Freezone Bank Account Opening in UAE Simplified! Read Now and Start Yours

01Sep, 21

Freezone Bank Account Opening in UAE Simplified! Read Now and Start Yours

Are you considering establishing your Business in a Dubai Free Zone? As you embark on this venture, one crucial aspect to streamline is opening a bank account for your Free Zone company in the UAE. It is usually advised to the business owners operating in any free zone to conduct their banking activities via a separate accessible business account. Thus, in this blog, Dhanguard will extensively discuss how to start a free business account in the UAE. So, without any further ado, let's learn!

Along with a wide array of services provided, Dhanguard helps with Mainland, Offshore, and Business Account openings.

What is the Objective of a Company Bank Account?

The company bank account for the UAE free zone is designed only for companies. Helping the investor stay on top of their business transactions is the goal. It also assists the owner in keeping personal and commercial transactions apart.

The investor could efficiently compute tax obligations, monitor their Company's spending, and better manage cash flow with a free zone bank account. Selecting a bank that provides the best options for your Business is crucial. This is so that your Bank can serve as a one-stop shop for your Company's financial needs, and you won't require further help.

Understanding Free Zone Company Bank Accounts

Opening a dedicated bank account is fundamental when setting up a business in a Free Zone like the SPC Free Zone in Dubai. This Account serves as the financial backbone of your operations, enabling seamless transactions, payroll management, and overall economic activities.

What are the Advantages of Freezone Bank Account?

Starting a freezone business account is a wise decision for your Business for various reasons. 

With a freezone bank account, you can:

Facility of Multiple Accounts and Variety of Currencies

Many banks in the UAE provide the facility of having multiple freezone business accounts under the name of a single business owner. Also, the account holder can deposit and make transactions in any currency, as the banks imply no currency restrictions.

Protection of Personal Information and Confidentiality

With a Freezone business account, the account holder gets the assurance that their business details, account information, and personal details will remain confidential. 

Guarantee of Safe transfer of Funds both locally and internationally 

With the help of a freezone business account, you can safely transfer the funds in and out of the UAE to another bank account without the risk of getting your funds misplaced.

Access to International Banks and their facilities, along with ATM services

A Freezone business account empowers you to take advantage of exclusive services provided by other renowned international banks and their ATMs.

Access to Loans

When you are a Freezone business account holder, an instance may arise where you need extra funds. You can easily apply for a personal, business or any other type of loan, and you will get the loan without any difficulty.

Unlimited Credit Card Facilities

When you have a Freezone business account, you can avail yourself of a wide array of benefits that come with the credit card you will receive. There are no restrictions to purchasing options for the credit card over the Account Holder of the freezone business account.

How to Open a Bank Account for a Free Zone Company

The following procedure states how to open a freezone bank account in the UAE:


Before initiating the process, ensure you have the following:

  • Legal Documentation includes your Free Zone company's incorporation documents, licenses, and permits.

  • Personal Identification: Passport copies, visa documents, and proof of residence might be required.

  • Business Plan: Some banks may request a detailed business plan highlighting your Company's objectives and operational structure.

Steps to Follow:

  • Selecting the Right Bank: Research and choose a bank that aligns with your business requirements, considering factors like service quality, fees, and accessibility.

  • Application Submission: Complete the Bank's application form for a corporate account, providing all necessary documents.

  • Bank Review and Approval: The Bank will review your application and records. This process usually takes a few weeks.

  • Account Activation: Once approved, visit the Bank to complete the final formalities and activate your Account.

Documents required for opening a Free Zone Business Bank Account

The following paperwork is required while opening a freezone bank account:

Basic Documents

  • Trade License

  • Share certificate

  • Memorandum Of Association/Article Of Association

  • Passport, Visa & Emirates ID of all partners (if applicable)

  • Office Tenancy (Physical office)

Supporting Documents

  • Six months bank statement (Personal/Company from UAE/Home country.)

  • Utility Bills as address proof

  • Business Model/Company Profile/ Website

  • Customer Profile (CV)

  • Name of existing or prospective clients (suppliers/buyers)

  • Invoices /Bill of Lading/Shipping documents/ Agreements/ Custom Clearance, etc.

  • Proof of Physical presence

It is impossible to open a Free Zone Bank account remotely with UAE banks as the Central Bank requires you to be present physically while opening your Free Zone Bank Account. If a change or amendment is made in the original documents of the Company, the same will be notarized and attested by that respective Free Zone. Depending on the Bank you want to open your Account with, a few more documents might be required.

Important Considerations:

  • Banking Fees: Understand the fee structure associated with the Account, including maintenance fees, transaction charges, and minimum balance requirements.

  • Bank Services: Inquire about the services the Bank offers, such as online banking facilities, credit facilities, and international banking support.

Why should you choose a Freezone for your Business?

The following are the justifications for opting for a Freezone for your business:

Complete Ownership

Foreign investors can own 100% of their companies in free zones.

Complete Profit Repatriation

Companies operating in free zones can bring all their profits back home. As a result, they are free to move all of their assets, 100% of their capital, to their nation of origin.

Zero Currency Restrictions

The freedom from currency restrictions is one of the critical advantages of operating in a free zone in Dubai. Government-imposed restrictions on the exchange of foreign currencies are known as currency rules. There are no limitations of any kind on cash in UAE-free zones. Thus, it makes financial transactions more accessible and more convenient.

No Logistical Hindrances

The UAE's free zones feature a lot of warehouses and enough room for offices. For SMEs and start-ups, free zones in the United Arab Emirates are excellent. Creating a business in a free zone is also a simple and quick process. You can complete the license requirements faster here than in other nations. Additionally, UAE free zones have effective immigration services that save time.

Competitive Location

Dubai is home to cutting-edge financial intercessions, world-class telecommunication systems, cutting-edge industrial infrastructure, an e-governance system, and service industries. The location of the free zones makes for a very economical way of life.

Global Accessibility 

Dubai has a multicultural population and offers chances for you to network with a worldwide business community.

Collaborate with Dhanguard for a Freezone business account

After receiving your trade license, opening a Free Zone company bank account is a wise choice if you want to go to the next level. Dhanguard will facilitate creating a bank account in the free zone for you. One of the best firms in the UAE for business formation is Dhanguard. From providing information on how to open a company bank account in the Dubai Free Zone to obtaining clearances, our corporate consultants will walk you through every step of the process. We'll walk you through each step of the process. Contact our experts to learn more about establishing a bank account or Company in the Dubai Free Zone.


Starting a business in a Freezone should go hand in hand with creating a Freezone Business Account. Having a separate Freezone Business Account will provide many benefits, as discussed above, and make your Banking easier. Connecting with Dhanguard will be the process of setting up a Freezone Business Account in the UAE, a painless task. Also, our experts will guide you in choosing the most appropriate Bank for yourself. Thus, we hope this blog provides you with insightful information. For more information on other related aspects, check out our website or visit our head office.