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23Nov, 23

Download No Objection Certificate from Sponsor to work in UAE | Dhanguard for free

Nowadays the opportunities related to business and various jobs have been levitated to a completely new horizon. You can either work in profitable jobs in your resident country, or if given the opportunity, secure a good job overseas also. But obtaining a visa to visit another country, for whatever reason, is never easy. If you are applying for the first or tenth time, you will have to go through various processes to obtain the required documentation. However, applying for a visa for the first time is more complicated than applying for the second and subsequent times.

Many a times there are instances where a “No Objection Certificate” or Letter is required to obtain a Visa. Many people are puzzled with this aspect as majority of them have a hard time understanding what is an NOC or what are the prerequisites which constitute a valid NOC?

What is a No Objection Certificate?

A No Objection Letter for Visa is a legal document sent by an agency, company or organization, to an employee stating that they are agreeing for the visa candidate to take off the days for which he or she has applied for a visa. In addition, the letter notes that the visa applicant has contractual commitments to return to their home country and work there. It must be carried with you while visiting another country on a temporary basis. While the individual may have a Visa to visit another country, a NOC is needed to ensure that no objections to his stay are posed by officials in the other country.

A no objection letter states that you are entitled to remain in the country where you are travelling with your Visa until it expires. You are also not permitted to overstay in that country after your visa has expired.

Why do you need a No Objection Certificate?

This is an optional provision in some nations, but it is obligatory in others. If it is needed and you do not provide it, your application will be denied. The No Objection Certificate is usually required by countries that have made it mandatory to ensure that the applicant has responsibilities in their home country, to which he or she must return. The other reason for the need of a valid NOC is that, the visa officers want to ensure that the reason for the applicant's application is genuine.

Which kind of Visa makes it compulsory to present a No Objection Certificate?

A No Objection Certificate is compulsorily required for the procurement of a Schengen Visa. This Visa allows a person to travel to another country as a tourist and fulfill their reason of visit, whether it should be official or academic in nature, or simply to spend vacation time.

No Objection Certificate for an Employee

An employee who wishes to travel to another country for work or some other purpose must obtain an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from his or her employer before leaving and returning to their home country. For the employee who has applied for a Visa, this letter is normally written by the employer or the HR department of the business. An employee may also request an NOC from his or her boss or manager. The employee should have a clear idea about the duration of his stay in the other country and he should be able to properly manage his time and workload so that he can operate there and return without any hassle.

Basic method of acquiring a No Objection certificate

The method of obtaining a No Objection Certificate from your employer for visa purposes varies depending on the type of business where you work. The first step is to seek permission from your employer to take time off for visa purposes during the time span in which you plan to visit this foreign country. After you've received approval, you may have a professional coworker write you a letter of no opposition.

What is the format of a No Objection Certificate?

The no objection certificate format is pretty straightforward. The letter does not need to be long or complex, but it should clearly state that the business has no objections to their employee obtaining a Visa and that they trust you to return to job obligations. A no objection certificate at a bare minimum must include the date it was written, the address of the visa application centre or embassy you are applying to, your name, address, and the contact details for the person writing the letter on behalf of the business. A paragraph in the letter must also state that the company has no objections to you travelling for the duration of your scheduled journey.

What are the key contents of a basic No Objection Certificate?

The key contents required to draft a sound No Objection Certificate are explained below for a finer acknowledgement:-

key contents of a basic No Objection Certificate

  • First and foremost, the date should be mentioned at the beginning of the No objection Certificate.
  • The NOC should be on an official letter head. The reason for doing so is that it depicts maintains the authenticity of the NOC.
  • The name of the applicant should be mentioned. It should be spelled precisely in the NOC, as it is spelled in the other Verification Identities of the Applicant.
  • The NOC must denote the designation of the applicant which he holds in the organization (if any) prior to applying of the Visa.
  • The Applicant must also fill the amount of salary (if any) which he is being paid in the organization or company prior to applying of the Visa.
  • The date of joining must also be mentioned on which the Applicant wishes to start his job or operations in the company situated overseas for which the Visa is being applied.
  • The most important aspect of an NOC is mentioning a genuine reason for the procurement of Visa for the other country. The applicant while mentioning this section must be precise as to why he needs the Visa.
  • The contact details of the Human Resources Department (if any) should also be mentioned in the NOC, if the applicant was working prior to filing for a Visa.
  • The designation of the NOC approving officer should also be mentioned in the NOC.
  • The address of the company for which the applicant seeks to procure a Visa, should also be mentioned in the NOC.
  • The date of the validity of the NOC should also be mentioned which denotes the duration of the applicant till which he can operate in another country without any hassle for which the Visa is being applied.


In the end we can conclude with the notion that a well drafted No Objection Certificate is a must in order to acquire a Visa for another country without any hindrances. If not every, but many countries and especially United Arab Emirates has strictly laid down the principle of providing a No Objection Certificate to get a Visa to conduct business setup in UAE. Therefore the notion of a No Objection Certificate is not to be taken lightly, but at the same time you should also keep in mind that obtaining one is not a difficult task, in order to work overseas so that you can achieve your goals.