Do you know about 100% Company Ownership in UAE? If Not, Go Through this Blog!

23Jun, 22

Do you know about 100% Company Ownership in UAE? If Not, Go Through this Blog!

The strategic decision boosted the UAE's investment and led the country to an advanced position in global business, while also reinforcing Dubai's competitive advantages as an ideal investment destination. Without a wonder, frequent changes to the rules have helped the country's economy keep growing, encouraging foreign investment and transition away from its reliance on oil wealth. Furthermore, with the recent announcement of 100 %  foreign ownership in specific sectors, the UAE aims to provide more prominent and diverse FDI opportunities to investors worldwide.

What do you mean by 100% Company Ownership in UAE?

Company registration allows one to experience a beneficial environment for business by taking advantage of the numerous benefits provided by the UAE. Because of the 100 percent foreign ownership, it is a popular option among foreign investors for setting up a company. Investors can benefit from tax savings, ease of doing business, and expanded business infrastructure. Furthermore, a better lifestyle and growing business opportunities make UAE the clear choice.

The Jurisdiction of Business Setup in the UAE is classified into three categories: Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore.. The cost of establishing a company in the UAE varies depending on the chosen business activity.

The Mainland Company can now be registered in the UAE as a 100 percent expatriate-owned entity. This is in accordance with the amendment in the Cabinet Resolution of 2021. However, depending on the business activity and industrial sector, the investor must follow certain regulations.

Step By Step Guide of Company Registration in UAE

Dhanguard will provide proper business support for new company registration in the UAE. The team offers excellent guidance until each document conveys to the investor.

The following are the step-by-step instructions for registering a UAE company: -

Collaborate with Dhanguard

We Provide professional consulting assistance in all aspects of business registration and related supportive services are available from our experts. We have Agents who are dedicated to handling each investor's distinctive business requirements. For the investors, the team will handle all aspects of document processing, company registration, collection, and delivery.

Name and Activity Confirmation

Dhanguard will submit documents for approval of the company name and business activity.. It is one of the most important steps in the company registration process in Dubai.

The chosen business activities will be carried out under the company's trade license allowing the company to trade legally in the UAE.

Obtaining Necessary  Document

We will register the company remotely and obtain all necessary documents and company stamps. Investors can send the documents online, and there is no need for a physical presence in the UAE to register the company. Our team will work with all authorities to ensure a smooth company registration in the shortest amount of time.

Acquiring a Residence Visa

Dhanguard will provide residency visas in the UAE by completing the residence visa application form. Our team of experts will assist in the preparation of supporting documents along with  coordination of visa processing with relevant government authorities.

Bank Account Opening

Dhanguard can help you by providing a thorough list of bank accounts.DhanGuard can help you with this by providing a thorough list of bank accounts. We can compile the best  options for you similar to our network of well-known UAE banks. Our selection includes options in every conceivable category. So, whether you're concerned about transfer fees, incentives, monthly income limits, or other considerations, we have the right account for you.

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Setting up a Company in UAE Mainland :100% Company Ownership

Business Setup in Mainland in UAE is one of the most sought-after business investments. Investors can deliberately target a multicultural audience while also continuing to expand into UAE markets. The Mainland Company Registration Process has experienced considerable effects as a result of the amendment to the Commercial Companies Law. A local sponsor/local service agent is no longer allowed to register a Mainland Company in the UAE.

The following are the major company structures in the UAE's mainland

Limited Liability Company

The Limited Liability Company structure is one of the most common company structures on the UAE mainland. When there are more than two shareholders, investors usually choose a Limited Liability Company (up to 50). For entrepreneurs, there are numerous business advantages to establishing an LLC Company in the region.

The Investor's liability in the LLC company is limited to the amount of shares owned. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) can be formed on the UAE mainland for a variety of business purposes. An LLC Company can be used to bring out commercial, service, and industrial activities.

Civil Company

Professionals in the consulting, legal, accounting, and medical fields, among others, can establish a Civil Work Company on the UAE Mainland. The owner can retain complete control of the company's shares. A Civil Work Company in the UAE can be registered with the respective emirates' Department of Economic Development (DED).

Branch or Representative office of Foreign Company

Investors with a Free Zone company in the UAE or any company located outside of the UAE can establish a branch in the Mainland. There are requirements and criteria for establishing a Branch or a Representative Office. For foreign companies, opening a branch office is a profitable business investment. It is an ideal choice for businesses looking to actively expand into UAE local markets.

Branch of Dubai Based Company

A branch company is one that is not situated in the very same city as the company's headquarters. As a result, the branch is not a separate legal entity. It represents a parent company and operates under the same name. It is entirely coordinated by the parent company. A branch company typically has a branch manager who reports directly to and takes orders from a member of the parent company's management team. A Subsidiary, on the other hand, is an independent business despite being owned by a parent company. As a result, a subsidiary can carry out various activities or use a different name than its parent company.

Sole Proprietorship

Only UAE or GCC nationals can form a sole proprietorship to conduct commercial activities (subject to certain conditions). Expatriates may form Sole Proprietorships only to provide professional and consultancy services, with the appointment of a Local Service Agent.

Partnership Firm

Partnership agreements can take many forms and can be simple or complex depending on the scope of a company's business structure. Partnership terms in the UAE are typically in the form of a company's "memorandum and articles of association." These are the essential incorporation documents of a company and must be registered with the relevant department of economy or free zone authorities in the case of free zone companies.

GCC nationals can register their business as a sole proprietorship or as a partnership firm (given that all partners are GCC nationals). GCC nationals may own 100  of commercial and professional firms.

GCC Company

A GCC national who wants to start a business with a non-GCC national can only do so through a limited liability company, and the UAE national shareholder must own 51% of the shares.

GCC companies that are entirely owned by GCC shareholders are permitted to open branches on the UAE mainland. Such businesses are not required to be referred to the Ministry of Economy.


Dubai has become the ideal location for setting up Business, Investment as well as for Expanding Businesses. If you want to start a business in Dubai or another emirate of the UAE, now is the time. With this amendment in place, the UAE's business sector is expected to flourish and reach new heights. The country anticipates a large influx of entrepreneurs seeking to establish businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. We can only assume how this policy shift will benefit the UAE. Contact Dhanguard, one of the best business setup consultants in the UAE, to learn how simple it is to establish your own business in Dubai.