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How to Open a Mainland Corporate Bank Account in UAE?

How to Open a Mainland Corporate Bank Account in UAE? | Dhanguard

A Mainland company is a company registered in one of the UAE DED (Department of Economic Development). It means that if you choose to conduct business in UAE Mainland, you will need to register a business entity with the DED, which will then provide you a business license to start doing business in UAE.

Mainland Business in Dubai

In Dubai, all business entities that come under commercial, professional, and sole establishment registered under the Dubai Economic Department (DED) are known as Dubai Mainland License. Primary, possessing a Dubai mainland license helps you enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility to grow and operate your business.

The dreamer’s paradise, UAE, has been attracting businesspersons throughout the world. The governmental policies and regulations assisting for the increase of the enterprise is the principle element that draws enterprise companies to UAE. Consequently, you may discover achievement memories of several people, who arrived withinside the UAE with desire in their eyes and turned-out millionaires in some years of committed effort.

The enterprise offerings in UAE can guide you and resource you in organizing the enterprise and starting off enterprise operations in and across the UAE. The prison structure, the fundamental necessities and exchange license will depend upon the form of enterprise you ought to begin. The technique for putting in of every form of organization, i.e., Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore vary from every different. Further, the license necessities will depend upon whether you're beginning an industrial, or expert enterprise entity.

Opening a company corporate account is a crucial element at the same time as organizing an organization in UAE. Even though the technique is simplified, it's going to require expert help from a reputed enterprise for installation carrier in UAE to conform with the formalities and open a corporate account. People are increasingly unaware of the complexity of the procedure, which might put them in a tough situation. In this article, we can be discussing the matters to recall whilst commencing a company corporate account in UAE.

How To Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai?

Regardless of the type of organization, every group registered in the UAE can open a corporate account there. The business owner must submit the documents, which contain preliminary approval, license information, and other certificates, to the bank for review and approval. The files pertaining to the character establishing their identification could also be included.

As a result, if the stakeholders include persons from other nations, the identification files should be notarized within the country's borders. as well as attested, it must be presented to the ministry of overseas affairs after attestation of the files within the ministry and the UAE Embassy/ Consulate within the local authorities (MOFA)

within the United Arab Emirates At MOFA, the very last attestation has been completed. After attestation via MOFA exclusively, the certificate and files related with abroad personnel can be considered valid.

The Central Bank has established positive requirements for scrutinizing applications to eliminate hazards. The expected turnover of the business, its location and nature, the amount of money deposited, and so on can all be tested at some point throughout the account opening procedure. It can be even more demanding if you're forming an offshore company. To avoid tax evasion and other types of fraud.

What are the Documents required to open a Mainland Corporate Bank in United Arab Emirates?

The following documents are required for commencing a company corporate account in UAE.

  • Certificate of registration of the organization
  • Trade license
  • Data concerning shareholders and certificate of the same
  • Details concerning the buyers/ clients/ suppliers (03 copies of each document)
  • Copies of passport of proprietor and stakeholders
  • Calculated information regarding anticipated turnover in a fiscal
  • Declaration from the organization authorizing the individual to open a company corporate account
  • Additional documents, primarily based totally on amendments in policies from time to time

Advantages of having a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

A company corporate account in UAE will provide you with many benefits. It has been aimed to make certain that as an awful lot as agencies are commencing company bills withinside the country as it's far high quality to the corporates. Thus, the benefits of having a Mainland Corporate Bank Account are mentioned below for a better understanding.

Ease of Transactions

Easy and secure transactions which include shifting of capital from and to Dubai


The banks make certain secrecy concerning your information and transactions

Diverse Currency Options

There are multiple currency change options available whilst opening a Mainland Corporate Bank Account.

Access to Global Banks

You can get entry to the global banks as well as and make use of the offerings of them at any given time.

Numerous Benefits

 You can also avail the benefit of mortgage facility and credit score card with delivered benefits, phone banking facility, dedicated guide from the financial institution, credit facility and many other such through your Mainland Corporate Bank Account.

Reasons to open a Mainland Corporate Bank Account in UAE

1. Keep your personal and business dealings distinct

If your business is incorporated, you should conduct all its financial transactions via it, particularly those involving taxes.

This is the primary rationale for establishing a separate small company bank account from your personal ones. A corporate account, unlike a personal account, allows you to delegate signing authority to someone other than yourself if necessary. It also prevents the commingling (mixing) of personal and business transactions.

2. Begin establishing a credit profile for your company

A small business bank account serves as the foundation for establishing business credit, allowing you to apply for business credit cards, lines of credit, loans, and mortgages in the company's name rather than your own. Having a business bank account also makes it easier to keep track of your company's interest and borrowing fees for bookkeeping and tax purposes.

3. Present your company to clients, colleagues, and suppliers in a more professional manner

Others, such as clients, competitors, and suppliers, will know you're serious about your business if you have a business bank account. Instead of requesting clients to write checks to you personally, you can open a small corporate account and accept, and deposit checks payable to your business name. It also gives you a professional image with your suppliers, which may have a positive impact on the conditions of your accounts.

4. Save time and money at tax time

A small business bank account serves as the foundation for establishing business credit, allowing you to apply for business credit cards, lines of credit, loans, and mortgages in the company's name rather than your own. Having a business bank account also makes it easier to keep track of your company's interest and borrowing fees for bookkeeping and tax purposes.


Opening a Corporate account in mainland UAE can be complex but our experts at Dhanguard make the job easy for you with their relevant experience. To know more about the process and assistance connect to our experts at Dhanguard.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Opening of Mainland Account in UAE is preferable by the banks or financial institutions of United Arab Emirates due to many reasons explained in the above context.

A mainland company is also stated as an onshore company that is licensed by the Department of Economic Development of the associated emirate that allows the business activities in the local market or outside United Arab Emirates without any restriction.

It usually takes 2days to2 months’ time to open a Business Account in UAE depending upon the requirements of the Bank as well as the Customers.

Dhanguard is a FinTech company and we provide financial assistance to our clients. For Mainland Account Opening we at Dhanguard helps our client to accomplish the proper documentation with the relevant procedure for the same.

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