Business Loan


DG has an experienced team of Ex-Bankers with expertise in Business Loan. There are many Banks and NBFC's offering business loan in UAE market. However, it becomes very  to understand the Elgibilty, Policies, Documentation and Process. DG provides a hassle free Business Loan Services by completely understanding the profile of the company. Accordingly matching the best possible bank as per policies of different banks.

After serving more than 100 clients yearly for Business Loan which is every month more than 10 Business Loans with 10 Million AED funding. We are the TOP Business Loan consultancy across UAE.

Page Contents

- Policies for Business Loan

- Checking Eligibility for Business Loan

- Factor Affecting Business Loan

- Process & Documentation


Before applying for any loan it is important to understand the policies institution you are applying loan with. Policy for business Loan is defined below:

- Business Activity of the company

- Nationality of the shareholders

- Length of Business (to be more than 3 years)

- No of employee’s in the company (to be more than 4)

- Company Turnover and Profits – Audit report (Minimum 1 million annual turnover)

Above parameters are the primary concerns for the bank to approve or reject business loan.

The amount of business loan is decided on below parameters.

- Length of Business

- Existing loan EMI on the company – DBR

- Turnover and Profits of the company

There are many factors which affect business loan i.e.

- Cheque return in last 12 months

- Any one police case against company of shareholder

- Inflated turnover

- Fewer Employees

Documentation of Business Loan

1. Trade License 

2. Memorandum of Association or Share Certificate and Board of Resolution(if applicable)

3. Paspport and Visa copy of all partners

4. Original Emirates ID

5. Office Ejari

6. Owners Home Residence Tenancy Contract or Sharing Accommodation Letter

7. Bank Statement last 12 months

8. Invoices of high volume transaction

9. Bill of Lading(if applicable)

10. VAT certificate 

11. Audit Report

12. Employee list from Ministry of Labour