What is a Conversion Option on Term Life Insurance?

By Ananya - 23 Jun 2022 Last Updated: 02 Jul 2022
What is a Conversion Option on Term Life Insurance?

Term Life Insurance is usually a better plan for protecting minor dependents due to the significant loss of prominent family members. A term life insurance plan is only available for a specified period based on the time consent on the contract. The policy will eventually lapse and be invalid if the desired person lives longer than the term insurance period.

Being a policyholder and permitting the policy to lapse is not a good choice; therefore, the choice of conversion comes, where everyone wants the option to convert term life insurance.

However, the plans are regularly accessible in a variety of possibilities. There are many such plans of action with growing term periods, reducing term durations, premium return plans, and overall periodic monthly income plans. A convertible term insurance plan is one such alternative. Getting a conversion is also a good idea. It's a term insurance policy that can transfigure into a different type of life insurance policy, giving benefits. Do you want to know more about the strategy? Let's have a look with Dhanguard.

Conversion Option on Term Life Insurance:Vital Understanding

A convertible term life insurance policy may be triggered at the end of the term. However, the condition is that the policy's rules will not be altered in any way, and that the premiums were further paid on time. If the person wishes to convert into a full-time life insurance policy and the previous conditions are met, they will usually not need to undergo any additional screenings or medical tests. The policy will typically include a clause that allows the policy to be renewed for a predetermined period. In some cases, a partial term conversion may be available: a portion of the term policy will be taken and converted into a permanent life policy.

What is the procedure for implementing the Conversion Option?

The policyholder should consider why they chose term life insurance over a full-fledged life policy.

Determine the Term Plan

The first step should be to determine whether the term plan to which you have subscribed has an inherent option to convert to full life insurance.Consult with insurance company executives about the options for permanent life insurance and the applicable conversion cost.

Term Conversion Period

The second thing to consider is the period of term conversion provided by the company. Usually, a company might allow the policyholder to convert at any point of time across the term of the policy.Similarly,on the other hand certain companies may limit the duration of conversion.

Get in Contact 

Finally, the client now contacts the insurance agent or the respective insurance provider and instructs them to begin the conversion process.n the policy document, assign the nominees and provide the specification. Most likely, no additional underwriting process will be assigned, and no life insurance exam will be needed.

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Causes for Exercising the Conversion Option of Term Insurance

The following are some of the circumstances that would justify the insured switching:

Budget Improvement

The policyholder may have other thoughts about purchasing a term insurance policy from the start. If the reason for choosing a term was a financial constraint and their savings have accumulated to a sufficient level or their earnings have increased from newer sources, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to switch to a full-time life insurance policy.

Cash Value Asset 

Policyholders prefer life insurance policies because a portion of their premium payments build cash value, which can be part of a person's retirement strategy in terms of potential financial sources.

Responsibilities for Other Expenses

The insured may not have their own family or maybe not be in touch with their relatives. Alternatively, depending on their relationships with family, they may not want to burden them with the costs of their funeral and other final expenses. If they're going to leave with dignity, conversion to life will solve the problem.

Legacy Needs

When you're approaching the end of your life, you're probably thinking about the legacy you're leaving behind for your children and immediate family. If they do not want to leave financial worries for their children, converting to full-time life insurance is the best way forward.


Suppose your conversion expiration date approaches, and you want to remain insured for a more extended period. In that case, you have two choices: convert to a permanent policy or purchase a new term policy. By converting your existing term life insurance policy, you will most likely have to pay higher premiums than you did previously. Full-time life insurance is more expensive because the compensation conditions are more restrictive. However, if the situation has changed, the insured may reconsider their conversion goals. Dhanguard will walk you through the entire process and respond to all of your concerns.

By Ananya

23-Jun, 2022

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