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KIZAD is an excellent choice for people who need to register their business in Abu Dhabi or who want to set up a manufacturing operation near a port. Do you want to start a new profitable industrial business in the UAE's Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)? Get in touch with Dhanguard Business Consultancy today to get your custom-made company registration proposal!

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Business Setup in Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi 

Table of Contents

    • Types of Legal Entities Registered under KIZAD
    • Why one should Start a business in KIZAD?
    • Which industries are best served by the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone?
    • How will Dhanguard assist you?

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Overview of Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi

KHALIFA INDUSTRIAL ZONE ABU DHABI (KIZAD) is the world's largest freezone, offering low-cost licences for trading, logistics, manufacturing, and service operations. KIZAD is the top choice of investors all over the world because of its low operational expenses, convenience of conducting business, and market accessibility.

KIZAD is connected to Khalifa Port, one of the region's most advanced deep-sea ports and the region's first semi-automated container ports. This port is situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in order to promote trade inside the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Ports is an Abu Dhabi-based master developer and manager of ports and industrial zones. It was established in March 2006 as part of a reorganisation of Abu Dhabi's commercial port sector, and it acquired the Abu Dhabi Seaports Authority's assets. Today, the firm operates ten commercial, logistics, community, and recreational ports, including the Khalifa Port, which is the company's flagship, state-of-the-art deep-water port.

Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD), the commercial and logistical hub of Khalifa Port, is also being developed. With 90 percent of global trade moving by sea, Abu Dhabi Ports is critical in connecting Abu Dhabi to worldwide markets and helping the Emirate's economic diversification through easing economic development and the flow of commodities, equipment, and resources. It boosts the economy's dynamism by providing efficient and cost-effective ports, an industrial zone with world-class infrastructure and dedicated investment support, and subsidiaries and group firms that provide great marine and industrial zone services.

Features of Starting Business in KIZAD
  1. Easy business setup, quick document processing, and licence issuing
  2. Taxes on individuals and income are nil.
  3. Profit at 100% and capital repatriation
  4. Foreign ownership is 100 percent.
  5. Long-term office and land lease facility
  6. Prefabricated office and warehousing space
  7. 20 major shipping lines, 60 destination ports, four-lane highways, airports, and dedicated rail lines are all well-established transportation links.
  8. Close proximity of interdependent industries and suppliers
  9. Transporting large equipment from the Port to the Free Zone requires innovative industry solutions.
  10. Business centres, executive offices, and light industrial units with improved infrastructure
  11. Staff housing of the highest calibre
Types of Licenses Provided in KIZAD

Investors can choose from a variety of business licences offered by KIZAD.

License for Industrial Use

The industrial licence allows you to do things like import raw materials, manufacture, process them, assemble them, package them, and export intermediate and/or finished products.

License for Trading / General Trading

Under the licence provided for the corporation, actions such as import, export, distribution, stocking, and warehousing of specified products are permitted.

Service License

A service licence is required for activities such as management, economic consultancy, marketing, logistical support services such as cargo and freight forwarding, restaurants, retail food outlets, catering services, travel agencies, and other similar operations.

Types of Legal Entities Registered under KIZAD

In the KIZAD Free Zone, investors can form the following legal entities.

Company with Limited Liability

Investors must have a minimum paid-up capital of AED 150,000 to form a Limited Liability Company in KIZAD. Individuals, corporations, or both can own limited liability firms.

Company with a Branch

A branch company can be formed by a company that has a valid registration outside of the Khalifa Port FTZ. It can be registered as a UAE company branch or as a foreign company branch.

Why one should Start a business in KIZAD?

KIZAD has pioneered the DUAL LICENSE system, which helps freezone businesses working here. This system enables KIZAD freezone enterprises to obtain a licence from the Mainland Department of Economic Development (DED) Abu Dhabi without the need for a UAE Local Service Agent or a local sponsor. Companies who obtain a dual licence do not need to set up a separate physical office or sign a tenancy agreement on the mainland. For a foreign company's branch, a dual licence is not available.

A Strategic Location

Abu Dhabi, which is located in the centre of major growth markets such as the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, has access to over 4.5 billion consumers across four time zones.

Doing Business Ease

By collaborating with government agencies to reduce paperwork and procedures, Abu Dhabi Ports and KIZAD deliver a streamlined, simple set-up and operational environment.

Advantages in terms of cost

Customers benefit from low costs for using Abu Dhabi Ports' ports and facilities, as well as high-tech infrastructure in the ports, such as the semi-automated container terminal at Khalifa Port.

Stewardship of Industry

Beyond the company's walls, Abu Dhabi Ports collaborates with companies, government departments, and other stakeholders in the local logistics industry to ensure that resources and goods are transported in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Which industries are best served by the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone?

  1. Port Logistics and Related Industries
  2. Engineering for Aluminium Sheet Manufacturing and Glass Manufacturing
  3. Metal Processing, Metal Casting
  4. Paper, printing, and packaging industry.
  5. Products made of metal
  6. Food Processing/Products
  7. Plastic and chemical industries
  8. Construction Products Engineering Industries
  9. Building & Packaging
  10. Services for the Pharmacist's Office and Support
  11. Activities Relating to Trade and Logistics

How will Dhanguard assist you?

Dhanguard will help you form a company in the KIZAD Freezone from start to finish. Our experts will assist you with everything from picking the proper business activity to reserving a trade name, company registration paperwork, shareholder certificates, notary attestation, licence issuing, residency visas, and bank account creation. While you concentrate on your core business activities, our professionals will take care of the work. Talk to our specialists right immediately if you want to learn more about company formation in KIZAD!

The majority of the time, forming a corporation in Abu Dhabi is a simple process, but a lack of awareness of local rules and regulations might cause delays. Our business experts have dealt with authorities before, which speeds up the process of establishing a business in Abu Dhabi. We welcome your questions, comments, and recommendations that will help us provide better service to you. To learn more about UAE Industrial Park, give us a call now!

Latest Questions

Question & Answers related to Business Setup Services for KIZAD Freezone, UAE

The Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) is Abu Dhabi's first integrated trade, logistics, industrial, and free zone, providing excellent market access, lower operating costs, and better ease of doing business in the region and around the world.

The owner of KIZAD, Abu Dhabi Ports, has opened the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KPFTZ) within KIZAD to boost international investment in the UAE's capital region. KIZAD is the region's largest integrated trade and logistics hub, providing investors with a highly efficient base for trading, manufacturing, and export operations.

The warehouses in the KIZAD industrial zone are among the best in the UAE free zones. They do not necessitate large sums of money in order to move in and begin working. The master plan for KIZAD is tailored to meet the demands of manufacturing, trading, and storage businesses. The free zone is connected to more over 60 foreign destinations via the Khalifa Port. Apart from that, the free zone provides flexi-desks and offices to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. A benefit of this zone is that if you rent an executive office, you will receive a free trade licence.

Five related business activities are authorized under a KIZAD licence. Your company name will be changed to reflect your business activity, such as ABC food and drinks trade LTD.

KIZAD has pioneered the DUAL LICENSE system, which helps freezone businesses working here. This system enables KIZAD freezone enterprises to obtain a licence from the Mainland Department of Economic Development (DED) Abu Dhabi without the need for a UAE Local Service Agent or a local sponsor. Companies who obtain a dual licence do not need to set up a separate physical office or sign a tenancy agreement on the mainland.

KIZAD has established this one-of-a-kind dual licence scheme to benefit company owners in the KIZAD freezone who want to take advantage of non-freezone privileges. To take advantage of this benefit, you must first register a freezone firm with KIZAD. This freezone offers the most affordable licensing bundle in the UAE. After receiving a Freezone licence, the investor must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in order to obtain a mainland licence. In this approach, the freezone licence must be renewed annually before the mainland licence may be renewed.

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