maximum of AED 34890.

What is the Best Way to Deal with the Broker?

When conducting international money transfers out of the UAE, if the candidate is an expatriate, they can pick among the following currency transactions:


Saxo Bank



World First

Dedicated currency brokers, such as IronFX World First, are increasingly offering a sophisticated range of transfer alternatives to compete with standard international money transfer solutions. Option for free transfers, better exchange rates at which money can be sent, a 24/7 support hotline in case of transfer issues, technologically enabled online assistance facilities, and the possibility to choose your own exchange rate are among the perks that apply.

Transfers by Wire

When transferring money to family or colleagues in other countries, a large number of expats in the UAE use wire transfers. In the United Arab Emirates, there are 125 money exchanges, all of which are connected to the SWIFT financial network, commonly known as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Companies such as Al Fardan Exchange, Al Rostamani Exchange, and others provide attractive offers for wire transfer remittance. A Money Transfer Control Number, as well as the usual documentation, such as an Emirates ID, passport, and so on, are required for the wire transfer. 

Payments made using mobile or Online Banking

If a client desires to make a rapid transfer via their mobile device, they can do it in the United Arab Emirates utilizing mobile banking. This is accomplished by first logging onto the overseas bank's app and then activating the online banking account. If this is the first time the application has been used, a bank representative may call the customer to assist with the procedure. The recipient's information, such as bank name, branch address and account number, as well as any appropriate IBAN numbers, should be maintained on hand.

Factors to Consider When Making an International Remittance

When sending money internationally to a family member or a coworker, there are a few things to bear in mind. 

The following are the points that will be discussed:


In the international remittance that takes place for the various firms, there is a processing charge that is involved. This might be in the form of an upfront fee set by the bank or non-banking financial institution, or it can be charged at the interbank rate. It makes useful to have a general understanding of the various rates given by various banks in order to get the best bargain possible.

Rates of Exchange

International remittances are carried out according to the current exchange rates of the two nations engaged in the transaction. As a result, the conversion rate is susceptible to market changes. The conversion rate will be determined by how the bank or other institution handles variations, such as whether they maintain a steady policy rate or have stated that the remittance amount is subject to market risks.

Strategy of Collection

The remittance is normally sent to the receiver in the form of a delivery to their bank account, which has been specified with the transferring agency. Some banks, on the other hand, provide a cash delivery service.

Time of the transfer

It is possible that the date of the transfer will make a difference. For example, if it falls during a festival, an international event, or a bank holiday, there may be an extra fee to pay. Avoiding transfers on such days or during such times of the year may need considerable planning. Similarly, if the transfer is required quickly or urgently, the consumer may be obliged to choose an option that is more expensive or comes with stricter terms.


If the consumer is aware of the transfer need, they may be able to select a less expensive and more convenient solution. Customers have a wide selection of alternatives to choose from when it comes to exchange platforms. They must, however, ensure that money transfers between bank accounts and financial institutions take place only through authorized means. Connect with Dhanguard for additional detail you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The requirement for opening any bank account in the UAE vary from one bank to another. Although, the existence of a major director or shareholder is generally required.

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