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"Find the perfect co-working space in Dubai for your business needs"

"Co-working spaces in Dubai"

Co-working spaces in Dubai have become a hallmark of the city's progressive work culture, catering to diverse needs and fostering innovation. These shared workspaces redefine traditional office setups, providing flexibility and convenience for freelancers, startups, and established businesses. Dhanguard Business Center stands out as the perfect co-working space in Dubai, tailored to meet various business needs. Equipped with top-notch facilities, Dhanguard Business Center ensures a seamless work experience. From high-speed internet and modern infrastructure to meeting rooms, every aspect is designed to enhance productivity and creativity. Dhanguard Business Center summarises the essence of a modern workspace, enabling professionals to thrive amidst Dubai's bustling business landscape. Whether it's fostering connections or facilitating focused work, this co-working space represents the ideal setting for success in the heart of Dubai.

Whats included in facilities

Fully furnished (Mondays - Saturdays 9AM-6PM)

Telephone lines for Private Offices

Air conditioning. Electricity & Water Utilities

High Speed Internet

Meeting & Events Room hours

Reception Services

Daily Office Cleaning & Maintenance

Dry pantry access with refreshment supplies

Calley Amenities Access

Printer & Scanner Access

Vehicle Parking 24/7

Phone Booths/Call Area

DCU or UPS Back-up

Refrigerator, Oven & Water Dispenser Provided

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Discover the Perfect Venue for Premier Meetings and Events

Conference Room

Conference Room

The Ideal Conference Room Experience for up to 30 People. Available for Rent 7 Days a Week. Elevate Your Productivity and Network in our Modern Event Space.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Elevate Your Small Team Meetings with our Stylish Meeting Rooms, Perfect for 6 People. Available for Rent on an Hourly, Half-Day, or Full-Day Basis, 7 Days a Week.

Why choose Dhanguard Business Centre?

Flexible and Versatile Spaces

Flexible and Versatile Spaces

Our business centre offers a wide range of flexible and versatile spaces that can adapt to your specific needs. Whether you require a conference room, meeting room, or coworking space, we have the perfect solution to accommodate your business requirements.

Professional Environment

Professional Environment

Renting our business centre provides you with a professional and conducive environment to conduct your meetings and work. Our spaces are designed to enhance productivity and inspire creativity, ensuring that you and your team can focus on achieving your goals.

Convenient Booking Options

Convenient Booking Options

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer easy and hassle-free booking options. Whether you need the space for an hour, half-day, or full day, you can book it according to your specific schedule. Our availability 7 days a week ensures that you have the flexibility to plan your meetings and events at your convenience.

Access to Additional Amenities

Access to Additional Amenities

In addition to the meeting and coworking spaces, renting our business centre grants you access to a range of amenities. From high-speed internet and audiovisual equipment to on-site support staff and refreshment options, we provide the necessary resources to make your experience comfortable and efficient.

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Dhanguard Business Center: Empowering Your Enterprise

Dhanguard Business Center offers premium office spaces and support services designed to enhance productivity and professionalism. From fully-equipped offices to conference rooms, and business support services, we provide the infrastructure and support you need to thrive. Our Co working space is the partner you need to propel your enterprise forward in today's competitive landscape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speak with our representatives at the business center and explain your interest in visiting their facility. Discuss your preferred date and time for the tour. Call us at +971504263350 or email at admindbc@dhanguard.com to get your favorable office space i

Everyone can use a coworking space including freelancers, part-time employees, individual entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, and huge corporations. Utilize the huge working space of Dhanguard Business Centre by getting connected with one of our consultants

A fixed desk which is also known as a dedicated desk in coworking space is assigned to an individual or a team. It is a permanent workspace that belongs to the person or team who rents it. A flexi desk, also known as a hot desk or shared desk, is a flexib

Yes, Dhanguard Business Center will provide you with the Ejari for the license with an additional fee. To get accurate information about the cost involved it's best to connect with our center head to inquire about our services and available options

The operating hours and access timings for fixed and flexi desks is 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday to To check accurate and up-to-date information regarding the timings for fixed and flexi desks connected with one of our business center managers.

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Simplify your booking process with our Business Centre App. Enjoy the convenience of reserving your desired meeting or coworking space anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps on your mobile device. Save valuable time and gain total control over your schedule, ensuring seamless access to our professional spaces for enhanced productivity