Letter Of Credit Working Capital

28Mar, 22

Procedure and Document Require to get Letter of Credit from Bank in UAE

In International trade and business transactions, a Letter of Credit (LC) is a crucial financial instrument providing security and assurance to buyers...

13Mar, 22

Common Mistake made with Letter of Credit

Exporters make the following common mistakes with letters of credit, which result in them losing the sale or not being paid. After the letter of cred...

08Mar, 22

What are the Benefits of Letter of Credit in Business in UAE?

Letter of credit is essentially a financial contract between a bank, a customer of the bank, and a beneficiary. The letter of credit, which is typical...

28Jan, 22

Different types of Letter of Credit

International traders, in general, rely on financial intermediaries such as banks to ensure payment and delivery of goods. Furthermore, monetary advan...

24Aug, 21

Letter of Credit in Construction Business! Things you should know

Financial stability and security are critical in the industry's ever-changing context. Projects frequently need significant investments, leaving organ...