Everything you need to know about Food truck License in Dubai

28Mar, 22

Everything you need to know about Food truck License in Dubai

So Let's take a look at the Food Truck License in Dubai. The conceptual and recent food industry trend in Dubai is food trucks. Nowadays, there is a revolution in the streets of Dubai, which is the 'Food Truck Revolution' where everyone is keen to explore. Dhanguard is here to enlighten you about this particular Blog, "Food Truck License in UAE".

The food truck licence in Dubai began primarily when the government of Abu Dhabi commenced issuing the Licence of Food Truck in Dubai.

Investors find the food truck Business to be highly appealing.. In recent news, Dubai has received its first floating food truck, entitled 'Aqua Pod,' which will serve jet skiers, yachters, and other aquatic adventurers to the people in the Dubai Palm Lagoon, Al Sufouh and Kite Beach of Dubai’s Jumeirah region.

What is the Concept of Food Truck Business in Dubai ?

The Food Truck Business in Dubai is growing, and the commendation for this belongs to the community of the Emirates who have made it prominent. This new comestible opportunity in the Emirates is a boon for anyone considering starting a business in the food truck industry in Dubai, and now is the greatest moment to enter the market. Although establishing a food truck business is not as simple as it sounds, you will need a desired business plan to get started. Food truck Business requires less capital, is less risky, and is an excellent opportunity to establish a business in Dubai.

Here are some of the specified reasons for obtaining a Food Truck Licence in Dubai is a good decision-

  • As the food truck Business is expanding at a rapid pace there are a number of investors in the city who are interested in supporting this industry.

  • As this business is growing rapidly it is a great opportunity for new investment prospects for the investor who are seeking higher return on their investment

Pros of Opening a Food Truck Business

These are the various pros for opening a Food Truck Business in Dubai

Generate your own Menu

Most chefs aspire to be able to design their own menus and serve food that they have created. A food truck is a magnificent way to demonstrate your culinary skills and create a small-themed menu.

Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss is a dream come true for many people. Nobody tells you what to do, how to do it, or where to go. On the other hand, no one is writing your paycheck.

Minimal Risk

Minimising risk is a primary issue for all small business owners. Because there are fewer startup costs involved in starting a food truck, it is a less risky method to enter the restaurant industry.

Abundant Possibilities

When you own a food truck, you have many marketing options. You can, for example, park near busy business areas during employee lunchtimes, cater to summer festivals, or park at other outdoor events.

Cons for Opening a Food Truck Business

There are several Cons you have to look at before Opening a Food Truck Business in Dubai

Smaller in Size

Food trucks are slightly small, and when you put in kitchen equipment, a pos system (if you accept credit cards), and other cooking necessities, the area feels even smaller. Each city has its own criteria for food truck sizes, and most of them are small.

Observed by Local Zoning Law

Even if your restaurant is mobile, you cannot park wherever you like. Local zoning regulations define commercial and non-commercial zones in cities.

 Unnecessary Future Expense

According to the Balance, food trucks can range in price. Some food truck owners lack the funds to purchase a new vehicle, so they settle for an old truck that they can modify.

Significant Competition in the Industry

Before starting a food truck, you should be aware that it is a competitive industry. While consumers demand quick, inexpensive meals, many entrepreneurs want to launch their food truck enterprises.

How to Acquire Food Truck Licence in Dubai ?

The Dubai government follows strict procedures and adheres to a strict code of conduct. Obtaining a food truck licence in Dubai is a difficult process. Anyone planning to open a food truck business in Dubai must first obtain approval from four stakeholders: the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

Let's have a look at how to get a food truck licence in Dubai step by step:

  • The first and most important step would be to submit your business plan for approval to the DED and Dubai Municipality. After receiving approval, you can proceed to the next step.

  • A central kitchen or a catering licence is required for the food truck. In the second phase, you must submit for approval a certificate of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) kitchen layout.

  • Choose a location because the  type of locality you will be targeting in Dubai will determine the nature of your business. Having the most effective and potentially profitable site for your food truck is however a critical step.

  • Purchase a truck and customise it in accordance with the alignment approved by the authorities. The vehicle should be helpful to your kitchen and able to withstand the heat. Furthermore, appropriate ventilation should be present in the truck.

  • The final step is to obtain a food truck licence and start the Business.


Obtaining a food truck licence in Dubai may be a complicated operation for anyone starting a business in Dubai for the first time; however, with the assistance of our business advisors in Dubai, obtaining a food truck licence will be an ease. 

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