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The worldwide trade industry is always changing. Multinational corporations have become an inextricable element of our lives. As a result, the desire for favorable business and trading circumstances is expanding in many countries. Dubai is regarded as one of the most appealing locations in the world for individuals looking to expand their business internationally. One of the world's largest free trade zones is also located in Dubai. The Jebel Ali Freezone is a huge step forward in the offshore world. It features state-of-the-art infrastructure, business-friendly policies, and close ties to international markets. Click on to start your own company in JAFZA with the help of Dhanguard.

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Business Setup in Jebel Ali Freezone 

Table of Contents

    • Types of Licenses Provided in JAFZA
    • Why should you start a business in JAFZA?
    • How will Dhanguard assist you?

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Jebel Ali Freezone (JAFZA), one of the world's largest freezones specialising in industry, trade, and logistics, has played a key role in attracting international partners to the country. By doing so, building a community of trust and smooth operation that has boosted both Dubai's and the UAE's economies. JAFZA began with 19 companies in 1985 and has since grown to more than 500 in 1995 and more than 7,500 now, including approximately 100 Global Fortune & 500 business enterprises.

Currently, the area that contains enterprises, manufacturing buildings, storage facilities, and berths for a number of shipping lines accounts for around 23.9 percent of the country's total Foreign Direct Investment.

JAFZA offers three formation types, a range of licencing, and licence activities, depending on the number of shareholders and the nature of the business, allowing firms to connect directly to a market of over 3.5 billion people. The type of company formed in the Jebel Ali Freezone is determined by the number of shareholders.

Features of Starting a Business in JAFZA
  1. There are no currency limits or minimum capital investment requirements.
  2. JAFZA allows its clients to operate as a totally owned subsidiary without the necessity for a local partnership. Furthermore, the responsibility of a shareholder is restricted to the amount of its paid-up share capital.
  3. Personal income tax is zero percent.
  4. For a period of 50 years, there will be no company tax, a renewable concession.
  5. There are no currency limits, and enterprises can move any essential funds with ease.
  6. Import and/or re-export customs duties are 0%.
  7. There are no restrictions on employing foreign workers.
  8. A company that has developed its own facility in JAFZA has the option of mortgaging its own premises on leased property to any bank or financing business to pay off any debts or commitments.
  9. Clients can undertake production operations here at a low cost because of the available energy.
  10. Factory-built buildings, warehouses, convention centres, on-site apartment complexes, and pre-fitted offices are all present.
  11. Infrastructure, support services, and communications are all excellent.
JAFZA Allows a Variety of Legal Entities

In the Jebel Ali Freezone, an individual or a corporate organisation can establish a business in one of the following ways:

Freezone Establishment (FZE).

In JAFZA, a single stakeholder can organise a free zone establishment. An individual or a corporation can be a shareholder. It is a limited liability partnership in which a shareholder's liability is restricted to his FZE shares. In a FZE, the shareholder's personal assets are safeguarded.

Freezone Company (FZC/FZCO).

Freezone company in JAFZA can be founded with a minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of five. Individuals, companies, or a mixture of both can be shareholders. FZCO is a limited liability partnership, which means that shareholders' liability is restricted to the company's assets. Individuals, corporations, or both might be shareholders.

Branch Company Formation

Companies with a valid registration and licence that were created outside of JAFZA can open a branch within JAFZA. The parent firm will own its branch 100 percent, and the branch will operate under the parent firm's name and conduct the same business.

Non-Resident Offshore Company with Special Status

An individual or a firm can form an offshore company under the JAFZA Companies Regulations Act 2013. It will be a non-resident corporation with legal status.

Types of Licenses Provided in JAFZA

General Trading License

This licence entitles the holder to import, distribute, and keep any item in accordance with JAFZA laws.

Trading License

It allows the holder of a trading licence to import raw materials, export, distribute, and store commodities specified in the licence to any country.

Service License

It allows the licence holder to perform the services (such as legal advice, accounting, and business consulting) that are defined in the licence within the freezone. The sort of service must be in compliance with the parent company's licence, which is issued by the relevant Emirate's Economic Department or Municipality.

Industrial License

It gives the licence holder the ability to import raw materials, manufacture, process, assemble, package, and export completed goods to any country.

National Industrial License

It grants the licence holder the same rights as a UAE resident and requires manufacturing enterprises to own or control at least 51 percent of the Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council.

Why should you start a business in JAFZA?

Jebel Ali Freezone has a lively networking environment, a welcoming business climate, and good logistical matrices. JAFZA has the distinction of being the world's only freezone located between a seaport and an airport. Apart from being one of the world's most efficient sea-air hubs, the following qualities make JAFZA a great place to start a business:

  1. There is no need to pay for a share capital up front.
  2. There is available land, warehouses, and office space.
  3. Access to a market of over 2 billion people.
  4. On-site residential complexes and facilities such as the conference centre.

JAFZA can claim of some of the most well-known names in the business world. Some of the enterprises in the Jebel Ali Freezone include Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Toshiba, Rolls Royce, and others. JAFZA is home to more than 50 of the world's best logistics companies, providing massive outsourcing potential. These businesses are the driving factor behind any entrepreneur's decision to open a firm in Dubai's freezone. However, if you want to start a business in Dubai, you'll almost certainly need the services of a business consultant, who can provide you with crucial information for your Jebel Ali Freezone Authority firm.

How will Dhanguard assist you?

Dhanguard has been assisting small and medium-sized enterprises as well as global corporations in investing in JAFZA, an unrivalled Middle Eastern business location. Our value-added services enable our clients to take advantage of the freezone's cutting-edge amenities and world-class logistic infrastructure, as well as create the ideal environment for their business to thrive in this tax haven.

We assist our clients in forming businesses in the Jebel Ali freezone, which represents entrepreneurial dynamism, innovation, operational transparency, and customer-centric procedures. Dhanguard understands that forming a company in Dubai or any other new location might be difficult. Not only does one need to be aware of the local possibilities available, but also of all processes. What if you could obtain hassle-free support or a service where someone takes all of the stress off your shoulders and looks after your Dubai freezone business?

JAFZA is one of the best places to start a business because of its outstanding location, numerous benefits, and offerings. Do you have any questions? Contact us and our team of experts will gladly assist you with the formation of your JAFZA Company.

We provide a complete business solution for free zone formation, including document preparation, submission to authorities on your behalf, visa applications, legal document drafting as well as support with bank account opening.

Latest Questions

Question & Answers related to Company Setup Services For Jebel Ali Freezone, UAE

It usually takes around Ten to Twelve working days to set up a company in Jebel Ali Freezone.

Labor camps, offices, warehouses, and factories are among the commercial properties available for rent in the Jebel Ali Freezone. The accessible offices for rent are completely equipped and furnished. The rents for these workplaces vary substantially depending on the floor space available.

The amenities available are as follows-

  • Supermarket in Jebel Ali freezone.
  • Mosques in Jebel Ali Free Zone.
  • Schools in Jebel Ali Free Zone.
  • Clinics and hospitals near Jebel Ali Free Zone Area

JAFZA is one of the most competitive places to start a company and watch it grow. Businesses will benefit from a customised platform for global connectivity, connections with a network of successful business leaders, and an easy operating environment focused on streamlining operations, all within the dynamic Dubai market, which fosters enterprise growth while also providing one of the most desirable places to live.

JAFZA issues the following types of licences as well: -

  • A licence for enterprises working on the development and invention of new items is known as an innovation licence.
  • E-Commerce License: This is a licence that allows you to trade things over the internet.
  • A licence that authorises the trade of a certain range of products is known as a commercial trading licence.

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