Dhanguard's Complete Business Setup Guidance

Client Overview

A Swedish entrepreneur sought Dhanguard's assistance in forming a mainland company and opening a bank account, relying on their support for navigating the process.


Understanding the legalities and procedures for forming a mainland company in a foreign setting presented significant challenges. Adapting to unfamiliar regulations and requirements was complex.


Dhanguard provided hands-on assistance, guiding the Swedish entrepreneur through each step of the mainland company formation. They also facilitated the bank account opening, ensuring adherence to local regulations.

Dhanguard's Impact

Dhanguard's support was instrumental. Their attentive assistance and supportive approach alleviated the entrepreneur's uncertainties and made the process smoother.


With Dhanguard's help, the entrepreneur established the mainland company and opened a tailored bank account. The simplified procedures facilitated a smoother entry into the market.


This case exemplifies Dhanguard's commitment to aiding international entrepreneurs. Their guidance in forming a mainland company and setting up a bank account, coupled with their supportive approach, significantly eased the process, allowing the Swedish entrepreneur to focus on their business ambitions.