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A customer has always been one of the top most priorities, when it comes to establishing a concrete business. If a business is adamant in maintaining the satisfaction of its customers, it can be immensely beneficial for them as it will yield higher revenues as well as create a sturdy image of the business that they constantly strive for the utmost customer satisfaction via their services. Whereas, on the contrary a dissatisfied customer can pose as an imminent threat for the growth of the business, if the grievances of the customer are not adequately dealt with.

This is where a sound system of Customer Complaint Acknowledgement is extremely useful. Managing a business necessitates dealing with consumer concerns about faulty products, bad service, and other causes of dissatisfaction, and a proper Customer Complaint Acknowledgement System is very useful in deriving:-

  1. What are the grievances that concerns the customer and,
  2. How can it be tackled and eradicated?

Therefore a successful implementation of a rigid Customer Complaint Acknowledgement System can supplement a business in turning the grievances of the customers into potential opportunities which can help in increasing the overall stature of the brand and customer loyalty.

What is a basic structure with respect to a proper Customer Complaint Acknowledgement System?

When you receive a legitimate complaint, your goal is to resolve it completely to the satisfaction of the client. There are a variety of approaches, but the measures below are the most effective and basic that one must follow to defuse the situation and probably even turning the tables in the favor of a business:-

proper Customer Complaint Acknowledgement System

Important to remember that it is not personal:-

In order to handle customer concerns timely and effectively, we must be completely detached from any personal feelings you may have about the criticism or the customer's negative emotions. This aspect is of utmost importance because, following this mindset, it does not clouds our judgment to deliver adequate redressal services in order to remove the problems of the customer.

Proper attention to the Customer:-

While listening to the complaints of the customer, we should be highly attentive in doing so because even a slight negligence during this phase by we can ultimately hinder the possibility of effective complaint acknowledgment and its removal, which in turn will be deficient for the overall image of the business organization as a whole.

Acknowledgment of customer’s complaint:-

While listening to the complaints of the customer, it is also necessary to replicate what the customer is saying so that the he can get a sense of gratification, that his complaints are well heard and he’s being taken seriously. The customer will also get a notion of satisfaction that his complaints will be taken care of exclusively and without any delay.

Understanding what the customer wants:-

During this phase, we should be able to precisely encircle out, what does the customer needs exactly. We should be able to carefully interpret if the customer wants to opt out of a deal, get a refund, get a replacement, or get a different outcome. Therefore rigid implementation of this phase is also necessary.

Providing a steady solution:-

The main goal of an effective Customer Complaints Acknowledgement System is to provide steady and speedy solutions to its customers regarding their complaints. If you run a banking business and the customer complains about the rude behavior of the bank staff or the customer is not satisfied with some of the operating services of the bank, then it should be your utmost responsibility to settle the complaints of the customer at once. Moreover basic incentives such as coupons for various services and quality treatment should be provided additionally with the redressal of the complaints in order to keep the customer allured to the bank.

Apologizing to the customer:-

If you delivered subpar product or service, apologize, often it is what a customer needs. Most of the times, the customer needs a refund as well as an apology, but don't underestimate the strength of an apology on its own. If you accept that mistakes were made but you vehemently to provide a remedy for them, your customer service could receive good reviews and can ultimately improve the standing of your business organization in the market.

Providing subsequent enquiry after redressal:-

You should conduct a subsequent enquiry with the aggrieved customer a few days later, or even the next day, to make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution provided to him for his complaints. This can also be done by way of sending a Letter to the customer. You should be able to make the customer aware of the fact that you are deeply looking into the problem and also taking necessary steps to ensure that such kind of complication would not arise in the future.

Customer Complaint Acknowledgement with respect to the Banking Sector:-

In today's stressful competitive environment in the banking industry, customer service quality is the most effective tool for sustaining market growth and attracting new customers. The customer service and satisfaction should be of the utmost importance. Customer grievances are an inevitable part of every company's operations. Therefore providing prompt and courteous service for speed rectification should be essential, moreover the company should respect its customers' right to complain and, in fact, they should welcome their complaints as a valuable source of input for improving its services and products.

What are different types of customer complaints faced in the Banking Sector?

There are a numerous kinds of complaints which are face by the customers of a Bank. A few of them are enumerated below:-

  • Problem in opening or controlling accounts
  • Debit or Credit Card related issues
  • Billing disputation and issues with money transfer
  • Delay in responding and resolving to Customer Enquiries
  • Absence of the staff in the branches
  • Fraudulent practices
  • Problems related with ATMs
  • Problems related to issuance of loans
  • Ambiguous marketing and advertising techniques
  • Privacy in maintaining the records of a customer

How can a customer file a complaint under Customer Complaint Acknowledgement System?

A basic procedure to file the complaint under Customer Complaint Acknowledgement System is enumerated below:-

On the occasion of any problem or hindrance faced by the customer, he can get in touch with the bank by way of the following means:-

hindrance faced by the customer

Internet and mobile banking:-

It can be accessed via the official App of the Bank (if any) or through the website of the bank.

Complaint Drop Box:-

This is considered as by far the most convenient method to acknowledge the grievance to the bank. Most of the banks also include complaint forms which can be filled by the aggrieved customers. Subsequently these forms are needed to be filled and put in the Complaint Boxes installed in the banks for proper redressal.

Call center:-

This is also a convenient method. You can get in touch with the bank via the official contact numbers provided by them for queries.

E-mail or Web Complaint Forums:-

There are numerous banks which maintain a sturdy system of Customer Complaints Acknowledgement via e-mail or web complaint forums designed by them to solve the problems of the customer.


In the event of any problem being faced by the customer, the customer can directly approach the branch. Every branch nowadays consist of “HELP DESK”, whose sole motive is to cater various speedy solutions to the grievances of the customers of the bank.

Further Procedure:-

  • After the complaint is properly registered in the records of the bank, it may send an acknowledgement to the customer, that there complaint has been taken on record.
  • Thereafter the bank can specify the duration of the process (prescribed by the bank) and the process itself which will be initiated to solve the problem giving rise to the complaint.
  • Under the event of failure to provide sound and speedy solution to the complaint of the customer, the bank can also provide external resolutions such as approaching a higher banking entity to rectify the problems faced by the customer.

                                 Customer Complaint Acknowledgment Email Sample


Hi [Customer name],


I’m very sorry you had this experience. It’s always important for us to [mention the requirement the customer referred to]. We acknowledge that we failed you this time by [re-state the customer complaint].


This was likely caused by [add brief explanation], but, regardless, we should have handled this better.


I’ve passed this on to my team – we’ll make sure we use this experience to grow and learn as a team. Thank you for your patience. If you need anything else, let me know if I can help.


I apologize again for any inconvenience.


[Your name]




                               Customer Complaint Acknowledgment Letter Sample





Sample Letter Acknowledging Complaint

Text Box: Sample Letter Acknowledging Complaint


[insert applicant name]

[insert address]


[insert date]



Dear [insert name of person who made complaint]



I am writing to let you know that we have received your complaint about [insert outline of complaint].


We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the problem and you will hear fromusagainno laterthan[insertdate]


Thank you for letting us know of your concern, and for your patience while we explore thismatter.


If you have any questions concerning this letter, or would like to discuss the complaint further,please contact

[insertstaff name],[insert position],[insertcontactnumber].





[insert staff name]

[insert position]

[insert address]


Disclaimer: The information contained in the sample document is general information and should not be considered as bank or authorized advice to be applied to any specific factual situation. All information and documents are as per dhanguard experience.

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