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Freezone Company Setup Services for Dubai Internet City, UAE

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Freezone Company Setup Services for Dubai Internet City, UAE 

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The DIC is housed within a Free Zone that offers a knowledge economy ecosystem that supports the growth of information and communications technology (ICT) businesses. It has the largest ICT infrastructure in the Middle East. Our staff will assist you in evaluating the market potential for your new venture. Our team of skilled consultants can assist and advise you with the process of establishing a new business in the United Arab Emirates.

Business Setup in Dubai Internet City 

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Legal Entities Registered under DIC
  2. Why one should Start a business in DIC?
  3. How will Dhanguard assist you?

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About Dubai Internet City (DIC)

In the year 2000, Dubai Internet City (DIC) was established to provide a common platform for all information and communication technology (ICT) enterprises. Dubai Internet City is a free trade zone region under the umbrella of TECOM Investments Holding, which also includes Dubai Media City and Knowledge Village, all of which are near to each other. The three are part of the Dubai government's efforts to make the city a global knowledge and innovation centre.

Dubai Media City was created specifically for media companies, whereas Knowledge Village is a learning community. The space is designed to encourage interaction and provide numerous possibilities for networking, idea sharing, and channel growth among all stakeholders.

Over 1,600 enterprises now call the free zone home, with some of the world's most well-known IT manufacturing corporations establishing permanent headquarters there and others establishing regional offices. Some Fortune 500 firms, SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs are among them.

Dubai Internet City has now established itself as the IT industry's focal point. Dubai's strategic location has made the region accessible to people from all over the world. In the areas of technology and communications, DIC has a very bright, youthful, and brilliant pool of personnel, and it continues to draw a diverse range of people from around the world.

In recent years, the Dubai Internet City Free Zone has become one of the most popular destinations for multinational companies seeking a long-term and profitable presence in the expanding indigenous market. For global and regional enterprises and entrepreneurs, DIC boasts excellent facilities and world-class infrastructure, as well as an investor-friendly environment, a flexible legal structure, and a welcoming ecology.

Features of Starting Business in DIC

The following are some of the primary benefits of establishing a business in Dubai Internet City: -

  1. 100 percent ownership
  2. Percent exemption from customs duty
  3. Capital mobility
  4. Cyber regulations;
  5. Simple licensing;
  6. Intellectual property protection
  7. There are no currency restrictions.
  8. There is no corporate or personal income tax.
  9. Cutting-edge workplaces
  10. Metro ethernet environment
  11. Top-notch retail services
  12. Constant security
  13. Infrastructure for world-class communications based on cutting-edge technology
  14. Competitively priced digital phone and high-speed internet services
  15. A vibrant multinational community
  16. Commercial offices, business centres (executive desk and executive office), and conference facilities
Types of Licenses Provided in DIC

The most prevalent licences in the DIC Free Zone are shown here.

Licence for Software

Any activity linked to developing, installing, and/or altering software products of the company or a third party is granted a software licence.

Networking and Telecommunication

This licence is valid for any activity involving the development, installation, modification, and/or operation of networks, as well as the provision of relevant services for the operation of network-based applications or services for oneself or for others.

E-commerce (Electronic Commerce)

An e-commerce licence is required for any operation involving the provision of individual services and products to third parties via electronic means such as a search engine, portal, website, social media, and so on.

IT Support

Any action connected to the development and/or offer of standardised repeatable IT-based services, including security solutions, localization, training, and corporate learning, is covered by an IT service licence.

Multimedia and the Internet

This licence applies to any action involving the creation and/or distribution of web or multimedia content. Distributing goods or services through the internet, such as through providing an online platform and acting as a mediator between multiple organisations or individuals, are examples of such activities. Other investors are welcome to join DIC in other categories such as general service providers, consultants, property management, and hotel and lei management.

Types of Legal Entities Registered under DIC

Legal entities that can be lawfully registered in DIC include:

Limited Liability Company in a Free Zone (FZ-LLC)

With a minimum share value of AED 1,000 and a minimum share capital investment of AED 50,000, a limited liability company in a free zone can be owned by 1 to 50 individuals or corporate shareholders.

A branch of a company based in the United Arab Emirates

This refers to a branch established by a UAE resident applicant. There is no requirement for capitalization.

A foreign company's branch

An applicant who is a foreign national can organise a branch of a foreign firm in DIC, and such a firm is exempt from capitalization requirements.

Why one should Start a business in DIC?

Dubai Internet City (DIC), a trailblazer in advancing Dubai's ambition of transforming into a knowledge-based economy, has created a successful ecosystem for technology companies.

Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, Schlumberger, and Cisco, among many other worldwide ICT giants, call DIC home, as do many small and medium businesses and entrepreneurial projects. Various cost-effective solutions serve companies in a variety of industries, including software development, business services, ecommerce, consulting, and sales & marketing.

The DIC directory has grown into a regional mega-hub for worldwide high-tech enterprises. While continuing to attract global businesses, Dubai Internet City has laid out a plan to help start-ups and prospective entrepreneurs drive innovation. After all, the in5 innovation centre, a world-leading tech start-up accelerator, is located in Dubai Internet City.

How will Dhanguard assist you?

Our staff will assist you in evaluating the market potential for your new venture.

We provide the best consulting service to investors seeking clear direction and help in setting up business in the UAE, whether onshore or offshore. UAE Free Zones is a professional firm with a regional focus and global representation whose services span all elements of doing business in the UAE.

Our team of skilled consultants can assist and advise you with the process of establishing a new business in the United Arab Emirates.

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