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Let’s Know about UAE Green Visa

Let’s Know about UAE Green Visa | Dhanguard

In order to attract more employees and investors, the UAE authorities have launched new programs that will allow people from all over the world to visit the country. The Green Visa is one of these projects.

This form of visa was recently revealed, and many professionals are interested in learning more about it. There are numerous questions about this approach because it is a new endeavor. As a result, if you intend to live and work in the UAE, you should understand more about it.

You'll discover more about the Green visa UAE eligibility and many other facets of this new legal document in this article.

What should you know about the UAE Green Visa?

Foreigners who want to work and live in the UAE must obtain a legal document that permits them to do so. Professionals typically look for work and are sponsored to travel to the UAE by their employers.

The UAE authorities, on the other hand, have introduced a variety of visas. Entrepreneurs and investors will have easier access to the benefits and advantages of this thriving country in this manner.

In this context, certain new programs have been launched to encourage professionals from all over the world to consider the UAE as a potential home.

The Green Visa is one of them. It enables foreigners to visit the UAE without the need for sponsorship. This is fantastic news, as finding a sponsor or local agent is often tough, and you can also learn more about the UAE's NOC (No Objection Certificate).

What is the Green Visa in the United Arab Emirates?

The Green Visa is one of the UAE government's new initiatives aimed at assisting the country's progress and development.

It's a new legal document that permits foreigners to sponsor themselves, effectively a new type of residency visa. This eliminates the need for them to work for a UAE-based company and eliminates the need for them to find a sponsor.

With this new visa, the individual can look for work in the UAE without the need for a sponsor. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that, because this is a new project, there isn't much information available. Furthermore, there is no information on the Green Visa Application in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the Advantages of obtaining a UAE Green Visa?

This new document allows people from all walks of life to work and reside in the UAE. It does, however, have certain extra advantages, which are as follows:

  • Individuals can be self-sufficient, which means they can support themselves.
  • Holders can sponsor their parents and children up to the age of 25.
  • It provides a 180-day grace period.
  • Workers have more freedom because of this. They don't require a sponsor to stay in the nation and look for a new employment if their current one is terminated.

As you can see, it offers more benefits than a standard job visa. It's worth noting that the UAE authorities launched it in order to stimulate economic growth and attract top talent.

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What's the difference between a Green Visa and an Employment Visa?

Employees who wish to work in the UAE must, in most cases, have a visa that is linked to their employer. This is referred to as an employment visa. Although it is the most popular, it causes problems for workers because they are unable to get long-term housing as quickly.

Foreigners will be permitted to stay in the country and work without having to be sponsored by an employer under the Green Visa program.

Foreigners can apply for a green visa in the UAE, but they must wait until the application process is available. Outstanding payroll outsourcing services are available.

Why did the UAE government issue a Green Visa?

The UAE authorities presented new visa schemes at the launches of the 50 new national development projects of the UAE. The Green Visa is one of them. Since its announcement, it has gotten a lot of attention from individuals all around the world, especially foreign workers.

It would make life easier for thousands of professionals looking to live and work in the UAE. The major goal of the new Green Visa is to make it possible for citizens of other countries to apply for jobs in the UAE without having to be sponsored.

Many people are still unsure about the cause for this Green Visa, but it's part of the UAE government's strategic plan to strengthen the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic hit numerous parts of the country and the Connect Resources Initiatives that were launched in response.

The following are some of the reasons for the new visa scheme:

  • Attract highly qualified professionals as well as outstanding students and postgraduates.
  • Reduce the UAE's reliance on oil and reintroduce tourism to the country.
  • Boost the economy and the country's development in a variety of areas.

There is, however, some information that has yet to be revealed. For example, there is still no official announcement of the price of a Dubai green visa, so we must wait until the official publication of these features to see which things you should consider when working with an international PEO.

Who is Eligible to apply for a UAE Green Visa?

Another significant component of the Green Visa is who is eligible to apply for it. Green Visa UAE eligibility is what it's called.

If you're wondering who the UAE Green Visa is for, here's everything you need to know:

  • Investors
  • Highly qualified people
  • Businesspeople
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Top Students and Graduates

It's important to remember that this visa is only for persons looking for work. If you're a freelancer, you should apply for a federal visa for freelancers.

This is since the Dubai green visa criteria are for people looking for work in the UAE. However, there are currently no specifics on which types of experts are eligible to apply.

What are the Prerequisites for Obtaining a Green Visa in the United Arab Emirates?

Since the UAE Green Visa was only recently introduced, there isn't a lot of information about the requirements. When the UAE authorities and ministers decide to explain it, it will be made public for everyone who is interested in learning more about this topic.

What are the Costs of Obtaining a UAE Green Visa?

Many people are still unsure about the cost of a Dubai green visa. However, the price and fees have yet to be announced. Because the UAE Government is in responsible of disseminating this information, it's critical to stay informed about any changes that may occur.


We aim to help you with your immigration needs here at Dhanguard. We can assist you with acquiring a Green Visa or any other legal document necessary for working and living in the UAE.

Our team of experts can help you with the green visa application UAE so that you may get the best possible result. Furthermore, our legal professionals are continually up to date on the most recent regulations and standards governing visa applications. As a result, when the process is updated and applications begin to be accepted, you can apply immediately away.

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