Download Authorization Letter for Collection of Bank Statement for free

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Download Authorization Letter for Collection of Bank Statement for free

An authorization letter is a letter written by an account holder instructing the bank to undertake or hold specific transactions on the account holder's behalf. The customer gives the bank an authorisation letter that includes a set of instructions and their signature. The consumer can choose a third party and give them power of attorney to carry out specific banking transactions. The approved banker should get this letter of authorization.

It's a legal instrument that delegated authority to a trusted individual to carry out specified transactions on your behalf and complete banking transactions on your behalf. Certain personal information will be included in the letter, as well as information such as names, the proxy holder's address, and the identity cards of those associated with the power of attorney. These details can be addressed by email. The email you submit should be directed to the bank branch and sent using a registered email address.

Who is responsible to perform?

A letter of permission certifies that a specific individual is authorised to act on behalf of the bank account owner. Account holders may be unable to execute banking operations in certain circumstances.

When a person is sick or travelling and is unable to gather crucial documents, the documents can be collected by an authorised person. The person who will undertake these acts is given power of attorney by the owner of the business bank account . The account holder also delegated authority to the proxy.

What is included in the letter of authorization?

The bank authorisation letter will include the date, the proxy's details such as address, name, nationality, identification number, id proofs, the term of the authorisation, the explanation for the account holder's non-availability, and the proxy's roles and obligations.

The bank authorization letter specifies the letter's validity duration as well as the reason for selecting a proxy.

What Is the Best Way to Write a Bank Authorization Letter?

A bank authorization letter is a formal document that should contain all official language and be devoid of any casual wording.

A parent or guardian may grant permission to an educational institution to transport his or her child outside of school limits for a picnic or field trip by writing an authority letter. You'll also need an authorization letter if you want someone to pick up a package, passport, or important documents on your behalf, or if you want someone to attend a meeting or speak on your behalf.

When composing the letter, it is suggested that you use courteous, professional language. On the left side of the page, write your official name, address, content date, and signature. Important information such as the recipient's name (branch manager), the bank branch, the letter's authenticity, the cause, and other facts. If you're not sure, you can use broad language like "To whom it may concern."

Tips for Writing a Bank/Government Authorization Letter Authorities who know how to give permission to gather papers in the proper format

Among all the available authorization letter examples, the ones dealing with private financial transactions and sensitive documents are the most crucial. The most common type of authorization letter, which you should be familiar with, is to write to any authority to represent them in court or to act on their behalf in government offices, or to write a bank authorization letter.

This letter authorises someone to perform some banking and non-banking tasks on your behalf, such as collecting your passport and picking up your chequebook, bank certificate, statement of account, and other documents while you are unwell or otherwise incapacitated.

When you write an authorization letter to a bank or a government institution, you are granting the bearer of the letter the authority to conduct transactions and collect cash and other private documents in your name, such as a certification, a chequebook, or a passport.

Don't worry if your bank requires you to write an authorization letter. The format of a bank authorisation letter is relatively simple.

Participants in the Bank Authorization Letter

The bank authorisation letter involves three parties. The first party delegated authority, followed by the bank, and finally the person who was delegated authorization to conduct particular activities.

A group of people or a single person are involved in a bank authorisation letter.

Function of a Bank Authorization Letter

The following are some of the uses for a bank authorization letter.

  • You can give someone else permission to cancel your account if you don't want to do it yourself.
  • You can reactivate your account if it has been frozen.
  • To remove a nominee and replace it with someone else.
  • Issuing a bank statement to someone you've given permission to collect it.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • The letter should be written in an official, direct, and unambiguous tone. The formal letter style should not be compromised.
  • If you accurately specify the date and duration on the letter, you will avoid misunderstandings.
  • Write the letter of authorization in as few words as possible, keeping it simple and unambiguous.
  • To avoid uncertainty, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation, use plain language.
  • Write the letter carefully and read it aloud multiple times to reduce typos and keep it concise so that the recipient understands exactly what you're saying.


Bank authorisation letter is a legal document which is written by an individual or a group of individuals to give authority to someone to perform certain banking actions. It gives legal permission to do bank transactions which are not permitted to do commonly by other individuals. When you are busy at some other work you can appoint someone to do your work. Ensure that you appoint a trusted person as your proxy for the safekeeping of banking information.