Dhanguard's Professionalism and Support in Business Setup

Client Overview

A client approached Dhanguard seeking assistance in setting up a business in the UAE. Their initial interaction with Dhanguard's representatives instilled confidence due to their professionalism.


The customer wanted to launch their company in a new market and needed comprehensive help to make the move. They wanted confirmation that the business model was safe and legal.


The client was excited about travelling to the UAE to verify the business identification in person, thanks to the clear and thorough explanations given by Dhanguard's Relationship Manager. After verification and conversations with multiple staff members, the client was reassured of the company's legality, including licensing verification.

Dhanguard's Impact

The professionalism displayed by Dhanguard's team played a pivotal role in guiding the client through the business setup process. They tailored solutions aligned with the UAE market, ensuring the client's business met its requirements efficiently.


The client expressed gratitude for Dhanguard's professional manner and praised the company's staff for their extraordinary patience and kind disposition. The team helped the client receive their Emirates ID by remaining calm and helpful in the face of multiple questions and requests.


The client's smooth business setup experience in the United Arab Emirates was made possible by Dhanguard's professionalism, skill, and continuous support. Their dedication to quality and customer-focused strategy cemented a fruitful collaboration.