Benefits of Setting up a DED Company

23Jan, 22

Benefits of Setting up a DED Company

It is critical to comprehend Dubai DED before establishing a firm there because Dubai is well-known for its world-class infrastructure and rapidly growing corporate structures. Almost every investment business person wants to try their luck in Dubai's enormous grand economy. The UAE government has opened up Mainland Dubai to a wide range of commercial and trade opportunities. One of the most essential requirements for starting a business in Dubai is to register it with the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

Every business owner must apply for and receive permission from the DED Dubai for specialized business permits. As a result, before forming a company in Dubai, you should be well-versed in the DED Dubai legislation and the necessary business permits. The UAE government also offers business owners tax perks and investment opportunities, increasing the number of startups yearly.

What is the Department of Economic Development (DED)?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government-run agency that awards commercial and professional licenses to individuals or groups to start a business in Mainland Dubai. This government agency develops economic goals and strategies and provides necessary services to domestic and foreign companies. Their commitment to Dubai's economic growth has made business startups in the mainland region far more accessible and convenient.

Benefits of a DED Company Setup in Dubai

Some benefits of  incorporating DED business in dubai are as follows:

  1. Ease of Starting a Business: 

  • The DED promotes and facilitates starting a new business in Mainland Dubai.

  • The administrative and legal procedures for forming a DED corporation are simple.

  • The DED places fewer constraints on businesses and provides more chances for them to start and flourish.

  • Many investors like the DED License because of its flexible regulatory procedures, simple approval processes, affordable options, and short timescales.

  1. Market Access: Dubai provides access to a diverse and affluent consumer market, making it an ideal destination for businesses looking to expand their reach.

  2. Protection of Intellectual Property: Dubai has stringent laws to protect intellectual property rights, ensuring that your innovations and creations are safeguarded.

  3. Availability of Skilled Workforce: Dubai's diverse and well-educated workforce can meet the demands of various industries, providing access to skilled professionals and labour.

  4. Access to Free Zones: Setting up a DED company allows you to access Dubai's many free zones, each offering unique incentives and advantages for specific industries.

Additional advantages Include

  • There is no tax on businesses or individuals.

  • Import taxes are minimal.

  • Audits are only done for some years.

  • There are no limitations on the currency.

  • Capital and profits are fully repatriated.

  • Establishing a business bank account is simple.

  • Improve your local or international reputation and position.

Steps for Incorporating a DED License in Dubai

Setting up a DED company in Dubai involves several essential steps:

  1. Business Activity Selection: Decide on the business activity you want to engage in and ensure it is compatible with the DED's guidelines.

  2. Choose a Legal Structure: Select the appropriate legal structure for your business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC, depending on your business needs.

  3. Trade Name Registration: Choose a unique trade name for your company and have it approved by the DED.

  4. License Application: Submit your license application to the DED with the required documents, including a business plan, lease agreement, and passport copies of shareholders.

  5. Approvals and Inspection: Depending on your business activities, you may need licenses from various government departments. Inspections may also be specific industries.

  6. Payment of Fees: Pay the relevant fees for your DED license, which may vary depending on your business activity and legal structure.

  7. Collect Your License: Once your application is approved, you can collect your DED license, allowing you to operate your business in Dubai legally.

What is a DED License?

A DED license is a legal document issued by the Dubai Economic Department that permits individuals and entities to engage in various commercial activities within the immersive as a critical requirement for conducting business operations in Dubai and is an essential part of the company setup process.

DED Services in Dubai

The Dubai Economic Department offers a wide range of services to support businesses, including:

  1. Business Registration: The DED facilitates the registration of businesses, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

  2. Commercial Permits: It issues permits for various business activities, helping businesses get started quickly.

  3. Trademark and Intellectual Property Protection: DED offers services to protect brands and intellectual property rights.

  4. Commercial Complaint Resolution: The department assists in resolving commercial disputes through its dispute resolution services.

  5. Economic Data and Reports: DED provides valuable economic data and reports to help businesses make informed decisions.

  6. Consumer Protection: It oversees consumer protection regulations and ensures businesses adhere to fair trade practices.


Setting up a DED company in Dubai offers many benefits, from tax advantages to access to a global market. With its transparent and efficient processes, Dubai's business-friendly environment continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. You can embark on a successful business journey in this thriving city by following the steps for incorporating a DED license and utilizing the services the Dubai Economic Department provides. The UAE government has established a distinct body called DED to oversee economic development. Its main goal is to make it easier for new businesses to start on the Mainland. DED offers its investors a wide range of incentives and lowers business limitations. You intend to create your own business in Dubai after learning about the benefits and numerous licenses that DED offers.

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Take advantage of the opportunities Dubai has to offer; consider establishing your DED company today!