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Abu Dhabi has Introduced a New Freelancer License

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has announced the launch of a new freelancer license that covers 63 different business activities and allows the holder to do business from their home or any other approved location.

It is open to UAE nationals, residents, and non-residents equally, and it is believed that it would help the Emirate's commercial sector flourish and attract investment.

Individual freelancers would be able to set up and receive a resident visa, as well as sponsor family members, at lower entry prices and criteria, when previously setting up a full company license for this reason was typically prohibitively expensive for individual freelancers.

Previously, only UAE residents were eligible for a license of this type, and the commercial activities covered by the license were confined to industries like as media and finance, and these licenses were only valid within specified Free zones. This freelancer license is now available on the mainland of Abu Dhabi (DED), with a significantly broader variety of activities.

Those who want to engage in other business operations or construct a full LLC company must either set up onshore, which requires finding a suitable local 51 percent partner, or set up in a free zone, which only allows the license holder to operate with his or her own employees.

What Advantages does the New Freelancer License Provide?

  • The license would allow Abu Dhabi enterprises to tap from existing market knowledge and skills.
  • It will allow its owner to work from home or from another authorized place.
  • It will eliminate the need for firms to engage full-time employees to provide services that are only required on a periodic basis.
  • It will improve the income of pensioners, housewives, and students, among other groups.
  • There is no requirement for a UAE partner/shareholder or an NSA sponsor. This can be owned entirely by the license holder.
  • It will make it possible for skilled workers to obtain work permits without the need for employer sponsorship.
  • The license holder has the option of sponsoring family members

The introduction of this new license, according to H.E. Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi, Undersecretary of ADDED, will have a number of positive outcomes, including lowering unemployment rates, allowing people with relevant skills to supplement their income outside of normal working hours, and allowing freelancers to provide their services remotely and around the clock.

Many of the activities covered by the new license are technical or service-related, according to him, and the revisions will allow individuals already in the emirate to give this knowledge.

What kind of Activities are covered under the License?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development has identified 63 business activities that can be carried out under the new freelancer license.

  • Accounting Books and Records Administrative Consultancy
  • Studies for Keeping Order
  • Agricultural Extension Services
  • Analysing of Accountancy and Auditing System
  • Architectural Production and Drawing Technical Consultancy
  • Artwork For Cosmetic Craft (Sculpture)
  • Banking Services Consultancy
  • Calligraphers and Painters
  • Commodities Designing Consultancy
  • Computer Devices and Equipment Domain Consultancy
  • Computer Systems and Software Designing
  • Consultancy Project Development
  • Consulting and Advertising Studies
  • Consulting Audit Legitimate Transactions of Islamic Financial
  • Consulting Technical Equipment and Technical
  • Coordination of Natural and Artificial Flowers
  • Cyber Risk Management Services
  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Design services
  • Designing The Databases
  • Economic Feasibility Consultancy and Studies
  • Electronic Chips Designing and Programming
  • Fashion And Clothes Designing
  • Fine Arts Consultancy
  • Food Safety Consulting
  • Gift-Wrapping
  • Green Buildings Consultant
  • Handcrafted Products and Environmental Works
  • Heritage Consulting
  • Human Resources Consultancy
  • Information Technology Consultancy
  • Information Technology Network Services
  • Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Research & Consultancies
  • Institutions
  • Jewellery Design, Jewellery, Precious
  • Landscape And Gardening Services
  • Lifestyle Development Consultancy
  • Logistics Consultancy
  • Maritime Consultancies Services
  • Marketing Consultancy and Studies
  • Marketing consultancy in the field of energy
  • Marketing Operations Management
  • Media Consultancy and Studies
  • Network Websites Designing
  • Parliamentary Consultancy
  • Parties and Events organizing
  • Parties and Occasions Photographing
  • Personal Videotaping
  • Photography Services
  • Plague Resisting Consultancy
  • Plastering & Carving works
  • Procurement Consulting
  • Project Management Services
  • Public Relations Consultancy
  • Quality, Standardization and Measuring Consultancy
  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Space Consultancies
  • Statistical Services Consultancies
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Textiles and Wearing Apparel Silk-Screen Printing
  • Tourism & Recreation Consultants
  • Translation Publications Services
  • Working Soap forming

What do you need to get an Abu Dhabi Freelancer license?

If you want to apply for a freelancer license, you'll need to show that you have the necessary skills, and you'll need to get permission first if your chosen activity is related to your regular employment.

  1. If you work in the public sector, your employer must give you permission to apply.
  2. Employer approval is only required for those who work in the private sector and the activity you want to do overlaps with your normal job.
  3. Employer permission isn't required if the activity you've asked for the freelancer license isn't the same as your regular work.
  4. The license does not require office premises, and it permits applicants to apply for a resident visa.
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