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What is an Export Document?

These are those documents which are required in order to fulfill the criteria to successfully export anything or commodities. The most commonly used export documents are enumerated below:-


The exporter's intention to sell a predetermined quantity of goods or items is recorded by the Pro Forma Invoice. This invoice is produced using a recognized means of communication such as email, fax, phone, or in person, in accordance with the outlined terms and conditions agreed upon between the exporter and the importer.


The customs packing list details the contents of the package, and can be compared to the pro forma invoice by any party involved in the transaction. This list is sent with the foreign shipment and is particularly useful for shipping companies because it lets them know exactly what is being shipped.


The Country of Origin Certificate is a statement provided by the exporter that certifies that the products being exported were entirely purchased, produced, assembled, or handled in a specific country.


A shipping bill is a conventional report that primarily acts as a measurable record and asserts the downside. This can be done using a customized online software framework (ICEGATE). The exporter would require the following documents to receive the shipping bill:

  1. GR Forms are required for shipments to all countries.
  2. List of things to bring (with various details such as information about the content, quantity, the gross and net weight of each package)
  3. Indent for an Export License
  4. Contract Acceptance
  5. Statements of Accounts (with all relevant information such as the number of packages, quantity, price, correct specification of goods, etc.)
  6. Order for Purchase
  7. Credit Letters
  8. Invoice and AR4
  9. QC Certificate or Examination
  10. Port trust document


The carrier issues the shipper a bill of lading, which is a legal document. It serves as proof of the contract for the transportation of goods and items, as specified in the carrier's bill. It also contains product details such as type, quantity, and the final destination of the products. To know more about Bill of Lading click on this link


If the recipient is uncertain about the quality of the goods being imported, a Bill of Sight is a declaration submitted by the exporter to the customs department. The Bill of Sight allows the goods' receiver to inspect them before paying any relevant duties. Applying for a bill of sight is important because it serves as a backup document if the exporter lacks all of the required details and documentation for a bill of entry.


In order to export or forward any goods, businesses must have an export license that they can supply to customs. This is only needed when the shipper is exporting goods for the first time to a foreign destination. Depending on the type of export you wish to produce, you can need a different license.

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