How do Foreigners Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai ?

14Apr, 22

How do Foreigners Open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai ?

Dubai's economy has been rising for some time with real estate improvements and increased tourist demand. The financial outlook is vital, so it's no surprise that many foreign businesses want to incorporate into the UAE. One of the most critical decisions you can make after establishing your company in Dubai is to open a corporate bank account for your company. While the overall banking system in Dubai is appealing, opening a bank account as an international company in the Emirates can present some challenges. However, the process is not impossible to overcome, and many businesses begin banking in Dubai regularly. Let's gain some knowledge that Dhanguard is willing to acknowledge by writing this blog. However, to get your venture off the ground, you'll need a corporate bank account in Dubai. In this blog, we'll guide non-residents through opening a corporate bank account in this global business epicenter.

A Quick Look at Dubai's Bank Security?

How safe are banks when launching a business in Dubai? It is still a mystery. Everyone is running behind safety. Therefore, it is okay to know that banks in Dubai (UAE) are safe.

Dubai's banks are well-versed in digital and mobile banking, and they constantly work to integrate cutting-edge innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

In Dubai (UAE), every bank is highly secure. This is either because reputable private organizations or sizable international banking institutions support them or the UAE/Dubai government does—foreign business owners establishing a corporation in Dubai profit from the banking convenience which UAE banks offer.

Understanding the Basics

Opening a corporate bank account in Dubai as a non-resident may seem daunting, but with the proper guidance, it can be a straightforward process. Here's what you need to know:

Eligibility and Documentation

Before you embark on this journey, ensure you have the necessary documentation:

  • Trade License: Your business must be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority.

  • Passport and Visa: A copy of your passport and valid UAE entry visa.

  • Proof of Address: A utility bill or lease agreement for your Dubai office.

  • Business Plan: A comprehensive business plan showcasing your business objectives, financial forecasts, and more.

  • Bank Reference Letter: A reference from your existing bank stating your financial history and credibility.

  • Board Resolution: If your business is structured as a corporation, you'll need a board resolution authorizing the account's opening.

Choose the Right Bank

Dubai boasts many banks, from local institutions to international giants. It's crucial to select a bank that aligns with your business needs and objectives. Some well-known banks in Dubai include Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, and HSBC, among others.

Advantages of Having a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

Having a corporate bank account in Dubai offers several advantages that make it an attractive choice for businesses. Here's a more detailed look at these benefits:

Taxation Benefits:

Dubai is known for its favourable tax environment. One of the primary advantages of having a corporate bank account in Dubai is that there is no corporate income tax, personal income tax, or capital gains tax. This tax-free status particularly appeals to businesses looking to minimize their tax liability.

Non-Restrictive Banking Options:

Dubai provides a wide range of banking options to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. From conventional banking services to Islamic banking compliant with Sharia principles, companies can choose the type of banking that aligns with their values and financial strategies.

Dedicated Regional Manager:

Many banks in Dubai offer personalized services with a dedicated regional manager for corporate clients. This ensures that businesses have a single point of contact for all their banking needs and can receive tailored financial advice and solutions.

International Travel Convenience:

Dubai's strategic location makes international travel easy. The city's modern infrastructure and well-connected airports facilitate international business trips and trade activities, making it a hub for global business operations.

Effortless Fund Transfers:

Dubai's banking system is well-integrated with international financial networks, allowing businesses to transfer funds internationally with ease. This simplifies cross-border transactions, payments to suppliers, and global investment opportunities.

Mobile and Online Banking:

Most banks in Dubai offer sophisticated mobile and online banking platforms. This technology allows businesses to manage their finances, monitor transactions, and perform various banking operations conveniently from anywhere in the world.

High-Level Secrecy:

Dubai is known for its strict financial privacy laws. While maintaining transparency is essential, Dubai's banking system offers a high level of confidentiality and data protection, ensuring that a business's financial information is secure.

Flexible Time Investment:

Dubai's banking sector recognizes the need for flexibility in business operations. Many banks have extended working hours and provide efficient customer support, allowing businesses to conduct their banking activities conveniently.

Asset Management Services:

Dubai boasts a well-developed asset management sector. Businesses can access various investment products and services, including wealth management, portfolio diversification, and investment advisory services, enabling them to make the most of their assets.

The Step-by-Step Process

Now, let's delve into the steps involved in opening a corporate bank account in Dubai:

Maintain a Residential Address

Maintaining a local residential address demonstrates your dedication to the country and the local economy. To be a bank signatory, you should also have a UAE visa and an Emirates ID to increase your bank account application's acceptance. It can be challenging to locate a bank in Dubai where a tourist can open a bank account.

Signatories Must Own Shares in the Company

If you have yet to consider share ownership, you should do so as you work to open a bank account in Dubai. This factor is significant for international corporate and holding structures because the bank account signatory must have the company's shares to open the report in the first place. After successfully opening the account, you can transfer the shares to your preferred holding structure.

Have a Strong Business Plan

We also recommend developing a solid business plan to have the best chance of opening a bank account. While your project should be three pages long, it should contain substantive information about who you are, your background, and your business goals.

We also recommend that you create a landing page or website with proof of suppliers and customers and secure physical office space in the best possible location. Choosing a free zone that corresponds to your brand and purpose can increase the viability of your application.

Examine the Difference Between Offshore and Freezones and the Implications for Opening a Corporate Bank Account

It isn't easy to understand the distinctions between Offshore and Freezone companies in the UAE. Is it possible for an offshore LLC to open a bank account in Dubai? Given the recent notoriety of offshore banking scandals, UAE banks frequently negatively affect local and international offshore companies. This means that Emirati banks will typically only offer their services to local offshore companies under strict and structured conditions.

Accomplishment for Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai 

Securing banking services in the UAE comes down to classifying your company in the appropriate free zone, having the proper visa, and having a residential address. Among these is the UAE's commitment to the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), which require all participating jurisdictions to acquire details from their financial institutions and automatically exchange them with other participating jurisdictions yearly to combat tax evasion.

Opening an Islamic Bank Account in Dubai

In the UAE, several banks offer Shariah-compliant products, and you can choose from various Islamic bank accounts such as savings, current, and fixed accounts. The application process for a bank account may differ from one bank to the next. You can apply to any Dubai Islamic Bank branch. You must submit the necessary documents, including a copy of your Emirates ID, a visa copy, a passport copy, and the originals. A recent pay stub from your employer is also required. If you have any queries or need suggestions before visiting the branch, you can also use phone banking or online chat.

Opening a business banking account in Dubai should be a relatively straightforward process, with plenty of options for selecting the best performance for your company.

Banks in Dubai

Many national and international banks have their headquarters in Dubai. The following are the best options for selecting a local bank:

  • Emirates NBD

  • Commercial Bank of Dubai

  • Mashreq Bank

  • Arab Bank for Islamic Development

  • The First Gulf Bank

  • Dubai Commercial Bank

Central foreign banks that open accounts for UAE-registered companies include:

  • Standard Chartered Bank 

  • HSBC

  • Citibank

  • Barclays


Opening a corporate bank account in Dubai as a non-resident may appear complex, but with the proper guidance and preparation, it can be a smooth process. Select the right bank, ensure your documentation is in order, and follow the prescribed steps. As you work to apply successfully and open your account, we will guide you through the various institutions and set up the initial meetings. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to begin opening a business bank account. Dhanguard is a platform that can assist you in opening a bank account in Dubai. Our advisors will handle the entire bank opening process, from helping you select a bank account to gathering all necessary documents and submitting them to the bank of your choice. Please get in touch with us right away; we'd be delighted to assist you.