Setting up a Holding Company in Dubai

23Feb, 22

Setting up a Holding Company in Dubai

A holding company is a type of firm that is usually a corporation or a limited-liability company (LLC). A holding corporation, in most cases, does not manufacture anything, sell any products or services, or engage in any other business activities. Holding firms, on the other hand, own the majority of the stock in other corporations.

Despite the fact that a holding company controls the assets of other companies, it usually just has monitoring responsibilities. As a result, while it may monitor the company's management decisions, it is not involved in the day-to-day operations of these subsidiaries.

Overview of  Holding Companies

A holding company is often known as a "umbrella" or "parent" corporation.

Keytake Aways

  • A holding company is a type of financial corporation that owns a controlling interest in other businesses, known as subsidiaries.
  • The parent corporation has influence over the subsidiary's policies and management decisions, but it does not handle the subsidiary's day-to-day operations.
  • Holding companies are immune from losses incurred by subsidiaries, therefore if a subsidiary goes bankrupt, the creditors of the subsidiary cannot pursue the holding company.

A holding company is usually formed solely for the purpose of controlling other businesses. Property, such as real estate, patents, trademarks, stocks, and other assets, may be owned by holding companies.

"Wholly-owned subsidiaries" are businesses that are totally owned by a holding company. Although a holding company can hire and fire managers of the companies it owns, those managers are ultimately responsible for their own operations.

Although a holding company can employ and remove executives at its subsidiaries, such executives are ultimately responsible for their own operations.

Requirements for forming a Holding Company in  Dubai

The Company Law requires all Dubai-based firms, including holdings, to follow its regulations. Holding businesses, on the other hand, must assure the following:

  • it must appoint a management board which will be in charge of creating a policy for the organization of the subsidiary(ies)
  • the management board must also supervise the activities undertaken by its subsidiary or subsidiaries
  • the shareholders of the holding company must appoint a director in every subsidiary company
  • the holding company must ensure that the subsidiary (ies) have the necessary capital to carry out their operations
  • the holding company must impose the limits on the risk a subsidiary can take (foreign currency, market, and even industry risks)
  • The holding will make the decisions with respect to the contracts and arrangements made the subsidiary.

If you wish to form a business in Dubai and decide on a holding, our local consultants can guide you through the entire incorporation process, including the production of the necessary documents.

Types of Holding Company in UAE

One of the most appealing aspects of forming a holding company in Dubai is that the local government permits the incorporation of a wide range of legal entities. In Dubai, there are two major types of holding companies:

  • The Onshore holding company and
  • The Free zone holding company

A foreign investor must have a local partner who will own 51 percent of the company in order to create an onshore holding company. Holding firms in Dubai free zones, on the other hand, are allowed to be 100% owned by foreigners. If you require assistance in forming a holding company in Dubai, please contact one of our business registration agents.

Dubai Holding Companies Tasks

The main goal of forming a holding company in Dubai is to possess shares in a subsidiary firm and/or control its assets. A holding company's owners can be natural persons, but most of the time, other firms have a vested interest in forming such entities in order to control one or more businesses.

The holding company will usually engage in business activities but will not sell or create goods or provide services.

Those who want to establish holding companies in Dubai must first register them with the Department of Economic Development, after which they can conduct business as usual.

Holding Companies Functions in Dubai

The holding company, like any other Dubai firm, must have a director or management board, depending on its kind. The holding company's policies must be established and its activities must be supervised by the company's management. Because holding corporations may form subsidiaries in Dubai, management is also responsible for overseeing them. The holding company's management must also ensure that it has enough capital to operate.

The Benefits of Forming a Holding Company in Dubai

The fact that the government does not levy corporate taxes is possibly the best advantage of forming a holding company in Dubai. Additionally, the following entities can be utilized to establish holding companies in Dubai:

  • Limited liability businesses
  • Joint stock companies
  • Partnerships
  • and Free Zone Companies are all examples of limited liability companies.

For limited liability companies, there is no minimum share capital requirement, but for joint stock companies, the minimum amount accepted is 10 million AED.

What are the Operations of Dubai Holding Companies?

There are a few issues to consider when it comes to their operation, whether they are in a Dubai free zone or not. A holding company operates on the idea that it will not be liable for the commitments and debts of its subsidiaries, and so all its assets will be protected. The holding company, on the other hand, will be responsible for assuring the cash flow of its subsidiaries. It must also ensure that the subsidiaries are financially sound. It's also worth noting that if a holding company controls multiple businesses, each one must keep its assets and operations separate.

In the limit of its contribution to each firm, the holding company will be held liable for the debts and liabilities of its subsidiaries. This is why, in Dubai, the holding company is frequently formed as a limited liability corporation.

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Why Should You form a Holding Company in Dubai?

The UAE provides various advantages to foreign investors as compared to other jurisdictions. Those who choose to establish holding corporations in Dubai can enjoy a number of advantages, including:

  • The holding company is an excellent tax optimization solution, as it is not imposed with any tax in Dubai
  • The Dubai holding company can also be a good asset protection solution for foreign entrepreneurs
  • Through a holding company, a local or foreign investor can benefit from enhanced privacy
  • The holding company also offers streamlined management procedures with respect to the subsidiaries.


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