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29Dec, 23

Decoding UAE VAT and VAT Reports: A Comprehensive Guide

The Value Added Tax (VAT) system has significantly impacted business operations in the UAE since its introduction. A tax haven for start-ups, medium-s...

26Dec, 23

Understanding the Variances Between VAT and Corporate Tax in UAE 2024

In the landscape of taxation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for businesses, two significant components play pivotal roles: Value Added Tax (VAT) an...

02Oct, 22

How a Mother or Single Mother can Sponsor her child in Dubai,UAE?

Are you a mother, particularly a single mother, living in Dubai, UAE, and wondering if you can sponsor your child's visa to live with you in this beau...

08Jun, 22

Visas that Matter! A Thorough Guide to all the Important Visas in the UAE.

A visa is required for foreign nationals to live and work in the UAE. In comparison to many other countries, the UAE is known for being relatively eas...

23May, 22

A Thorough Guide to Obtain a Residence Visa in UAE if You’re an Iranian National!

For quite some time, the UAE and Iran have had strong trade connections. As a result, many Iranian entrepreneurs and businesspeople have selected Duba...

05Apr, 22

Complete Guide on VAT Return Filing in UAE

Like all businesses operating in Dubai, filing a VAT return is obligatory. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax placed on a product or commodity...