Company Formation

17Apr, 22

How to Purchase a Shelf or Vintage Company in Dubai?

Under UAE law, there are specific benefits to starting a business with an existing company instead of incorporating from scratch. To enable growth by ...

12Apr, 22

An Overview of LLC Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is a one-of-a-kind city that combines the best of the Middle East and the West. It is one of the most alluring business locations on the globe. ...

05Apr, 22

Comprehensive Guide on Opening an Investment Company in Dubai

Renowned for its robust economy and investor-friendly environment, Dubai is an attractive hub for those aspiring to launch an investment company. If y...

28Mar, 22

Difference Between a Branch Office and Representative Office in UAE

We've already examined a few industries with significant demand, and as a result, entrepreneurs are more likely to start those enterprises. However, t...

23Feb, 22

Setting up a Holding Company in Dubai

A holding company is a type of firm that is usually a corporation or a limited-liability company (LLC). A holding corporation, in most cases, does not...

26Jan, 22

Sole Establishment vs. LLC – How to Choose the Right One for your Business?

Choosing the correct business structure is one of the most important and distinctive financial decisions a business owner can make. When a company's o...

20Jan, 22

How to Start a Food Delivery Service Business in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates' food and beverage business is vast, and it is only expected to grow. The business is estimated to be worth around billions o...

19Jan, 22

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in LLC Company Formation in Dubai

In the UAE, a limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure that shields its owners from personal accountability for the firm's debts or lia...

17Jan, 22

Five Big Leading Industries in the UAE

In the GCC, the UAE has the most diverse economy. For generations, the country has been dependent on oil and gas; nevertheless, the government has rec...

11Jan, 22

What is the Process of Civil Company Formation in Mainland

Forming a Civil Company in the mainland is often a complex task for newcomers as it requires a decent amount of paperwork and a considerably long proc...