Top Trading Platforms in UAE & Dubai 2022

15Mar, 22

Top Trading Platforms in UAE & Dubai 2022

Investing in the financial markets is a smart way to grow your wealth. To start your investment journey in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you need two essential accounts: a Trading Account and a Demat Account. A Demat account is essentially an account that allows investors to keep their securities/shares in electronic form, which is considerably more accessible, faster, more convenient, and more dependable than keeping them in physical condition. Because the stocks in a Demat account in UAE are dematerialized, trading on digital platforms may be done safely and quickly. In this blog, we'll walk you through opening these accounts online in the UAE, focusing on how to open a Demat Account in Dubai. Whether you are a UAE resident or an NRI (Non-Residential Indian), we've got you covered.

What is a Demat Account and a Trading Account?

The specifics of the shares and other securities in your name are listed in a demat account. You must register a Trading Account to buy and sell shares. The availability of Trading Accounts with online trading capabilities from numerous banks and brokers makes it simpler for regular investors to participate in the stock market

  • Trading Account: You can purchase and sell shares using a trading account on the stock market.

  • Demat Account: It serves as a location to keep the digital shares you purchase.

Why Open a Demat and Trading Account in the UAE?

Before diving into the process, let's understand why these accounts are crucial:

  1. Trading Account: A trading account is where you buy and sell stocks, bonds, commodities, and other financial instruments. It's your gateway to the world of investments.

  2. Demat Account: A Demat (Dematerialized) Account is essential for storing your securities electronically. It eliminates the need for physical share certificates and simplifies the trading process.

What are the Advantages of Opening a Demat Account?

Some advantages of Opening a Demat Account are as follows:

  • Your securities and shares are safe.

  • The transaction cost is significantly lower than in the physical market since stamp duty is not required.

  • Electronic settlements are rapid and convenient.

  • There will be less paperwork if there is a transfer of securities.

  • Risks associated with physical certificates, including theft, non-delivery, and fake certifications, are no longer a problem.

  • You can sell any number of shares you choose, even one.

What are the Costs to Open a Demat Account?

To open a Demat account, most DPs do not charge a fee. Others demand a predetermined price, while some impose a refundable account opening fee.

Other costs include transaction fees, annual maintenance fees, and expenses for converting actual shares into Demat form (if you need this service).

How to Open a Demat Account in the UAE

Opening a Demat Account in the UAE is a straightforward process, and here are the steps to follow:

Choose a Depository Participant (DP):

  • Research and select a reputable Depository Participant. In the UAE, major financial institutions and brokerage firms offer DP services.

Gather Required Documents:

To open a Demat Account, you'll need the following documents:

  • Passport

  • Visa (if applicable)

  • Emirates ID (for UAE residents)

  • Proof of address (utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)

  • Passport-size photographs

Fill Out the Application Form:

  • Visit the chosen DP's website and fill out the online application form. Provide accurate personal and financial information.

Submit Documents:

  • Scan and upload the required documents as mentioned in step 2.

In-Person Verification:

  • Some DPs may need you to visit their office for in-person verification. Check with your chosen DP for specific requirements.

Account Activation:

  • Once your application is approved, your Demat Account will be activated. You will receive your account details and login credentials.

How to Open a Trading Account in UAE

Opening a Trading Account in the UAE goes hand-in-hand with your Demat Account. Here's how to get started:

Select a Brokerage Firm:

  • Choose a reputable brokerage firm that offers online trading services in the UAE. Consider factors like trading fees, research tools, and customer support.

Complete the Online Application:

  • Visit the brokerage firm's website and complete the online application form for a Trading Account.

Provide Necessary Documents:

  • Submit the required documents to the brokerage, including those mentioned in the Demat Account section.


  • The brokerage will verify your documents and application. This process may take a few days.

Fund Your Account:

  • Once your Trading Account is approved, fund it with the desired amount of capital. This money will be used for buying and selling securities.

Start Trading:

  • After funding your account, you can start trading stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments online through the brokerage's trading platform.

How do you Trade Online in the UAE

You must choose a reputable and well-regulated online trading broker to begin trading. The United Arab Emirates' online brokers offer many trading opportunities.

Here are a few examples

  • Trading in foreign currencies (FX trading): Converting one currency for another is called currency conversion. The value of currencies fluctuates, and Forex traders earn on the difference in value. The FX market has gained in popularity as one of the world's most significant and most liquid.

  • Trading in CFDs (Contracts for Difference): It refers to the trading of financial derivatives. Traders can use these to wager on the future value of underlying assets, including currency pairs, stock indexes, and stocks.

  • Demonstration Accounts: Demo accounts provide a pool of fake money rather than risking real money. The accounts are used to practice trading and create trading strategies. They provide essential information about a trader's platform's mechanics and quickness. The two forms of brokerage accounts are cash and margin accounts.

  • Islamic Accounts: Traders that require a Sharia-compliant account should open one of these accounts. Investors must register for a NIN investor number before trading listed securities on the Dubai Financial Market. They can now trade on the ADX and DFM exchanges as a result. After acquiring an NIN number, they must find a broker from either business.

Best Demat Account in UAE

Choosing the best Demat Account in the UAE depends on your needs and preferences. Look for a Depository Participant that offers:

  • Competitive fees

  • Secure and user-friendly online platform

  • A wide range of supported financial instruments

  • Excellent customer support

  • A good track record of reliability

Do your research and consider seeking recommendations from experienced investors to find the best fit for you.

Demat Account for NRI

If you are an NRI residing in the UAE, you can open a Demat Account like any other resident. The process remains the same, but you may need to provide additional documentation, such as proof of NRI status. Ensure to comply with the rules and regulations governing NRI investments in India and the UAE.


Trading in the UAE offers several choices for investors looking to diversify their portfolios, including real estate, equities, derivatives, currencies, and more. The government of the United Arab Emirates is likewise working to make the country more attractive to Bitcoin exchanges. Opening a Trading and Demat Account in the UAE, including Dubai, is essential to kickstart your investment journey. Following the steps outlined in this guide and selecting the right financial institutions, you can access the exciting world of stock trading and wealth creation. Dhanguard in Dubai, UAE, makes investing simple and hassle-free. We offer a variety of investment alternatives, including Trading Accounts, Index Funds, Gold, Mutual Funds, Stocks, SIPs, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, and Sukuk. With the minor paperwork and payments, Dhanguard is the Best Banking Consultant and Business Setup consultant in Dubai and UAE. Happy investing!