Best Health Insurance Plan for Expats

23Jan, 22

Best Health Insurance Plan for Expats

Moving overseas is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Finding lodging, resolving all bureaucratic issues, transporting all of your things, and - perhaps most importantly – obtaining the greatest foreign health insurance plan are all tasks that must be completed.

If you're already looking at health insurance providers, you're probably aware of the necessity of having a good policy. Purchasing an insurance policy can be perplexing, and it will take a lot of searching, extensive reading, and comparing policies before you find the correct one.

Companies that provide international health Insurance

Some of the greatest international health insurance providers are listed below:


IMG is a health insurance firm that specializes in providing foreign and travel health insurance to individuals, families, and businesses.

Global Medical Insurance, Global Mission Medical Insurance, and Global Crew Medical Insurance are their three most popular plans.


AXA is a renowned life and health insurance company with operations all over the world. It is headquartered in France. Foundation, Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige, and Prestige Plus are the five foreign insurance packages available.

Global Assistance by Generali

The Generali Group, which was founded in 1831 and is now part of Europ Assistance, specializes in health insurance for enterprises with worldwide mobile staff and employee groups.

Select, Classic, and Premier are the three "core plans," with three extra outpatient alternatives. Globally compliant, including in North America.


Cigna is one of the oldest insurance firms, having been founded in 1792.Individual health insurance is available in three categories of coverage: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In Europe, Asia, and North America, they also provide group health insurance and other insurance services.

Allianz Worldwide

Allianz is a capable, experienced, and well-known insurance company that offers three distinct coverage plans: Essential, Classic, and Premier, as well as extra add-ons like maternity and dental care.

They have offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the Americas, and Africa, and they operate globally.

Aetna International

Aetna International is an insurance company based in the United States.

Aetna Foreign is the international division of Fortune 100, a US-based firm with a 160-year history.

For US people migrating overseas, Aetna International offers the MHP Classic Plan and MHP Exclusive Plan, as well as Aetna Pioneer Plans for non-US nationals.

Expacare Global Healthcare

This firm has over 35 years of expertise and offers coverage covered by Lloyd's of London insurers.

Designed mostly for foreigners who plan to live in one of the EU member states. Individuals and families, international students, organizations and companies all have policies that are tailored to them.

A Plus International Healthcare

A Plus International is a joint venture between AXA and an Asian company that provides international medical coverage.

Hospitalization, Global 80, Global 100, and Global 100 Plus are the four main worldwide insurance plans offered by A Plus, as well as the ability to include add-ons. Residents of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are eligible for its Southeast Asia Plans.

What Is International Health Insurance and How Does It Work?

International health insurance works in the same way as domestic health insurance. You select a plan, select the level of coverage you like, and then pay monthly or annual payments (sort of like a subscription).

The insurance company will then cover a portion (or all) of your medical bill if you get sick or have an accident and need medical treatment.

An international medical insurance policy, on the other hand, will cover your medical bills while you are traveling overseas, whereas a local insurance plan will not. It's for this reason that it's also known as expat health insurance.

Selecting the Most Appropriate International Health Insurance Plan

When looking for health insurance, you should have a general notion of what you want so you can figure out what the best international health insurance plan is for you. The following basic items are covered by all policies:

  • Hospitalization and the intensive care unit
  • Surgery and anesthesia
  • Lab tests and X-rays.
  • Physician visits
  • Urgent care and emergency room visits
  • Prescription medication

Then, as an optional "add-on," different plans may include coverage for the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Dental care
  • Vision care and prescription eyeglasses
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractor visit
  • Mental health
  • Maternity
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Hazardous sports
  • Nursing care services
  • Hospice
  • Evacuation or repatriation (to your home country)
  • Alternative medicine
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Preventative care, such as routine checkups.

The policy will be more expensive if you have greater coverage.

Other things to think about when looking for the right insurance policy for you are:

  • What method will you use to pay? You can pay for your coverage on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. If you pay annually, you normally save about 1-2 months' worth of premiums, but this is not always the case.
  • The maximum amount of coverage. Although your insurance coverage may specify that you have a $1,000,000 maximum, is that limit per year, per policy, per claim, or per lifetime?
  • The deductible is the amount that must be paid. This is the amount you will pay yourself before the insurance company takes over and pays the rest. The deductible can be set once a year or for each individual claim. It may be $20,000, $1,000, $100, or even zero dollars. The bigger the deductible, the more expensive the policy.
  • The limitations. To avoid being caught off guard in the event of an emergency, read the exclusions section of your insurance policy.
  • Coverage, you may be covered under "Asia," but are all Asian countries covered or just Pacific Asian countries?
  • The PPO (Preferred Provider Organizer) Network is a group of people who work together to solve problems. Is there a PPO Network with your insurance company? Is there a hospital or clinic in your area that is part of their PPO Network?
  • Whether or whether you already have insurance. You may be able to get insurance through your employment, or you may be able to relocate to a country that provides national health care. If you're moving abroad for work, double-check things with your employer.


This is where personal preference, nationality, and geographic location – i.e., where you are migrating to – come into play. Health insurance is not to be taken lightly, as it can literally mean the difference between life and death in the most dire of circumstances.

Before making a decision, conduct your homework, read reviews, thoroughly study each policy, and become familiar with the company's claim procedures. Our experts can do all the tough work for you and provide you the best assistance at Dhanguard .  Provide you the best health insurance at best rates.