Benefits of Civil Company Formation in Dubai

07Dec, 21

Benefits of Civil Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as a global business hub, attracting entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. With its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly policies, Dubai offers many opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Among the various business structures available in Dubai, civil company formation has gained popularity for specific types of businesses. Anyone looking to establish a civil company formation in Dubai has several options. You could form in one of Dubai's many freezones to benefit from 0% corporate and personal taxation, 100% profit repatriation, and 100% foreign ownership. You can also establish an LLC in Dubai's Mainland. While the latter option requires you to hand over a 51 % stake in your company to a local sponsor, it also provides complete access to the local UAE market, which Freezone businesses do not. Today, we will explore the advantages of choosing civil company setup in Dubai, compare it with the more common LLC structure, and provide insights into the civil company formation process and associated costs.

Civil Company Setup in Dubai:

A civil company setup in Dubai is a business structure designed to accommodate professionals and service providers such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, consultants, and accountants. It enables individuals with expertise in a particular field to establish a business without requiring substantial capital investment. Here are some key benefits of opting for a civil company setup:

100% Ownership: 

One of the most essential advantages of a civil company is that it allows foreign entrepreneurs to retain 100% ownership of their business. This contrasts with other structures like LLCs, which often require a local partner to hold at least 51% ownership.

Tax Efficiency: 

Dubai's tax-friendly environment is particularly appealing for civil companies. Many professional services have no personal income, corporate, or value-added tax (VAT).


Civil companies offer flexibility in choosing a suitable location within Dubai's free zones or mainland areas. This adaptability allows businesses to cater to their specific target audience effectively.

What you should Consider Before Starting a Civil Company Formation in Dubai?

Things to Consider before starting a Business in Dubai are as follows:

  • It is critical to select the proper structure.

  • Expats can choose from a variety of ownership options.

  • Select an Office Space Option (This includes serviced offices, on-site offices, and free zone offices.)

  • Obtain a Tax Domicile Certificate (Tax Residency Certificate (TRS)) to take advantage of the double taxation treaty signed between the UAE and the foreign jurisdictions.

  • Operating a business on the Dubai Mainland necessitates the appointment of a local sponsor. He will own 51 % of the company.

  • Business Strategy Consulting Is Beneficial

Differences between an LLC and a civil company

Before making a decision, it is crucial to understand the ramifications of civil companies' limited liability. The LLC Company Formation in Dubai's obligations are not directly your responsibility. Consequently, there is an additional layer of security. In the event of a civil business's "unlimited liability," creditors might be entitled to confiscate both your possessions and your things. Although the two types of firms have some fundamental similarities, the distinctions are apparent in the event of liquidation.

Civil Company Formation in Dubai vs. LLC

While civil companies have their advantages, it's essential to understand how they differ from the more common Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure:

  1. Ownership: As mentioned earlier, civil companies allow 100% foreign ownership, whereas an LLC typically requires a local partner to own a majority stake.

  2. Capital Requirements: LLCs may have higher capital requirements compared to civil companies. For example, the minimum capital required to set up an LLC can vary depending on the business activity and location.

  3. Liability: In an LLC, the detriment of the shareholders is limited to their capital assistance, protecting their assets. In a civil company, the partners have unlimited liability, meaning their assets are at risk in case of business debts or legal issues.

  4. Business Activities: Civil companies are primarily designed for professional services, while LLCs can engage in a broader range of commercial activities.

How to Form a Civil Company in Dubai?

Although it seems simple, forming a civil company can be difficult for expats unfamiliar with business registration in Dubai. 

By following these steps, you can start your civil company in Dubai, UAE:

  1. Choose a Business Activity: The first step in forming a civil corporation is to decide on your business activity. A wide variety of professional employment that match your credentials and experience will be available to you.

  2. Register Your Business Name: Your business name is essential! Before submitting a trade name to the Department of Economic Development (DED), please ensure it has yet to be taken and contains no expletives.

  3. Safe Initial Approval: Additionally, first obtain DED approval. The following list of necessary documents that you must give

  4. Document submission

The following are the necessary for the civil company formation in Dubai

  • Initial approval application fully detailed.

  • Trade Name Certificate

  • Copies of each partner's passport, including local service partner.

  • A formal, notarized agreement with the UAE citizen is working as your local service agent.

  • A partnership agreement summarising the capital, profit-sharing, and ownership specifics between local partners

  • Address and phone numbers.

  • A lease contract from the Land Department

     5. Obtain a license: Finally, you'll get your license so you may open for business. Once you've submitted your application for a civil company license in Dubai and paid the necessary fees!

Civil Company License Cost

The cost of obtaining a civil company license in Dubai depends on several factors, including the business activity, location, and the specific free zone or mainland jurisdiction chosen. Generally, the cost includes:

  1. License Fee: This is the basic fee for obtaining the civil company license.

  2. Office Space: Depending on your chosen location (free zone or mainland), you may need to lease office space, which can vary significantly in cost.

  3. Registration Fees: These fees cover the administrative costs associated with the setup process.

  4. Visa Fees: If you want to hire employees or partners, consider visa fees.

  5. Additional Costs: Depending on the nature of your business, there may be further costs such as permits, approvals, and insurance.

Essential Elements to Keep in Mind When Starting a Civil Company in Dubai

If you want to get the most out of your new business, pay close attention to the following:

  1. Your company's commercial efforts should be recollected in your trade name.

  2. You are free to expand or incorporate a branch of a successful franchise because Dubai allows civil firms to establish multiple components, and anyone can buy or sell a civil firm or department. 

  3. Professionals of any nationality can create civil companies and conduct business.


Choosing civil company formation in Dubai can be a strategic move for professionals and service providers looking to tap into the lucrative Middle Eastern market. The flexibility, tax benefits, and 100% ownership make it an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their presence in Dubai. However, it's necessary to carefully consider the specific requirements and costs associated with civil company setup to ensure a successful venture in this vibrant business landscape. Consult with a reputable business consultancy firm in Dubai to guide you through the process and maximize the benefits of civil company formation.