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5 Tips on Investing in Gold in 2022

5 Tips on Investing in Gold in 2022 | Dhanguard

Gold has long held a significant position, and this trend is expected to continue. Gold stores are always full, not just with jewellery consumers but also with investors, regardless of how high or low the prices are.

Gold is the safest and most dependable type of investing. In times of inflation or other financial crisis, it gives financial stability. You, too, must be considering investing in gold. And, when it comes to gold, there is no other country to think of but the UAE; it is the world's gold hub. The gold rates in the UAE are considered the finest for buyers. In this blog, Dhanguard will guide you on Investing in UAE.

Things to Consider While Investing in Gold

The following are the considerable points:-

Things to Consider While Investing in Gold | Dhanguard


Ensure that it is under your Direct and Unencumbered Ownership

"If you can't hold your gold, you don't possess it," they say.

Consider the following scenario: if you are from the lower middle class and do not have much money to invest in gold, it is prudent to ensure that whatever amount of gold you purchase is easily accessible in a severe crisis. If you have enough money and want to invest some of it in actual gold, you can approach states with substantial private property rights. When it comes to holding precious metals outside the usual banking system, these jurisdictions are suitable options.

Ensure that the gold storage company you select identifies you as the owner of the gold; the organisation cannot pledge, hedge, or lease out your asset.

Buying it with Saving rather than Credit

Gold is a type of investment, and it is recommended for a healthy economy to save first and then invest.

In contrast to a healthy economy, the existing system is based on credit, debt, and consumerism. Consider a circumstance in which you purchased gold using a credit card or a loan. Gold prices in the UAE have now fallen. How do you intend to repay the credit card bill or the lent amount? Because you never know what the market will do, buying gold on Credit is a lousy idea; sell it!

Always Store your Gold outside the Banking System

Property rights are only temporary in the banking system. If the banks bail you out, they can always seize your assets, as they have done in the past. And, as more and more individuals buy gold to safeguard themselves through difficult times, a major banking crisis is likely shortly. As a result, it is always advisable to keep your physical gold outside the banking system. If you indicate you have a safe deposit box with the bank, please remember that safe deposits are typically not insured. As a result, if the bank fails or goes bankrupt, it may claim that it did not own any gold.

Be Compliant with all Laws when you Buy

Because the law prohibits buying many coins at once, an average gold investor should always acquire a few coins at a time. It's an advantage because purchasing a few coins does not necessitate disclosing your name; you may do so privately. As a result, security and privacy are enhanced.

However, if you are a huge investor who wants to invest a substantial sum, you must comply with specific rules; you must identify your identity and show proper documents. You can't simply hide your black money in gold. Once you've compiled, you may play by the rules and confiscate your investment.

Invest only if you don't need this money for five years

We've all heard that it's challenging to forecast when a system may crash, and it's even more difficult in the short term. As a result, it is best to buy gold only for the money you will not need shortly. Although a rise in gold prices in the UAE is highly likely, you must wait at least five years for good returns.

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Reasons to Buy Gold from Dubai

What makes Dubai the most popular gold-buying destination? We've identified a few of the explanations below:

Reasons to Buy Gold from Dubai | Dhanguard

Gold Purity/Quality

One of the primary reasons people favour gold investment in the UAE is its quality or purity. Many visitors from these nations visit Dubai to buy gold, particularly during the festive season. Yes, gold may be purchased in different countries, but they know they can only find the best in Dubai because they value quality.


Almost all visitors and travellers who visit Dubai are attracted to buying gold. Why? Price! Because of the favourable taxation, the gold price in Dubai is lower than in other regions of the world. Tourists are naturally drawn to gold markets since they are inexpensive and eventually purchase gold.

Wide Range

Dubai is the place to be if you love gold and want to acquire a range of designs. With gold investment, Dubai has a remarkable array of gold souks. Each piece is better than the one before it, making it difficult for you not to buy gold. If you are visiting Dubai expressly to purchase gold, the gold souks in Dubai will make your trip truly worthwhile.

International Rates

Those visiting Dubai for the first time are frequently confused by the pricing and taxes levied on gold. It comes as a pleasant surprise to them to hear that there is no import duty to purchase gold. Furthermore, the international pricing of gold ornaments and jewellery is consistent throughout all gold souks.

Easy Liquidation

Many people buy gold intending to sell it when they are in need. They believe it is a safety net that will protect them and their family through difficult times. It is simple to sell gold since you will never worry about locating buyers or sellers.


One of the best investment vehicles is gold. However, keep the above guidelines in mind while investing in gold to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Aside from them, here's an extra tip for you: when purchasing gold, be sure to double-check the gold rates in UAE and always keep an eye on the purity and weight of the gold.

We hope that you will invest wisely now that you have a better understanding of gold investment in the UAE. Before you spend a lot of money, consider the pros and downsides. Consider the experts of Dhanguard for assisting you while investment planning; you will get the best whatever you want from us.


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