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How One Can Invest in Foreign Securities Market in UAE?

How One Can Invest in Foreign Securities Market in UAE? | Dhanguard

Investing prospects today are not limited by region. If you're interested in growing economies and market growth around the world, you might want to consider investing in some of them.

Buying overseas equities allows many investors to diversify their portfolios by spreading their risk and gaining exposure to the growth of other economies. Foreign equities, according to many financial gurus, are a good addition to any investing portfolio. For conservative investors, they propose a 5 percent to 10% allocation, and for aggressive investors, up to 25%.

  • Purchasing international stocks allows investors to diversify their risk while also gaining exposure to the growth of other economies.
  • For conservative investors, financial gurus recommend a 5 percent to 10% exposure to international equities, and up to 25% for aggressive investors.

What is the Stock Market, and How Does It Work?

A stock market is a marketplace where investors can buy and sell stocks (or shares) in a company. Companies split their shares and trade them, allowing the general public to buy and sell them. Because they own a piece of the company, the investors profit a set amount if the company does well. It is recommended that you make a long-term investment of at least 5 years in order to get a decent profit.

Companies must list themselves on a stock exchange in order for investors to buy their shares. The majority of large corporations will have their stock traded on a stock exchange.

Stock Exchange Centers in UAE

There are 3 stock exchange centers in UAE.

Dubai Financial Market (DFM)

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is the UAE's first stock market. It was founded in the year 2000. There are almost 170 businesses listed with them. Despite occasional profit variations in the DFM sector, the year 2007 had a high profit. It was estimated to be 1439.6 million. Companies that violate sharia regulations will not be approved by DFM because it runs on Islamic principles.

DFM has been working on UAE legislation administered by the Securities and Commodities Authority since 2010. (SCA). Transparency, efficiency, secrecy, integrity, and innovation are five basic ideals that it operates upon.

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)

ADX was founded in November of 2000. It trades equities of companies based in the United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Sharjah are among its locations. It exchanges corporations from a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, services, manufacturing, and hotels. Transparency, integrity, efficiency, and customer-centricity are among the qualities it promotes.


NASDAQ Dubai is a stock exchange that trades stocks of both local and foreign companies. DFM owns the bulk of the equities on the NASDAQ Dubai exchange. It may be found at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) (DIFC). It lists the highest-valued corporations for trade.

What is the Best Way to Invest in the Stock Market?

You can purchase stocks in the United Arab Emirates by following a straightforward procedure.

The following Steps are explained for more understanding

Step 1: Apply for an Investor Number (NIN)

  • Fill out the online form for an Investor Number.
  • Attach required documents such as your passport, family book (if you are a UAE national), residency visa (if you are a UAE resident), and UAE national ID (UAE Residents)
  • The paperwork can be submitted online or at the World Trade Center's CSD Client Services Affairs Desk, or through a licensed DFM or NASDAQ broker.
  • The NIN is provided at no cost and is available immediately after the application has been approved.

Step 2:  Find a Broker

  • After you've obtained an investor number (NIN), go to a DFM or NASDAQ-registered brokerage business. Stock Brokers can be found in the UAE, and you can register with them.
  • Register for a trading account.

Step 3: Make a Deal

  • You can start buying and selling stocks with the help of a regulated broker once you have a NIN and a trading account.

Step 4: Keep tabs on your progress.

  • Track the Sensex of the company's stocks using the credentials provided by the broker.


Eligibility to buy equities in the UAE is determined by the following criteria

  • Non-Residents are also eligible
  • Applicants must have a valid passport
  • Must have an Investor Number (NIN)
  • Must have a trading account
  • Minors below 21 years are eligible with the guardian’s signature on the applications


The Dangers of Investing Abroad

International investing, on the other hand, has a disadvantage. Emerging markets are generally thought to be riskier in terms of volatility. They can have substantial market value fluctuations, and political risk can upend a country's economy in some situations. Furthermore, overseas markets may be less regulated than those in the UAE, posing a greater danger of manipulation or fraud.

Today's investors have unprecedented access to global news 24 hours a day, seven days a week; but there is a risk of insufficient information from a market that is often thousands of miles away. This can make it difficult for the investor to analyse or comprehend occurrences.

Finally, currency risk arises from fluctuations in the investor's home currency's exchange rate. Currency movements, of course, can go both ways and can be beneficial to investors.

Other Investment Options

Global Mutual Funds are a type of mutual fund that invests globally.

A mutual fund that focuses on overseas equities is a good option for investors who want to explore worldwide markets but don't want to deal with the bother. One of the many benefits of mutual funds is their simplicity.

Mutual funds with an international focus come in a range from aggressive too conservative. They can be specific to a region or a country. They might be actively managed or passive index funds that track an international stock index. However, keep in mind that international mutual funds can have greater prices and fees than their domestic counterparts.


Understanding the political and economic situations in the country where you're investing is critical to determining the elements that may affect your returns. Investors should constantly keep their investment objectives, costs, and expected returns in mind, while also considering their risk tolerance. If you are interested in investing in UAE stock markets Dhanguard would assist you and guide you about best investing options available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Earning money now is insufficient, since it may not be enough to meet life's financial objectives. As a result, it is critical to spend money. Saving money in the bank is the same as giving up an opportunity to make money. It is crucial to invest carefully in the different plans available on the market, choosing the one that is ideally tailored to your objectives.

With new technologies and goods, the investment market is rising by the day. The conditions for investing in different forms of investment instruments differ depending on the providers in the UAE.

Expats can invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, UAE mutual funds, or other forms of funds in the UAE.

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