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Need to Open a Small Business Bank Account in Dubai? Read this first!

Need to Open a Small Business Bank Account in Dubai? Read this first!

Many foreigners have become successful entrepreneurs as a result of doing business in the UAE. The country's investor-friendly policy has ensured that Dubai, Abu Dubai, and other emirates are fertile ground for company growth and development. As a result, Dubai has become one of the top business destinations in the world, with many foreigners establishing firms there. With a concentrated and concerted effort, one can achieve unrivalled results. At the same time, knowing the top 10 profitable business ideas in Dubai, UAE, is beneficial. As a result, you can pick the one that best suits your business acumen and proceed with Dubai company creation.

Surely Dubai has become a prominent hub for small as well as large scale business. But in order to keep your financial affairs at bay, you must have a sound financial structure managed by Bank to look after your transactions and manage your money properly. Dubai caters many banks which provide sound facilities to small business owners in managing their account and hard earned money. Thus, in today’s blog we will focus on the process of opening of a small business bank account in Dubai which has been carefully devised by our Experts at Dhanguard, so that you don’t have to look at any other place for proper guidance. So, without any further ado, let’s learn!

Steps to open a Small Business Bank Account in Dubai

We'll present you with a basic list of the documents you'll need to apply for an account on your own, based on our significant experience. It's important to note that this varies depending on the extent of each client's business and the bank's criteria.

  • A thorough CV must incorporate your professional and business experience from the previous 5-7 years. Also, make sure that the company's commercial activity fits your personal professional experience in a certain area before opening a corporate bank account.
  • Utility bill (issued within the recent three months) as evidence of address
  • The corporate records of the company
  • For the past six months, each shareholder's personal bank statement
  • Corporate bank statement over the previous six months for the shareholder's existing company (if relevant)
  • The declaration is accompanied by a corporate document that serves as proof of ownership for your existing company. It could be a Certificate of Incumbency, or any other document issued by the Authority within the last six months.
  • Business Plan, which should include all information pertaining to the company's business activities, financial plan, concise business development plan, possible clients, suppliers (for a trading company), and partners, as well as the management team's background.
  • In addition to earlier comments, the list of required documents can vary depending on the profile.
  • We recommend that you supply exact and complete documents that contain all of the information.
  • If you follow these instructions, you should be able to open an account in the UAE within a month.
  • To avoid delays, make sure your documents are properly prepared and filed before sending them.
  • We feel compelled to emphasize this because we've had clients who have had to wait many months just because they attempted to open a bank account on their own and were unsuccessful.

There's no reason to be concerned about your privacy. Several agreements have been negotiated in recent years between the UAE and other nations in an attempt to combat tax evasion. These agreements mean that, despite jealously preserving privacy, banks must collaborate with foreign authorities in some cases.

Are you ready to establish a small business in Dubai?

While the steps to create a small business in the Dubai are not particularly difficult, they do necessitate some prior knowledge of the process. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the application process is only simple if your business application is full and error-free at the time of submission. Below mentioned are some benefits which you can get if you take the assistance of Dhanguard for the formation of your small business bank account in Dubai.

Expert’s Guidance

When forming a new company or small business in the Dubai, it's a good idea to engage with a company formation professional like our experts at Dhanguard to guarantee hassle free running of the initiation procedure.

Business Formation Expert

A business formation expert can help you open small business bank accounts and recommend the best financial institution for your unique needs, in addition to managing your licensing application.

Visa and other related assistances

Many also provide visa and immigration services, and can assist with all government formalities, clearances, work permits, and visa applications needed to do business in the UAE.

Peace of mind

In brief, company formation professionals can set up your small business on your behalf, file your license and visa applications, and handle all of the paperwork, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.


Thus, we can conclude with the fact that opening a small business bank account for your small business is smart move to operate and manage your finances. We hope this blog provided you with incite full information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to check out our website as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a foreign entity can open business account in the UAE. The registration of any organisation in the UAE is generally an easier and cost-effective way.

The requirement for opening any bank account in the UAE vary from one bank to another. Although, the existence of a major director or shareholder is generally required.

A limited company should have a dedicated bank account because they have a separate legal entity.

The benefits of having business account includes tracking of the expenses, easy calculation of the tax liabilities as well as management of cash flow.

Yes you can open a business account in various major currencies of the world other than the UAE dirhams.

Every bank has a unique internal procedure and timetable for opening accounts. For an LLC or a Free Zone company, obtaining a bank account in the UAE normally takes 2 to 4 weeks.

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