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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Ports Company 

Table of Contents

    • Features of Starting Business Abu Dhabi Ports Company
    • Licensing Types in Abu Dhabi Port
    • Why one should Start a business in ADPC?
    • How will Dhanguard assist you?

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About Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)

The Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), often known as the Khalifa Port, is one of the UAE's greatest projects. The Khalifa Port was established in 2012 to contribute to Abu Dhabi's prosperity by promoting trade and inbound investment. The governing agency in charge of all trade and master development at the Khalifa Port is Abu Dhabi Port. The major goal of the ADPC is to achieve long-term growth that improves and diversifies Abu Dhabi's economy by growing private-sector infrastructure, real estate, and commercial services. The Abu Dhabi Port's main goal is to develop the Khalifa Port, as well as all other ports and related facilities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi (excluding the oil and gas and military ports).

The Khalifa Port is the first semi-automated port in the UAE, conveniently located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Taweelah, a 2.7-square-kilometer area. The best-integrated information and communication technology (ICT) and automated marine services serve companies in the Khalifa Port. Its extensive and well-constructed infrastructure connects it to 52 international maritime ports and 4.5 billion people across four time zones. At the moment, the Khalifa port in Abu Dhabi has more than 20 shipping lines to support and promote business.

Features of Starting Business Abu Dhabi Ports Company

Abu Dhabi Port, or ADPC, is focused on the future economic development of the emirate of Abu Dhabi by providing its core goal of building transformational industrial zones and operating the Khalifa Ports and maritime lines.

  1. Provision of integrated ports and industrial zone services of the highest quality;
  2. Its involvement in bringing Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 to fruition
  3. Long-term connections with key local and international customers were developed and maintained.
  4. Obtaining sustainable growth while also fulfilling community needs and preserving local values;
  5. Employing people from other countries;
  6. The port's safety and security, which does not jeopardise the operation's risk-free operation;
  7. Integrity and ethical standards that are fair;
  8. Development that is long-term;
  9. A commitment to the needs of the community;
  10. Environmentally friendly;
  11. Economic viability in the long run

Licensing Types in Abu Dhabi Port

Licensing Types in Abu Dhabi Port

A Trade Licence

A trade licence is available to companies that are lawfully incorporated outside of the UAE and engage in import-export activity. The Department of Economic Development (DED) does not require any particular authorization for this.

Industrial License

An industrial licence is provided to a free zone incorporated company that engages in the industrial manufacture of goods. An industrial licence permits a corporation to import raw materials and other products for manufacturing purposes, as well as export finished and packaged goods.

Service License

Companies that provide banking, management consulting, or other professional services in the UAE can apply for a service licence. The DED does not require these businesses to obtain a separate licence.

National Industrial License

Companies with a National Industrial License in the UAE have the same status as local or Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) companies. A National Industrial License is available to any company wanting to operate in the industrial industry.

Why one should Start a business in ADPC?

The Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) serves as a catalyst for development and trade, as well as a facilitator of national economic diversification. As a result, Abu Dhabi will benefit from increased trade and inbound investment, as well as the enrichment of the Emirate's knowledge and skills base through interactions with global industrial leaders and the creation of world-class employment opportunities for Emiratis as a result of long-term and sustainable economic growth.

In a nutshell, ADPC is a significant driving force behind Abu Dhabi's more sustainable and broad-based economic future as the capital of the United Arab Emirates, through building transformational industrial zones and administering Abu Dhabi's ports and maritime infrastructures.

  1. World-class integrated ports and industrial zone services are provided by this preferred provider.
  2. Fulfil ADPC's role in bringing Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 to fruition. Establish and sustain long-term connections with key local and international clients.
  3. Attain long-term growth while addressing community needs and conserving local culture.
  4. Become the employer of choice, attracting and retaining top talent. Increase shareholder value and meet the expectations of other stakeholders.
  5. Safety and security are paramount.
  6. Integrity and fairness are two words that come to mind while thinking about integrity and fairness
  7. Collaboration.
  8. Focus on Stakeholders
  9. Dynamism is a word that comes to mind when I think of the
  10. Excellent.
  11. Development that is long-term.

How will Dhanguard assist you?

If you are familiar with area patterns and associated aspects, you will be successful in business formation. Not only does Dubai Business Services provide you with specialised services for obtaining a licence, but our industry-savvy, experienced advisors also assist you in understanding the market before you begin operations. With us, you'll have access to all of the information you need to do any type of business in the UAE.

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