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How to Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in UAE

How to Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in UAE | Dhanguard

Whether you're migrating to the UAE for personal or business reasons, you'll need a bank account to manage and secure your financial assets, which you can only do if you open one. For non-residents, banks and other financial institutions in the UAE provide a variety of bank account alternatives with a variety of intriguing features and benefits. Non-residents can open a bank account online, whereas UAE citizens must meet particular eligibility criteria to do so. To open a bank account online or offline, one must be physically present in the country.

If you do not follow the necessary procedure, opening a bank account online for non-residents in the UAE can be difficult. We'll walk you through all of the essential prerequisites and a straightforward process for opening a bank account online for non-residents. By writing this blog Dhanguard will help you to understand for opening a Non-Resident Bank Account in UAE

Features and Benefits of Non-Resident Bank Accounts in the UAE

Following are the main features and advantages of a non-resident bank account in the UAE.

Access to Online Banking

An online banking site in the UAE can be used to open and manage non-resident bank accounts. Account holders can easily view their account information by logging in to their online banking portal using their banking credentials. Depending on their needs, users can use internet banking to conduct rapid financial transfers, purchase a chequebook, seek a debit card replacement, and more.

Mobile Banking

Non-resident bank account holders can use the bank's mobile banking app to manage their accounts. They can get the app from their preferred app store and register with their bank account information to get their own unique ID and password. They can then use these credentials to view their account information and log in to the mobile app.

Debit Card

Non-resident bank account holders in the UAE can get a free debit card from most banks in the UAE. Account holders can withdraw money from their bank accounts using these debit cards at ATMs. They can also use these debit cards to shop at over 20 million retail locations worldwide.

Transfers of Funds

Account holders with non-resident bank accounts can perform simple fund transfers. They can use an online or mobile banking site to access their bank account and conduct rapid transactions with just a few clicks.

Help & Support 

Banks in the UAE provide non-resident bank account holders with round-the-clock assistance and support. They can contact the bank's helpdesk at any time for answers to their questions.


Non-resident bank account users can keep track of their transactions and other banking activity using the monthly e-statement service. They can avoid making unneeded purchases and grow their savings by using these statements.

Quick Account Opening Process

Non-residents can open a bank account in the UAE via the internet. To open a bank account, applicants just go to the bank's website and fill out the online application form. They may easily upload all of the necessary paperwork online and have the welcome kit delivered to their door in no time.

Numerous Currencies

Bank accounts for non-residents can be opened and operated in a variety of currencies. Account customers can easily execute quick fund transfers in their preferred currency with this service.

Conceptual Instructions

Account holders with non-resident bank accounts in the UAE can set up standing instructions for periodic payments. This allows individuals to pay their bills on time without having to remember to do so every month.

Initial Deposit

Some non-resident bank accounts require a minimum balance or an initial deposit. In order to keep their bank accounts operational, account holders must meet these conditions.

Requirement for Opening a Non-Resident Bank Account in the UAE

Following are some of the most important conditions for creating a non-resident bank account in the UAE.

  • Valid passport with an admission page for the UAE is required.
  • Utility bills/address confirmation from the municipality or city council are examples of address proof.
  • Letter of recommendation from the applicant's prior bank in the country of origin where he or she has an active bank account.
  • Updated curriculum vitae (CV) including personal and professional history
  • Bank statements over the last three to six months (as required by the chosen bank)
  • The applicant's signature

The bank may take up to two weeks to open a bank account for non-residents when all of the necessary documents and information are given. The bank sends an official email to the applicants' registered email address after they have been approved. In this email, the applicants also receive online instructions for logging into their newly formed bank account.

How do Non-Residents in the UAE Open a Bank Account Online?

For non-resident applicants in the UAE, here are a few simple steps to open a bank account online.

Explore Your Options

First, the applicants must look through the non-resident bank account choices that are available. They can browse to our website and look for the best-fit solutions with extensive features and benefits in the bank accounts area. This enables them to make the best financial decision possible.

Select a Bank Account.

Before selecting to open a bank account, applicants must evaluate the interest rates, minimum balance requirements, and other incentives. The majority of UAE banks offer greater interest rates on account balances kept by account holders. The applicants must select the best-interest-paying bank account. This allows individuals to increase their savings in a short period of time.

Check the Eligibility Requirements.

The requirements for non-resident bank accounts may differ from one bank to the next. Applicants must review the eligibility criteria for their preferred non-resident bank account to ensure that they meet all of the minimum requirements.

Provide Your Details

Once the applicants have determined that they are eligible and have all of the necessary documentation, they can proceed to fill out the online application form for the non-resident bank account of their choice.

Fill out and Submit the Application

Applicants must upload all necessary documents and submit an application for their selected non-resident bank account after completing the online application form. They must then wait for a bank representative to contact them, verify their information, and process their application.


We hope that this article has provided you with practically all of the information you require before opening an online bank account for non-residents. If you require any additional assistance, contact Dhanguard for help and support staff to discuss your alternatives. Our financial experts walk you through a detailed analysis of the bank accounts you've shortlisted to help you choose the one that best meets your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately to open a bank account with simplicity.


Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE allows emigrants without residence visas to open only a savings account in UAE.

Normally personal accounts of non residents take around 1-2 weeks depending on the concerned bank.

You require a 1-2 days visit to UAE with your personal documents such as passport, bank statement, utility bill as well as Resume.

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