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Medical Insurance Related Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it so essential to declare my pre-existing medical conditions?

    Patients are communicated to tell their physicians all about their medical history in order to get the best care, and health insurance policyholders are asked to tell their provider all about their pre-existing conditions in order to get the best coverage. Furthermore, if there are any inconsistencies in the medical insurance policy, the insurance company can cancel the policy.

  • What is the extent of medical insurance coverage in the UAE?

    The regional limit to which a health insurance policy's benefits are available is referred to as the scope of coverage. For example, in the UAE, health insurance with a definition of ‘Within the UAE' would only compensate policyholders for medical services received in the UAE.

  • Are family plans the cheapest health insurance available in the UAE?

    Family policies undeniably deliver some of the best coverage at the most affordable prices, making them one of the most cost-effective health insurance choices in the UAE. Even family health insurance policies, however, have their own limitations, such as a limited number of dependents and other constraints. When applying for a job, it is suggested that applicants spend some time reviewing the different inclusions and exclusions.

  • What are the Medical Insurance Policy for female in UAE?

    Medical insurance Policy for females are expensive because of the pregnancy related costs that occurs to the insurance companies. Whereas policy for female aged below 40 is too expensive compared to female aged above 40.

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