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How to Get CIF Number in UAE

How to Get CIF Number in UAE

Every bank in the UAE offers its customers with a CIF number, which is an eight-digit Customer Identification Number. It's a one-of-a-kind identifying number that gives you access to all a bank's information, including account numbers, credit cards, and loans. Every customer has a different CIF number.

Overview Of CIF Number

CIF numbers also aid banks in retrieving personal information and data about a specific consumer without making any errors. It protects customer information and is solely used by the bank to contact them, send transaction notifications, wish them happy birthdays, and occasionally advertise new products.

Every bank in the UAE provides its customers with a CIF number, or Customer Identification Number, which is an eight-digit number. It's a one-of-a-kind identifier that grants you access to a bank's entire database, including account numbers, credit cards, and loans. Every customer is assigned a unique CIF number.

CIF numbers also let banks get personal data and information about a specific customer without making any mistakes. It is used primarily by the bank to contact customers, provide transaction notifications, wish them happy birthdays, and occasionally advertise new products.

How Can You Find Out What Your CIF Number Is?

Here are a few easy ways to figure out your CIF number.

Use of the Internet Banking

In just a few simple steps, you may find your CIF number using Internet Banking.

To access Internet Banking, To begin, use your banking credentials to log in to your online banking system.

Go to Account Information: Then, in the Account Details section, you can view all of your bank account numbers and other information.

Keep an eye out for the CIF number: Your eight-digit customer identification number can be found in your account information.

2. Mobile Banking

Here's how to use Mobile Banking to find your CIF number.

Login to the App on Your Phone: To begin, use your banking credentials to log in to your mobile banking application.

Go to Account Details: Open your account details in the mobile app to see all of your bank account numbers, credit cards, and other information.

Look for the CIF Number: In the account details section, you'll locate your eight-digit customer identification number.

Branches of the Bank

You can also obtain your Customer Identification Number without difficulty by visiting the nearest bank branch.

Chequebook Account

On the first page of the chequebook, most banks in the UAE provide the customer's CIF number as well as all other bank account information. Your bank account CIF number can also be found on your checkbook.

Customer Bank Service

You can also inquire for your CIF number by calling your bank's customer service line. They will, however, go through the verification procedure with you, asking you a series of security questions to ensure that they are giving the information to the correct individual.

They will send your customer identification number to your registered mobile number or email address if you are authenticated.

Learn more about Customer Identification Numbers in the United Arab Emirates

Now that you know where to look for your CIF number, you should understand why it's important to keep it safe. When it comes to your CIF number, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure you don't give out your bank account CIF number to anyone who isn't a bank employee.

  • The CIF number also contains sensitive data such as one-time passwords, identification documents, and so on.
  • The CIF number can be used to extract sensitive data from bank account passbooks, web portals, and other sources.
  • Before sanctioning any loan or approving a credit card, banks utilize this number to check the clients' relationship history with the bank.


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