Company Setup Services for Dubai World Central (DWC) Freezone, UAE

Dubai World Central (DWC) is one of Dubai's most contemporary and rapidly expanding Free Zones. Near the Al Maktoum International Airport, the zone is advantageously positioned (the newest airport in Dubai). Appointing a company formation specialist such as Dhanguard will remove the complexity of setting up your business, ensuring that the process is handled correctly to save time and resources, as it is critical to seek professional advice and guidance if you are considering establishing a company in DWC Free Zone.

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Business Setup in Dubai World Central 

Table of Contents

    • Types of Licenses Provided in DWC
    • Why one should Start a business in DWC?
    • Types of Industries within DWC
    • How will Dhanguard assist you?

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About Dubai World Central

DWC was established in 2006 and is one of the most popular options for forming a corporation in the Dubai freezone. It is one of the most recent and rapidly growing authority.

Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai's second airport and the world's future centre, is rapidly taking shape in the city's south, near the rapidly rising "New Dubai" neighbourhoods. DWC is located in the heart of an entire airport city. The government of Dubai has taken a good step in positioning the city as a major global commerce hub.

DWC is now the world's largest and most important business, trade, and aviation hub. The DWC headquarters are close enough to Al Makhtoum International Airport, Business Park Aviation, Logistics District, Aviation District, Commercial District, Residential District, Golf District, Humanitarian District, and Exhibition District, all of which serve as strategic platforms for light industry, aviation, logistics, and other business services expansion and growth. DWC is strategically located to provide coordination and shipping throughout the GCC, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

DWC is a multimodal platform that offers unrivalled connection, speed, and efficiency.

The Business Park, strategically located at the entrance to Dubai World Central, provides businesses with the space and flexibility they need to grow and expand in tandem with the aerotropolis and city. The Business Park, which is now complete and ready for immediate handover, was built from the ground up with the notion of business facilitation in mind. The Business Park is the ideal venue for long-term business growth, with 11 high-quality commercial buildings that take advantage of the development's strategic location within Dubai.

The Business Park is divided into East and West Wings, with the DWC HQ building in the middle. It offers finished offices that are ready for immediate occupation. Core and shell commercial spaces in the East and West wing buildings can be customised to meet customer needs. The ability for larger corporations to combine their operations into huge continuous floors, either vertically or horizontally, is a particular advantage of the Business Park.

Features of Starting Business in DWC

The Dubai Aviation City Corporation is the government's authority for the DWC. It has a number of advantages in terms of starting a business at DWC, some of which are listed below:

  1. There are no restrictions on capital repatriation;
  2. Complete foreign ownership is allowed to foreigners.
  3. Benefits were granted in full;
  4. Imported goods and services are not subject to customs duty;
  5. Legal framework that is simple and adaptable;
  6. Economically favourable rule that emphasises company development and promotion;
  7. Framework that is best in class;
  8. Infrastructure encourages and supports the growth and development of businesses.
  9. The procedure for incorporation is quick and straightforward.
  10. Top worldwide, local, and regional businesspeople are in attendance;
  11. Access to a wide range of government services, such as licencing, postal, and immigration services;
  12. All business records are kept private.
  13. Because of quick immigration procedures, Knowledge Workers have direct and easy access.
Types of Entities Registered under DWC

Limited Liability Company in a Free Zone (FZ-LLC).

Individual or corporate shareholders can own a self-contained legal organisation. The amount of capital required is determined on the sort of business.

A local/foreign company's branch office.

An existing local or foreign company might use the licence to open a representative office or branch within the Free Zone. Legally, the branch will be reliant on the main corporation.

Types of Licenses Provided in DWC

The following licence categories are available in the DWC Free Zone:

Business Licence

Permits the bearer to engage in specific commercial activities, such as general commerce and logistics.

Service Licence

Permits the holder to provide the services indicated in the Licence both within the DWC Free Zone and throughout the UAE.

Industrial Licence

This permits the bearer to engage in certain light manufacturing operations.

Education Licence

Permits the bearer to provide educational and social services, as well as educational aid training and consultation.

Why one should Start a business in DWC?

  1. Permitted to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates;
  2. Permission to open an office in the United Arab Emirates;
  3. A company can open an account with a bank in the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Investors and employees may be able to obtain residence or employment visas.
  5. 100 percent foreign ownership; 100 percent repatriation of capital and profits; 100 percent foreign ownership; 100 percent foreign ownership; 100 percent foreign ownership; 100 percent foreign ownership; 100 percent foreign
  6. There is no business tax;
  7. No personal income tax; total exemption from all import and export tariffs;
  8. a number of shareholders;
  9. Clustering of industries and infrastructure created specifically for them;
  10. Secure, controlled environment that allows for a wide range of business operations to be licenced;
  11. Strategically located on Sheikh Zayed Road, which connects Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and near the Dubai Logistics Corridor;
  12. At competitive rates, quality freehold, commercial, and residential property is available for sale or lease.
  13. A diverse range of high-quality business, retail, residential, and industrial space is available;
  14. Client relationship management that is comprehensive and provides a quick and effective service for the collecting and processing of all documentation as well as the issue of licences.

Types of Industries within DWC

  1. Aviation Industry;
  2. Retail Industry;
  3. Hospitality;
  4. Food and Beverages;
  5. Education;
  6. Information Technology.

How will Dhanguard assist you?

The Dubai World Center is a fantastic option for anyone looking to start a business in Dubai on a budget. It is a viable option for high-risk nationals who want to start a business and obtain residency visas for themselves and their family. This free zone can accommodate enterprises that will trade cargo through Al Maktoum Airport or the nearby JAFZA port. We propose it to organisations that are ready to take a big stride into the UAE industry or need it for immigration purposes.

Before starting a business, it is always a good idea to obtain expert guidance from professional experts. Dhanguard will handle all of the necessary business formalities and support services to get your company up and running. Our knowledgeable team will examine your needs and assist you in achieving your objective in the most efficient manner possible. For overview of the complete procedure, contact us today!

Latest Questions

Question & Answers related to Company Setup Services for Dubai World Central (DWC) Freezone, UAE

The Madinat Al Matar development area was once known as Dubai World Central. The Free Zone located within the Dubai South development region is still known as Dubai World Central. DWC-LLC is the designation given to companies registered in the Free Zone.

DWC LLC is a limited liability company that operates in the DWC Free Zone (DWC LLC) One or more shareholders can start a DWC Free Zone. A minimum of one director is required. The director can be from any country and does not have to live in the UAE. Corporate directors are allowed to serve.

Yes. If an applicant's planned business model falls into more than one (or overlaps any) of the DWC Free Zone and Administration Rules and Regulations categories, the applicant should apply for separate Licences. (For example, an applicant who desires to engage in both trade and manufacturing must apply for two licences, one for trade and the other for manufacturing) (only for exceptional cases).

No. In the DWC, all Free Zone Enterprises can be founded with 100% foreign ownership.

A DWC-LLC can only have a maximum of 6 stockholders at this time.

A DWC-LLC business might have anywhere from one to seven directors. At any given moment, a DWC-LLC must have at least one Director.

In the DWC Business Centre, a Free Zone firm can have up to five linked operations and up to ten associated activities in the Aviation District and Logistic District. A licence for both a trading and a service activity cannot be issued at the same time.

Yes, in some circumstances. A company with a service licence, for example, might give consulting services to clients outside of the DWC Free Zone, whereas a company with a commercial licence might pick up and deliver (but not sell) things within the UAE. Trading activities under a commercial licence, on the other hand, only allow the holder to sell finished goods in the UAE market through a local licenced distributor or commercial agent.

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