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DhanGuard (DG) is a Dubai-based FinTech firm. The meaning of "DHAN" (a Sanskrit word for money) is to protect our customers' money by providing sound financial, insurance, and investment advice. DhanGuard aspires to be the region's FAST-est (Fastest, Accessible, Safest, and Transparent) service provider. DhanGuard provides a diverse selection of loan, account, insurance, and investment products. Unlike the typical industry practise of selling all goods regardless of product quality, DhanGuard offers the Finest Financial Products in partnership with influential DG Partners. Keeping your best interest in mind we aim to provide you with a financial technology-based platform functioning as a one-stop full service offering so as to reduce your dependence on engaging multiple service providers.


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Our Uniqueness

Dhanguard provides an interactive platform where your financial needs can be discussed and sorted out by experts. We have brought skilled bankers in various field of banking under a single roof, providing efficacy to the entire procedure of getting you financially organized.
Here, people in need of financial aid can easily find most suited bankers according to their niche, experience, area of expertise, etc. There is no need to rush to find suitable experts as on just a single click, instantly connect with Dhanguard as your Banking Consultant.

Our Values

The most valuable asset for our progress is consistent cooperation and synchronized effort within and among our teams, across each practice area. Each team has specific practice area knowledge as well as expertise, they understand the requirements of client’s and revert back quickly to the satisfaction of the client. Our ethics are to focus on quality, consistency and efficiency, and a basic understanding that is done through teamwork. We are capable of working effortlessly across all the practice areas for our clients.

Our Strengths

The standard of Dhanguard's team is its greatest asset. Their range of experience and acute commercial emphasis are paired with their scope of specialization.
We take pride in our ability to excel in a variety of service areas, including providing services on types of loan, types of account, which insurance is best suitable, and investment products.

Our Mission

At Dhanguard, we believe in building good and lasting relationships with our clients by making ourselves available to meet their needs at all times. We make every effort to comprehend our clients' business objectives. We are open and honest in our work, and we pledge to provide timely and cost-effective advice that always protects our clients' best interests.

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Dhanguard FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do we offer in terms of consulting?

    We specialize in banking and business consulting, with expertise in the banking, insurance, and investment industries.

  • How we help our clients businesses?

    We've developed a great network and an experienced team over the years to meet our clients' unique needs, whether it's a business loan, a business account, or some form of insurance. We can easily understand different types of business in the UAE and serve them accordingly.

  • What is the source of our great strength?

    As an expert team with years of experience in this industry. And, as a FinTech firm, we streamline all of our processes to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients.

  • Can the work that goes along with it be kept strictly confidential?

    Without a doubt. Dhanguard’s Code of Ethics prohibits any of our consultants from discussing your business with someone else. This also refers to any outside consultants hired by the company. We are very proud of the fact that no client confidentiality lawsuit has ever been lodged against any of our consultants.

  • How do you guarantee your services?

    We're just as fine as we were before! We are confident in our ability to provide you with a service that will have a huge impact on your company, so there are no long-term contracts for any of the help we provide, and you can cancel at any time.

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