Feature and Benefits of NRE Fixed Deposit in Dubai

By Sakshi Srivastava - 26 Mar 2022 Last Updated: 19 May 2022
Feature and Benefits of NRE Fixed Deposit in Dubai

NRE (Non Residential External ) fixed deposits allow you to grow your foreign currency funds while earning tax-free interest at attractive rates.

Though the investment you make is translated , DBS Treasures of  NRE fixed deposits are entirely reparable. This sum can be translated into the currency of your choice upon repatriation. NRE fixed deposits are tax-free in terms of both the principal and interest earned.

Eligibility Criteria NRE Fixed Deposit

To open an NRE fixed deposit, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A Non-Resident Indian (NRE) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) is required .
  • They'll require NRE accounts.

Document required to Open an NRE Fixed deposit

A person must submit the following documentation to open an NRE deposit:

  • Passport
  • Valid work permit
  • Proof of address

Characteristics of NRE Deposits

NRE deposits have a wide range of characteristics. The following are a few of them:

  • After NRE is opened, the account can be cancelled at any moment.
  • NRE offers a variety of tenure options which is  ranging from one to ten years.
  • Banks provide auto-renewal options, in which the FD renews itself once it reaches maturity.
  • Some banks may even provide loans secured by NRE deposits.
  • On NRE deposits, some banks grant up to 90% overdrafts.
  • Some banks also offer shared ownership of NRE deposits.
  • Banks may also provide NRIs tax-saving fixed deposits that allow them to claim tax.

Interest Rates on NRE Deposits

The interest rate on a Non-Resident External Deposit varies, depending on the length of time in which the deposit is held. Rates given by different banks might range from 8% to 12% per year or higher than this.

Advantages of NRE Deposits

When a person creates an NRE fixed deposit, he or she is entitled to several advantages.

The following are the advantages of NRE Deposits.

  • Allows NRE to open fixed deposits in  several banks and earn a high rate of interest.
  • NRE deposits provide depositors with accessible money in the unatticipated event
  • NRE deposits guarantee that depositors have money when they need it since banks offer overdraft and lending services.
  • Depositors might nominate themselves for the deposits.

NRE deposits offer several advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. One of the most significant disadvantages of NRE deposits for a senior citizen is that the special interest rate for senior persons that applies to all other accounts except NRE deposits.

What is the difference between an NRE and an NRO Account?

With so many insurance policies available in the market, choosing the appropriate one may be tough and complicated. You can make a more educated selection if you have a better grasp of the various products and services. It also aids in the differentiation of the many options accessible. As a result, you'll be able to choose the best investment option for all of your hard-earned money. Based on your needs and preferences, better results can be provided.

NRE (Non-Residential External) and NRO (Non-Resident Accounts) are the two primary account kinds available to an NRI, as previously indicated. If you're an NRI looking to save money and increase your returns, this is the most popular alternative.

NRE Fixed Deposit Benefits for NRIs

An NRI ( Non Residential Indians) benefits from a number of characteristics in NRE  ( Non Residential External )Fixed Deposits:

  • These programs offer a variety of tenure options, ranging from one to ten years.
  • An NRE FD account can be readily cancelled at any time after it has been opened.
  • Banks provide the option of auto-renewal when it comes to renewing a loan at maturity.
  • Some banks provide up to a 90% overdraft on NRE FDs.
  • Loans against NRE FDs are available from several banks.
  • Joint NRE fixed deposit accounts are also available at several banks.
  • The minimum and maximum sums that a person can deposit are set by the banks.

During a financial crisis, people are more likely to seek loans from a variety of sources. Obtaining loans against FDs (Fixed Deposits) from banks is one of the most common sources. This is one of the most effective methods for obtaining a short-term loan. NRIs are permitted to open Non-Resident External (NRE) accounts. For NRIs, these accounts are term deposits or fixed deposits.


It's tough to choose the best from a long number of options, and the Fixed Deposit interest rates supplied for an NRE account have no exception. However, there are a few things to think about while choosing a bank to create an NRE Fixed Deposit account. These include a competitive interest rate and a long-term, reliable connection with that bank. Connect with Dhanguard for more details you need on NRE fixed deposit. We are here to guide you and assist you in every step you need.

By Sakshi Srivastava

26-Mar, 2022

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