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UAE announces Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for all Nationality

A proposal for multiple entry permits for tourists of all nations has been approved by the UAE Cabinet. This decision comes in the wake of a resurgence in tourism in the United Arab Emirates. "Virtual Visa" is said to be another cabinet-approved visa type that will allow people to work online from Dubai, regardless of where their workplace is located.

Multiple entrance tourist visas will be made available to all nationalities and will have a 90-day validity period, which will prohibit re-entry once the approved three-month validity period has expired. Multiple entries and exits are said to be possible with this new concept.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai, presided over the meeting that approved the new rule. These moves are intended to make the UAE a desirable tourism and employment destination.

"The government will continue to develop adaptable initiatives and programmes," Sheikh Mohammed said. "We will continue to offer residents and citizens with the highest quality of life possible."

In addition, the UAE Cabinet authorised a new Remote Operate Visas scheme, which would allow remote workers from all over the world to work remotely from the UAE, in order to attract knowledge and skills from across the world. One-year visa will allow foreigners to enter the UAE on their own initiative, as long as they adhere to the visa's terms and requirements.

List of recent changes to residency requirements

Work from home visa

It allows professionals from all over the world to live and work remotely from the UAE, even if their firms are located in another nation.

It is possible for them to remain in the United Arab Emirates on their own account.

Visitor visa with multiple entry

There is no need for a guarantee for the 5-year visa. There are 90-day extensions available for each entry. There are no restrictions on the number of times an individual can enter or leave the country.

UAE citizenship

His Excellency UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum unveiled a new citizenship law on Saturday.

Students can sponsor a member of their immediate family

On January 24, a Cabinet resolution allowed international university students to sponsor their family members if they could afford to live in a suitable place.

Work in Dubai Residency Scheme

UAE's Dubai Remote Working Program was introduced in October of last year, and it allows foreigners who are employed remotely to live there and continue working remotely at the same time as they do so in their home country.

A solid digital infrastructure ensures smooth connectivity for remote employees and their families, and the move allows them to migrate to Dubai on a yearly basis to live a safe and high-quality lifestyle.

As a minimum, applicants must have an active passport with a six-month expiration date; UAE-based health insurance; proof of work from a present company; and a monthly salary of $5,000. They should also provide a pay slip and three bank statements from the last three months.

Obtaining a Golden Visa long-term resident visa in the UAE

There is a long-term residency visa programme in the UAE that was established in 2019. There is no need for a native sponsor and foreigners can run their own business on UAE's mainland with 100 percent ownership of their business. These visas are valid for five or ten years and are automatically renewed.

Retirement Visa

Earlier this year, the UAE Cabinet adopted a bill granting retirees over the age of 55 a five-year long-term visa.

As part of the eligibility requirements, a retiree must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have at least Dh1 million in savings
  • Invest in property worth at least Dh2 million
  • Earn a minimum of Dh20,000 per month.


The UAE cabinet has authorised a new remote work visa that would allow employees from across the world to live and work in the UAE for a year, as well as a multiple-entry tourist visa for all nations.

The new resolutions are part of a package of initiatives approved by the cabinet on Sunday during a meeting chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, to position the UAE as an ideal work and tourist destination.

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