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Salary Certificates in UAE are more Important than You Think! Read Why

Salary Certificates in UAE are more Important than You Think! Read Why

Salary Certificate is an essential document which plays an important role if you are a salaried employee in the UAE. As verification of your job and income eligibility, your company is required to give you a salary certificate UAE. At the employee's request, the employer can provide a Salary Certificate. Normally, information about your tenure with the company is included in this report. With the signature and seal of the authorized employees, it is typically printed on business letterhead. It is open ended and can be used for a variety of reasons it is not directed towards any one organization.

A Salary certificate can assist you in a great way when you are applying for a credit card or a personal loan in the UAE. Hence in this blog, Dhanguard will extensively discuss the importance of a Salary Certificate in the UAE. So without any further ado, let’s learn!

Along with a wide array of services provided, Dhanguard also helps with Mainland, Offshore and  Business Account opening as well.

What is a Salary Certificate?

Your employer gives you a Salary Certificate as official documentation of your employment and pay eligibility. After receiving a request from the employee, the company issues this. Information concerning your employment with the company is typically included in the certificate.

  1. The authorized personnel's seal and signature are typically printed on the Salary Certificate, which is typically printed on the company's letterhead. 

  2. It can be used for a variety of purposes and is not addressed to any particular company, such a bank or a government body. 

  3. A Salary Certificate letter, on the other hand, is written to a particular company and provides the justification for the certificate's issuing. 

  4. A salary certificate and a payslip are frequently confused among employees.Your pay amount and the amount of tax and/or insurance withheld are listed on your payslip.

  5. When you apply for a loan or credit card, as well as when you apply for immigration, a salary certificate is a required document. It serves as evidence of your employment and pay. 

  6. Although each bank and financial institution has its unique format for the salary certificate, the essential details are the same. 

  7. You can submit an application for the issuance of a salary certificate to the Human Resources Department [HRD] of your company. If the bank or other financial institution has a predetermined format, you must let your company know about it.


Why do Banks in the UAE require a Salary Certificate?

Any financial institution or bank that receives your loan application must determine your capacity to pay back the amount, whether it be for a credit card, personal loan, auto loan, or any other kind of loan. 

  • They accomplish this by examining your bank statement and your pay stub to calculate your savings and monthly income. 

  • This gives the organization the chance to make sure that the person to whom it is providing money has a reliable source of income and the ability to pay back the loan. 

  • A salary certificate is a document that attests to both your position within the organization and your pay. 

  • This information is crucial in determining how the institution or bank will assess your creditworthiness.

Salary Slip vs. Salary Certificate: What's the Difference?

In the UAE, a salary certificate is sometimes confused with a payslip or salary slip. On a salary slip, the amount of compensation you get and the amount of tax or insurance withheld are both listed. On the other hand, a salary certificate is a document that your company gives you as proof of your job and wage eligibility. A salary certificate must be presented in order to receive credit; a pay stub is not supplied for any specific reason.

What do we understand by Salary Certificate Attestation?

In the UAE, the majority of government departments demand a verified salary certificate for a variety of requirements, including applying for a loan from a bank or financial institution, sponsoring your domestic help, and so forth. One of these documents is a salary certificate issued by the UAE, which must be confirmed by both the Indian Consulate General in Dubai and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sharjah or Dubai.


The applicant must have the following documents with them when having their documents attested:

  • Original salary certificate from the UAE, along with its photocopy 

  • The applicant's original passport, as well as photocopies of its first and last pages.

The candidate must also be physically present at the attestation in addition to these documents. Depending on the documents you show, it's conceivable that you'll be required to provide some further paperwork. There is a fee prescribed for this procedure also which is mentioned below.

Attestation Fee - AED 40

ICWF Fee - AED 10

Service Fee - AED 10

Total Amount - AED 60


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Salary Certificate Format in the UAE

Although there may be numerous variations of the salary certificate required by banks, the main input elements include:

  1. Date of Issue: The day the salary certificate was issued.

  2. Employee's name: Your name as it appears in the company's records

  3. Employee's Gender

  4. Position held within the organization as shown by the title on paper [Many businesses also use the term "functional designation"]. The salary certificate won't make mention of that.

  5. Job description or designation

  6. Joining date

  7. Salary amount, including both the gross and the net salary

  8. Allowances, if any; this can include HRA, transportation, and any other monthly-paid allowance.

  9. Benefits, if any

  10. Name, address, and phone number of the HR representative or HR head who signs it.


We can conclude with the fact that Salary Certificates are a crucial aspect in the instances where you are applying for a Loan or a Credit Card. Moreover Salary Certificates also pose as a strong proof of employment. Also in pursuance of getting a loan or a credit card, it's crucial that you let your employer know if the bank or establishment you have applied in, has a specific structure of required salary certificate so that it can be made accordingly. We therefore hope that this blog gives you useful knowledge. Please feel free to visit our office or our website for further details on other related topics.

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