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Updating Emirates ID Details with Bank

Updating Emirates ID Details with Bank

You may have recently received a call or two from your bank regarding Emirates ID updates. According to the Central Bank of the UAE New KYC regulations, you have to update your Emirates ID details with your bank if you have recently updated or renewed your Emirates ID. The traditional method is to go to one of your bank's nearest branches and submit an update request. However, there are a few better options available now. This short article will teach you everything you need about Emirates ID updates for banks.

Why Should You Change Your Emirates ID with Your Bank?

The Central Bank of the UAE has made it mandatory for all banking customers to update their Emirates ID details in the bank database as of February 28, 2019. The update applies to all regional and international banks operating in the UAE. All the banks must raise awareness among their customers about the issue. Failure to comply will result in the suspension of several services as directed by the UAE Central Bank.

Consequences of Failure to Update Emirates ID

As previously stated, failing to update your Emirates ID information with your bank will result in certain restrictions and the suspension of banking services. The following is a comprehensive list:

Suspension of Credit and Debit Cards

The Central Bank will suspend all debit and credit cards linked to your account if you do not have an updated Emirates ID. The suspension will remain in effect until you update your Emirates ID and the bank confirms all the required information. The Central Bank of the UAE has issued the guidelines for the suspension.

Restriction on Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawals using your debit or credit card will also be restricted. The service will resume once your Emirates ID has been uploaded and verified by your bank.

Other Transactions Will Be Suspended

The Central Bank will suspend other transactions such as online payments, in-store purchases, POS transfers, and fund transfers. You can use these services once your Emirates ID is up to date to meet the Central Bank of the UAE's requirements.

 Other services will remain operational, such as bank account payments, auto-payments, car cancellation requests, and auto-debit maintenance. However, each bank's list of permitted services may differ. In a nutshell, all card payments and withdrawals will be suspended.

How Do You Change Your Emirates ID Information with your Bank?

There are several options for updating your emirates with your bank. The following are some of the quickest and easiest ways to update your Emirates ID information without visiting the bank:

Using bank ATMs

  • Go to your bank's nearest ATM and insert your credit/debit card into the machine.

  • Proceed after entering the authentication PIN.

  • From here, navigate to the profile or request sections. Each bank may have a different name for this option.

  • Here, select the option to update your Emirates ID.

  • Remove the ATM card and replace it with your Emirates ID.

  • The ATM will scan the information and display it on the screen.

  • Verify the information and submit the form.

Mobile applications or Internet banking

  • If your bank has a mobile banking app, launch it and log in with your credentials.

  • Go to your profile and look for the option to update your Emirates ID information.

  • Upload the data after scanning the front and back of your Emirates ID.

  • You will receive a notification on your registered mobile number once the scanned data has been verified and approved by the bank. Your update procedure is now complete.

Customer Service Cell

  • Call your bank's customer service department at the toll-free number provided by the bank.

  • Inquire with the support cell about updating the Emirates ID details and the process.

  • Take the steps suggested by the customer service representative.

  • Send a scanned image of your Emirates ID using the recommended method.

  • The executive will submit your update request. You will receive a notification on your registered phone number once the bank has approved it.

When Will Services Resumption Occur After Updating Emirates ID?

The time it takes for your services to be restored depends entirely on your bank's verification process. The bank will resume the Services within 24-48 hours if the verification is completed promptly. Obtaining your privileges may take some extra time if it takes longer. The bank will decide whether or not to resume services.

What if your Emirates is in the process of being renewed?

You may be in the process of renewing your Emirates ID and have not yet updated the information on the old one.

In this case, you can provide your bank with the Emirates ID number and expiry date of your current Emirates ID card. And once your Emirates ID has been renewed, provide your information to the bank. The same is true if you have recently arrived in the UAE and have not yet received your Emirates ID. You can use your bank's ATMs, mobile application, website, internet banking portal, official email address, or customer service phone number.


According to UAE Central Bank regulations, every customer must update their current Emirates ID details. If the information is not updated with the bank, you will be unable to access banking services such as ATM cash withdrawals, Debit/Credit Card transactions, and others.Get connected with us , we the team of Dhanguard stand by your side and assist you in every possible way you need also reach to our Branch office for the best services.

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