24Feb, 22

Let’s know about Fleet Vehicle Finance in UAE

Using Element's fleet car finance, you can increase your cash flow while decreasing your costs. When it comes time to buy or lease work vehicles, you ...

24Feb, 22

Everything you want to know about Car Insurance in Dubai

Car insurance provides reassurance from insurance providers that your investment in the vehicle is secure if you are involved in an accident or the ve...

24Feb, 22

Cheque Book Request from Bank in UAE

A cheque is a valuable financial tool that helps to eliminate the use of physical cash. At the time of account establishment, every bank account holde...

23Feb, 22

Setting up a Holding Company in Dubai

A holding company is a type of firm that is usually a corporation or a limited-liability company (LLC). A holding corporation, in most cases, does not...

23Feb, 22

Basic Requirements to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

An offshore bank account is necessary for many international expats working in the UAE and the Middle East. This post will teach you everything you ne...

22Feb, 22

Critical Importance of PRO services for Businesses in Dubai

Dubai stands tall as a thriving hub for global business ventures, attracting entrepreneurs and corporations seeking growth opportunities in the Middle...

21Feb, 22

What are the Ways to Earn More from Your Fixed Deposits in UAE?

Fixed deposits (also known as term deposits) are one of the most secure investment options in the UAE. In a fixed deposit scheme, the bank locks your ...

21Feb, 22

Issues Relating to the Bank Guarantee in the UAE

Due to its commercial nature, the bank guarantee in the UAE is governed by Civil Transaction Law No 5 of 1985, regardless of the capacity of the party...

21Feb, 22

Penalty on Non-Maintenance of a Minimum Balance in Bank Accounts

In today's fast-paced world, managing your finances efficiently is paramount. Banks and other financial organizations in the UAE provide a variety of ...

20Feb, 22

Types of Sukuk in Dubai

There are many different laws all over the world, but Sharia law (Islamic law) has always been highly versatile due to its interesting notions. Sukuk ...