Basic Requirements to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

23Feb, 22

Basic Requirements to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Dubai

An offshore bank account is necessary for many international expats working in the UAE and the Middle East. This post will teach you everything you need to know about the finest offshore savings accounts for expats if you haven't already.

What is an Offshore Bank account?

A client's offshore bank account is one that is located outside of his or her home country. Practically any place outside of the UAE, including the expat's home country, is considered offshore for foreigners living or working in Dubai.

Offshore banking in Dubai: What Services are Available?

These banks offer the entire range of financial services, including:

  • Deposit-taking
  • Credit
  • Wire – and electronic funds transfers
  • Foreign exchange
  • Letters of credit and trade finance
  • Investment management and investment
  • Custody
  • Fund management
  • Trustee services
  • Corporate administration

Advantages of Offshore Banking in Dubai

  • Access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions is provided by such entities. This is a benefit for citizens in locations where there is a significant risk of political unrest, who are concerned that their assets would be frozen, taken, or vanished.
  • Developed countries with regulated banking systems, on the other hand, offer the same benefits in terms of stability, but not in terms of taxation.
  • Because of fewer overheads and a lack of government regulation, certain banks may operate with a lower cost base but can offer greater interest rates than the legal rate in their native nation.
  • Government regulation is often correctly described by proponents of offshore banking Dubai as a type of tax on domestic banks, lowering interest rates on deposits.
  • Offshore banking proponents Government regulation is frequently characterized in Dubai as a type of tax on domestic banks, lowering interest rates on deposits.
  • Along with tourism, offshore finance is one of the only areas in which geographically distant island states may compete. It assists developing countries in attracting investment and growing their economies, as well as helping to shift global finance from developed to developing countries. This revenue is important to them.
  • Some provide banking services that domestic institutions may not provide, such as anonymous bank accounts, risk-based loans, and investment options not available elsewhere.
  • Offshore banking in Dubai is frequently associated with other entities, such as offshore businesses, trusts, or foundations, which may provide unique tax benefits for select persons.
  • Many proponents of offshore banking argue that the industry's development of tax and banking competition is a benefit, claiming that tax competition allows customers to choose the best balance of services and taxes.

What Documents Are Required for An Offshore Bank Account in the UAE?

If you've set up a UAE company and are getting ready to apply for a bank account, we recommend applying to at least two different banks.

  • Prepare the following documents and information:
  • Personal bank statement - this will show your source of funds
  • If you have another company, prepare a corporate statement and ownership documents. It is always a big plus if you have existing business out of UAE
  • Proof of residency - recent utility bill or any document from municipality confirming your address
  • Personal CV with relevant experience
  • Business description - short document which will explain the nature of your business and how you are planning to conduct it
  • Estimation of annual turnover and initial deposit to the account to be opened
  • Names of potential clients and supplies and the countries where the business will be conducted

Dubai Offshore Bank Account Maintenance

To "activate" your account once it has been opened, you must first deposit a minimum balance. When you meet with your bank account opening officer for the first time, the amount of your minimum balance is always addressed. This is something that most business consultants in the UAE are aware of.

It's possible that your account balance will drop below the minimal minimum. The bank will charge you monthly account maintenance fees in this instance. Depending on the bank and the type of account, it could range from $10 to $100.

After sending funds to your account, we do not recommend leaving it idle. Because there are no transactions, banks frequently "freeze" passive accounts.

How Dhanguard can Assist You?

You can certainly gather all your paperwork and apply for an account at any branch of the bank that you like.

However, your chances of success are little to none: either the bank's minimum balance requirements are too high, or the bank refuses to issue accounts for your sort of business, or your business activity is just considered "high risk."

There are numerous other reasons that can make account opening time-consuming and inefficient.

There are numerous other reasons that can make account opening time-consuming and inefficient. Dhanguard can solve this problem for you

We will do the following for you:

  • Helping you in starting a bank account in Dubai?
  • Determine which banks are the best fit for your business and your specific needs.
  • Provide the names of a few reliable bankers as references.
  • Make follow-ups and keep track of the account-opening process.


Opening a Offshore bank account in UAE is not a easy task it requires a lot of paperwork and time still chances of opening the Account are significantly low if you want that all your problems get solved quickly then Dhanguard is the firm which can make this job easy for you and hassle free