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Difference between Salary Certificate & Salary Slip

A salary certificate UAE is a document that your company provides as verification of your employment and salary entitlement. It is provided by the employer at the request of the employee. This paper normally contains information regarding your time at the company. It is normally printed on corporate letterhead with the signature and seal of the authorized staff. It is not addressed to any single organization and can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

If you're looking for a credit card or a personal loan in the UAE, you'll need a salary certificate. It is evidence of your earnings and employment. It is critical to ensure that the salary certificate is printed on the organization's official letterhead and signed by the authorized signatory.

A certificate of pay If you're looking for a credit card or a personal loan in the UAE, you'll need this document. It is evidence of your earnings and employment. It is critical to ensure that the salary certificate is printed on the organization's official letterhead, signed by the authorized signatory, and bears the organization's rubber stamp.

Why Do Banks in the UAE Request a Salary Certificate?

When you apply for a credit card, a personal loan, a vehicle loan, or any other type of loan, a financial institution or a bank must assess your ability to repay the amount. They do this by looking at your bank statement and reviewing your salary certificate to determine your savings and monthly income. This allows the organization to ensure that it is lending money to someone who has a stable income and can repay the debt.

A salary certificate is a document that verifies your position in the company as well as your wages. This information is a critical factor in the institution's or bank's judgement on your creditworthiness.

What is a Salary Slip?

A pay slip, also known as a salary slip, is a note that is given to employees when they are paid their salaries by a firm or employer. This document normally contains a detailed breakdown of the amount earned by employees after all deductions have been made. A salary slip is not issued for any reason, but it can be used to confirm your income if the bank or financial institution accepts it as a genuine document.

Some banks and financial institutions also offer the option of sending a carbonized copy of the salary slip rather than the salary certificate.

Difference Between a Salary Slip and a Salary Certificate

A salary certificate is frequently confused with a pay slip, or a salary slip in the UAE. The amount of pay you get, and the amount of tax or insurance deducted are listed on a salary slip. A salary certificate, on the other hand, is a document that your employer provides as verification of your employment and wage entitlement.

A salary slip is not issued for any reason, but a salary certificate is produced in order to obtain credit.

Why do you need a Salary Certificate?

When applying for a credit card or any type of loan in the UAE, most banks require a salary certificate as an essential document. The documentation required by banks or financial institutions vary depending on the type of credit card or loan, however the following are the common requirements:

  • You should be holding a valid Passport
  • You should be having a valid Visa
  • Your latest salary certificate or pay slip/salary slip
  • Your recent bank statements

What is the Purpose of An Employee's Salary Certificate?

Employees who want to take out a loan in the UAE will usually need a salary certificate. Employees are often required to submit this document so that the financial institution or bank can verify the applicant's salary and evaluate his or her ability to repay the loan requested. As a result, when an employee requests a wage certificate template, employers are compelled to provide it.

What Does Salary Certificate Attestation Mean?

For numerous requests in the UAE, such as requesting for a loan with a financial institution or a bank, sponsoring your domestic help, and so on, most government departments require a confirmed wage certificate sample. Salary certificate UAE is one such document that must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sharjah or Dubai and the Consulate General of India in Dubai at the same time.

The following documents must be carried by the applicant at the time of attestation:

  • The original wage certificate from the UAE, as well as a legitimate photocopy of it
  • The original passport of the applicant, as well as a legitimate photocopy of the first and last pages of the same.

Aside from these documents, the candidate must also be personally present during the attestation. It's possible that you'll be asked to produce some more documents, depending on the documents you present. There is a charge involved with this operation as well.


Most financial institutions and banks have their own standard format for wage certificates in the UAE, but the information that must be included is the same. If the bank or institution you're looking for has a certain format, it's critical that you inform your employer.

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