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Which are the Best Medical Insurance Companies in Dubai?

Which are the Best Medical Insurance Companies in Dubai?

As the world is progressing now, so does our way of life. As we adapt to changes in our lifestyle, we must also be conscious of the uncertainties that develop due to those changes. As a result, to be protected, we must get the best health insurance in Dubai that will cover all of our medical necessities and expenses.

We have compiled a list of the top Medical Insurance providers in Dubai to assist you in determining which insurance company is ideal for you and your family.

Following is the list that will provide you the guidance and help when it comes to Medical Insurance:

Top Medical Insurance provider in UAE

The best Medical Insurance provider is listed below, and they are as follows

AXA Gulf Insurance

AXA insurance offers you excellent medical care and protects your family in the event of an injury or illness, whether you are traveling abroad or living at home. AXA Insurance has partnerships with the most significant hospitals worldwide and investigates everything regarding your health protection. AXA health insurance offers a variety of plans, including international plans, regional plans, local plans, and essential benefits plans.

The following are some of the benefits of AXA Medical Insurance:

  • Get immediate cover for your health insurance;
  • You can claim your InsuranceInsurance at any time of day or week;
  • AXA also provides fair and efficient claims service;
  • AXA has a global network that spans the globe;
  • This InsuranceInsurance also includes a wide range of coverage options;
  • With this InsuranceInsurance, you can use the 'health and quality of life' telephone service;
  • Receive International Medical aid in the event of a Medical Emergency.

Provides a wide range of healthcare services, including cancer investigations and treatment and viral hepatitis and its complications. This refers to instances that are eligible for and enrolled in the DHA's newly launched Patient Support Program. However, the coverage would be determined by the program's terms and conditions.

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

ADNIC's Insurance policy is known as SHIFA Medical Insurance. This InsuranceInsurance provides direct invoicing, which gives your family peace of mind. SHIFA also offers a specific package for residents of Dubai. If Dubai residents purchase their unique benefits plan online, they will receive a special discount.

The SHIFA plan provides the following advantages:

  • Your annual limit can cover any chronic or pre-existing medical condition;
  • You can claim medical expenses if you become ill at work or are injured;
  • Direct billing is available in over 197 countries;
  • You are entitled to maternity benefits up to your annual maximum;
  • You are given a yearly limit of AED 5 million;
  • You can also get optical coverings with this card;
  • You can get optical and dental coverage with this card.

It offers medical plans covering severe health issues such as organ transplantation, home nursing, and alternative medicine. It also provides medical emergency services and a multilingual helpline available 24/7.

Emirates Insurance Company

This is one of the authorized medical insurance firms in Abu Dhabi. This insurance firm adheres to the requirements of the Health Insurance Law, also authorized to participate in the Dubai health program. This program includes two plans: Basic and Upgraded. You can improve your goals based on your needs and requirements.

The medical insurance policy is classified as follows:

  • The fundamental plan aims to assist blue-collar workers;
  • The basic plan, which is primarily for families;
  • The enhanced strategy is designed for specific needs and requirements;
  • VIP package, which includes international coverage.

The Emirates Insurance Company offers group life insurance, medical InsuranceInsurance, and workers' compensation or employer's liability insurance. These are specifically designed to protect one's health and give life insurance coverage. The policy protects against death, permanent or partial disability as a result of illness or accident, and medical and repatriation costs.

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co

This insurance is also referred to as AMAN insurance. This corporation was founded in 2002 and is likewise a national shareholder company. AMAN has been an active participant in providing medical plans with low costs and broad coverage. This insurance also includes the most recent insurance aspects.

This medical insurance provides the following benefits:

  • Clinics and medical centers;
  • Admission to prestigious hospitals;
  • Claims are settled quickly;
  • Clearly define your principles.

 Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company  

This Medical Insurance firm offers insurance policies based on the user's needs. RAK insurance uses third-party support, which allows individuals and companies to have access 24/7, and receive the best feedback for their queries. With RAK insurance, you have the option of direct invoicing through a wide range of RAK networks.

In addition to insurance product advantages Everest Pro, an innovative single premium policy covered by RAK Insurance, is available via RAK Insurance. It is only accessible for one-time investments for a limited time. This product is exclusively offered to RAK customers. Its primary purpose is to provide an opportunity to receive upside advantages if the market rises while still providing minimum guaranteed rewards at policy maturity.

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co. is a Dubai-based Islamic insurance and reinsurance company.

This InsuranceInsurance is also referred to as AMAN insurance. This corporation was founded in 2002 and is likewise a national shareholder company. AMAN has been an active participant in providing medical plans with low costs and broad coverage. This InsuranceInsurance also includes the most recent insurance aspects.

This medical InsuranceInsurance provides the following benefits:

  • Clinics and medical centers;
  • Admission to renowned hospitals;
  • Claims are planned properly;
  • Identify your principles.

Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance Company is a primary health insurance provider in Dubai. Oman Insurance Company adheres to all Dubai Health Authority regulations when it comes to health insurance. This InsuranceInsurance also covers domestic help, drivers, and sponsors' dependents. This InsuranceInsurance also includes health insurance for businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

The following are the advantages of this InsuranceInsurance:

  • This InsuranceInsurance is simple to obtain;
  • Domestic workers are charged AED 525;
  • Direct billing is also available for outpatients and inpatients;
  • This InsuranceInsurance also includes coverage for all chronic and pre-existing conditions;
  • Except for Abu Dhabi, where only emergency cases are covered, this InsuranceInsurance covers all Emirates states.

Oman Insurance Company protects your life, property, health, and family. It provides medical plans and acquires Dubai necessary Medical Insurance for your family members and house assistance to provide immediate coverage.

Daman Medical Insurance

Daman Medical Insurance provides a wide range of advantages to its policyholders by partnering with significant health care centers worldwide. They offer assistance to people, families, and low-income members. They have a strong network of 2000 health providers throughout the UAE. Individual health insurance policies provide four alternative plans to meet the policyholders' territorial needs.

This is one of the most affordable Medical Insurance options in Dubai.

  • AED 2108 is the starting point for the plan.
  • Treatment is available from over 3000 healthcare providers.
  • Worldwide service providers
  • All plans cover pre-existing medical issues.
  • Outpatient services are available.

MetLife Individual Medical Plan  

MetLife offers low-cost individual medical coverage. It covers paid individuals, self-employed persons, and sponsored dependents in the UAE. The Dubai Health Authority authorized this medical plan (DHA).

The following are the advantage of this InsuranceInsurance

  • Medical consultations with a general practitioner are possible in the UAE;
  • Treatments are available from a variety of medical institutions and hospitals in the UAE;
  • You can also acquire coverage for emergency medical services;
  • Provides coverage for DHA-mandated preventive care, including immunizations.

MetLife Individual Medical Plan offers critical illness coverage for 32 illnesses. It covers everything, even stroke, and cancer—payment in a lump sum upon diagnosis of one of 32 common severe conditions. In the event of hospitalization, this program provides comprehensive financial assistance. Outside of the Gulf, it allows access to the best medical services in the world.


The leading medical insurance firms in Dubai and other UAE emirates are listed above. They are offered to individuals with a variety of advantages. Make the best decision you can and be safe. If you are planning to relocate to the UAE, Dhanguard can assist you with obtaining medical insurance for yourself and your family. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the best insurance for your needs. If you require any insurance-related services in the UAE, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients are communicated to tell their physicians all about their medical history in order to get the best care, and health insurance policyholders are asked to tell their provider all about their pre-existing conditions in order to get the best coverage. Furthermore, if there are any inconsistencies in the medical insurance policy, the insurance company can cancel the policy.

The regional limit to which a health insurance policy's benefits are available is referred to as the scope of coverage. For example, in the UAE, health insurance with a definition of ‘Within the UAE' would only compensate policyholders for medical services received in the UAE.

Family policies undeniably deliver some of the best coverage at the most affordable prices, making them one of the most cost-effective health insurance choices in the UAE. Even family health insurance policies, however, have their own limitations, such as a limited number of dependents and other constraints. When applying for a job, it is suggested that applicants spend some time reviewing the different inclusions and exclusions.

Medical insurance Policy for females are expensive because of the pregnancy related costs that occurs to the insurance companies. Whereas policy for female aged below 40 is too expensive compared to female aged above 40.

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