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How to sell on and

How to sell on and | Dhanguard

There are numerous advantages to selling on and However, it's critical to be aware of the numerous requirements ahead of time in order to open up shop and begin selling on these platforms.

While they provide quick account setup, you must first complete some background work before you can set up an account on their specific platforms. In a nutshell, this entails forming a business. Fortunately, the UAE has a very friendly business environment, with an incorporation process and business regulations that are tailored to help startups and SMEs prosper. This is a major benefit for anyone who wants to sell online through a well-known platform like Noon or Amazon.

Once you have your trade licence in hand, you’re free to set up an accounts on Noon or Amazon and open your business to the region.

Advantages of Selling on vs.

Selling on each of these platforms has a lot of advantages. Here are a few examples:

  • You immediately increase your visibility.
  • Your shop is listed on one of the most popular websites in the area.
  • You'll get access to millions of people.
  • You reap the benefits of quick trust.
  • You establish an immediate web presence.
  • It is not necessary to have your own infrastructure.
  • You don't need to hire a large number of people.
  • You can benefit from exclusive offers.
  • You can learn from the teaching centres that are located on the stations.

The benefit of being a vendor on these platforms is that a lot of the legwork has already been done for you. This is why so many retailers go to Noon and Amazon.

Documents required to Become a Seller on and

Let's take a look at the paperwork you'll need to get started. It's critical to do all of this preparation work before attempting to create an account on either of these websites.

Before we go into specifics, it's important to note that your company must be registered in the UAE and have a current trading licence. Obtaining a licence entails a number of important processes, which can be aided by collaborating with a business setup professional.

Documents require by

You can begin setting up your Noon account once you've completed the company formation process. You'll need to bring the following documents with you:-

  • Commercial registration or a trading licence
  • Certificate of VAT.
  • Passport or proof of residency (both sides).
  • Non-nationals can apply for a residence permit.
  • To sell health and beauty products, you'll need proof of purchase/invoice, a distribution authorization letter, or a manufacturer permit/certificate.
  • Sellers who do not have a VAT number should fill out a VAT non-enrollment form.

In order to transfer money, you must additionally provide the relevant bank details. Weekly payments will be made to you. Include the standard IBAN and Swift codes, as well as the currency of the store.

Documents Needed By

The first stage, as previously said, is to establish your business in the United Arab Emirates. Following that, Amazon will need the following information:

  • Name, address, and phone number for your business.
  • Bank account as well as a working billing address is required.
  • During the registration process, a phone number to which you can be reached
  • If you're the owner, you'll need a trade licence; if you're a legal representative, you'll need a power of attorney.
  • I.D. (example - Emirates ID)
  • In order to transfer money, you must additionally provide the relevant bank details.

Some More Information Related to and

Both websites have a wealth of information, tutorials, and other resources to help you navigate the many options available during account setup. Before you plunge in, view some videos – either from the stores themselves or from third parties – to get a sense of what the experience is like.

Knowing this information before creating your account will allow you to begin considering some of the options that will be provided and determining the best path for your individual store. Finally, it must benefit you, your business, and the specific products you are selling.

How long will it take for any store to be up and running on and

It's difficult to give an exact timeframe, but if your trading licence is in order and you have all of the necessary documentation, you should be able to begin trading between 1-2 weeks of setting up your account on Noon or Amazon.

Collaborating with Dhanguard’s Experts in Business Formation

We are a group of company registration experts who are dedicated to realising the ambitions of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Dhanguard can help you open Corporate Bank Accounts and advise you on the best financial institution for your unique needs in addition to processing your licence application.

We also provide visa and immigration services, and can assist with any government formalities, approvals, work permits, and visa applications required to conduct business in the UAE.

In brief, our professionals can form your company on your behalf, file your licence and visa applications, and handle all of the necessary paperwork, leaving you free to focus on running your business.


There are numerous advantages to selling on and However, it's critical to be aware of the numerous requirements ahead of time in order to open up shop and begin selling on these platforms. To get your license, feel free to reach out.

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