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Let’s Learn about Mortgage Pre-Approval Loan in UAE

"Pre-Approved Loan" is a term that every person looking for a loan has heard. A pre-approved loan is one that has been approved by the bank without the borrower having to apply for it. Loan approval is an important part of the loan process, and whether it is approved or rejected, it could have an impact on the credit report. However, getting a loan pre-approved works in a different way in that it does not harm your credit report if you are rejected but allows you to learn if you are eligible for a loan.

In this blog Dhanguard will explain everything about Mortgage Pre Approval Loan.

Operation of a Pre-Approved Loan

A pre-approved loan works in a straightforward manner. Banks or financial institutions typically collaborate with the Al Etihad Credit Bureau to obtain the borrower's credit profile, which is then used to approve a loan. So, when a lender requests a credit bureau profile review for a new loan, the date and status of rejection or approval are added to the credit report. Rejected status on the credit report may have a negative impact on the borrower's credit profile, affecting future loan applications as well, unless any existing loans or bills are paid off, which will eventually help to increase the credit score.

When a loan applicant requests a pre-approval, the lender conducts a soft inquiry at the credit bureau to determine whether the borrower is qualified for a loan. They also provide additional information, such as the maximum loan amount that the borrower can obtain.

Obtaining a Lender's Pre-Approved Loan Invitation

There may be occasions when the lender offers you a loan on their own. If a bank or financial institution believes a customer's credit profile is strong, with a solid credit history and a high debt-to-burden ratio (DBR), they will offer a pre-approval loan.

Though it is tempting when a bank or financial institution offers a loan with less documentation and a shorter processing time, the borrower must consider whether he truly requires that loan. Accepting a loan when it is not required can lead to a bad debt trap if you do not repay it on time.

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How Does One Go About Getting a Loan Pre-approved?

To get your loan pre-approved, make sure you meet the bank's basic eligibility criteria, such as a minimum salary, a good credit score, and a DBR of at least 50% with the proper documentation.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can go to the bank and request a pre-approval.

If the pre-approval is favorable, you can proceed with a regular loan application in accordance with the bank's instructions.

Benefits of a Pre-Approved Loan

These are the following advantages of Pre-approved Loan:-

  • Getting a loan pre-approved has no negative impact on your credit report.

  • In the case of home loans, pre-approval is very common. The loan applicant is pre-approved and begins looking for a property in the amount approved.

  • If a financial institution or a bank offers pre-approval, the documentation will be minimal, with competitive interest rates and quick processing.

Issues to consider for a Pre-Approved Loan

Following are the things one should consider before applying for Loan-

  • The loan amount is not fixed in the case of a pre-approved mortgage loan. When applied, it may differ from the regular loan amount.

  • The pre-approved loan is only valid for a limited time, which is determined by the lender.

  • Check the loan's terms and conditions before accepting it.

  • At the time of final loan approval, a pre-approved loan can be rejected. As a result, the pre-approval loan is not guaranteed.

  • As previously stated, if the lender offers you pre-approval, consider whether you truly require the loan.

A pre-approved loan is a method of determining whether a borrower is eligible for a loan without affecting the credit report. It should be noted that a pre-approval does not guarantee final approval. Also, make certain that you only receive a loan for the amount you require.

What Documents are Required to Obtain a Mortgage Pre-Approval in the UAE?

The documents you will need to apply for a mortgage will vary depending on which bank you use.

Banks are likely to request the following information from you:

  • Copy of your passport

  • Proof of UAE residency along with current address proof

  • Bank Statements


Overall, obtaining a pre-approval for a home loan can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. As a result, it is always advisable to obtain assurance on the home loan before looking at listings.You could have your ideal home and a secure future in the UAE if you choose the right house loan plans. So, if you're seeking any information contact Dhanguard. We will gladly like to assist you in each and every manner.


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